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Blurb TV Ep 8 – Behind the Radio Curtain

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Thundering Blurb Show for 3/10

Maybe I’m biased—I am—but I could talk to Cecil Lammey all day, every day.

I got 30 minutes last night, so I guess it’ll do.

Before I go further, I’ll reiterate here what I tweeted this morning and Cec

None of these people will be me - but I will be there

and I discuss on the show:

I will be fully credentialed media at the NFL Draft. On the floor, at the scene at Radio City all three days.

I can’t even express how geeked I am for it, and I have to take a moment to thank Cecil and 104.3 the Fan in Denver for thinking of me when the gig opened.

Check Lammey out at &

Aside from pimping myself, Cecil and I discuss his Mock Draft series, the ‘What if? Mocks’. The basics for it is: Cecil throws a monkey wrench (trade, free agent signing, position run) in the first round and examines what the effect will be.

This time out it’s four quarterbacks in the first and what that means for the other teams.

Cecil and I also talk about running backs and how their overall value isn’t what it used to be as teams look for value later.

All in all, great interview as always. Cecil spends more time than a lot of folks doing this with his road trips to the All Star games and covering stuff for Denver radio. The man knows.

I finish up by chatting about Rutgers’ Pro Day—for the first time streamed live on the interwebs.

I don’t think this has been done before and kudos for having the foresight to take a chance and do it.

To me, it was a mixed bag. Some of the interviews weren’t incredibly well conducted and there was more chatting and promos than footage of the drills. I do discuss that both OT Anthony Davis and CB Devin McCourty did very little—Davis didn’t even do drills as far as I know—and they did show more of the drills when McCourty did his position drills.

It might work better if a school had more players that are hot, such as USC had last year.

But a good first effort and I expect it to get better as time goes on. And likely another school might do it better—but Rutgers was first and being a pioneer gets some applause from me.

Rutgers GETS what the internet can do for it. You can’t fault them for running promos when they essentially have a captive audience.

First time out is usually rough, so while it could have been better I applaud them for being the people to take the first step.

Most organizations don’t take the risk that comes with being pioneers in something. People love to be first, but don’t like to risk falling on their face.

Rutgers didn’t fall on it’s face. They took a chance and while they didn’t nail it, they can take pride in a solid effort.

That’s all for now – remember, not only can you listen live on Wednesdays, but you can download the episodes direct from or subscribe via the Blurb Itunes feed.

If you do, drop a comment/review on Itunes or below and let me know what you think!

Thanks for listening and following.

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NFL Draft Writing Odds and Ends

So the weekend and early portion of this week has been hectic, and I was remiss in letting you guys know a pair of articles had dropped in that time.

First off, my running back analysis hit over at Top 20 draft prospects at the position along with some detailed thoughts on the reasoning behind the rankings.

As a side note, we’ve got Cecil Lammey of Draftguys, Footballguys and the accompanying podcast The Audible on tonight to talk about another feature at Draftguys called ‘What if? Mock Drafts’. It’s a really interesting concept, basically taking your average Mock and throwing in a monkey wrench into it (for example, what if Brandon Marshall is traded to the Seahawks).

The second article relates to my writing at As some of you might recall, I am taking part in a feature writers mock as GM of the San Francisco 49ers. The #17 pick came up and I made my selection. Read about it here…

That’s all for now – show tonight at 10pm EST on Some big announcements coming up in the next month or so. Stay tuned…

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The Thundering Blurb Show – 3/3

Hey kids, hope this post finds you well. Last night was another great show and thanks for everyone who was in the chat or listening live. (You can also check it out on the ITunes if you’ve a mind…)

Thanks for you slackers coming in late as well.

That was a joke – I want to make sure you know that since my humor on Twitter has somehow been taken seriously of late.

It’s scary someone thought I really believed the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor when I was cheering the US hockey team to a comeback.

There have been others, so I’m just letting you know, I’m kidding. Just in case.

Before Matt comes on at the half-way point, I talk a little about several of the tenders teams are placing on players (Leon Washington, Brandon Marshall) and what the implications could be for both players and teams.

Also I talk a bit about players rumored to be potentially traded (Boldin, Marshall), those that will be cut (Thomas Jones) and those that could attract attention (Washington) regardless of tender.

At the halfway point, Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, and stops by to talk about some offensive players.

We touch on some running backs we like (Dwyer! Gerhart!), some wide receivers, the Qb triumverate of Bradford/Clausen/Tebow and whether Waldman will survive Tennessee with one Cecil Lammey as his sidekick.

Matt as always is money, and we don’t have near enough time to go over all he knows so you know he’ll be back.

Check out some sample pages of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio and save your pennies for April 1st when it drops.

Whether you’re a football fan, draftnik or fantasy owner, you will be blown away. Trust me.

Thanks to all for listening however you do it. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments.

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