THUNDERING BLURB ANDREW GARDA'S ENDLESS TAKES ON NFL AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL Tue, 08 Feb 2011 13:36:46 +0000 en hourly 1 The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 2/8 Tue, 08 Feb 2011 13:33:28 +0000 admin So the show happened later than normal, as the fallout from not paying for the premium service on BTR has begun, but the show must go on!

And it did.

Fair warning – the show cuts off RIGHT at 45 minutes. You can only program a 30 minute show and I decided to test how long they’d let you babble beyond that. 45 on the dot.

At least it ended RIGHT after I finished a sentence.

Aside from that, we naturally cover the Super Bowl, discuss the game and both teams as well as Aaron Rodgers’ revenge on Colin Cowherd.

I run the audio from it…. and Rodgers is now my favorite Qb. Not because I hate Cowherd – I don’t. But because I think he got his licks in, but did it in a way that didn’t resort to too much chest thumping and low blows.

I also talk about the impending CBA DOOM and touch on whether or not I think the Final NFL Four will be factors in next year’s Big Game.

As I keep saying, I am thinking about doing some live videocasts, either on Ustream or Livestream. If you’ve an opinion or experience in that area, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Honestly even if you don’t, feel free to toss an opinion my way…

As always, thanks for listening. Next week will probably not have a show. Until I know what the hell I’m doing, it might be a little streaky.

Thanks for your patience….

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NFL Draft Prospect Video – LB Casey Matthews Fri, 04 Feb 2011 20:27:17 +0000 admin

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NFL Draft Prospect Video – OT Nate Solder Fri, 04 Feb 2011 13:14:20 +0000 admin

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NFL Draft Prospect Video – WR Vincent Brown Thu, 03 Feb 2011 17:29:44 +0000 admin

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NFL Draft Prospect Video – QB Andy Dalton Thu, 03 Feb 2011 13:07:14 +0000 admin

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NFL Draft Prospect Video – Bilal Powell Wed, 02 Feb 2011 13:04:25 +0000 admin

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The Thundering Blurb Show – 1/31 Tue, 01 Feb 2011 13:35:48 +0000 admin So as you may know by now, BlogTalkRadio has gone to a premium subscription service for it’s hosts. I’m still trying to work the details out but there is a strong chance I won’t be able to continue on the Fantasy Sports Channel. As a non-premium host, I’ll get a half hour (not a big deal) each day on non-prime times. It’s the non-prime time (or peak hours) which makes this a problem. I can’t roll shows at 11pm on my end – it’s just too late.

We’ll see. I am still waiting for some numbers to look at so I can determine whether or not my return on investment is worth the cost. As I have said before I will keep you all posted.

Rest assured SOME version of this show will continue.

As for THIS episode, two big topics get covered, with a little bit of news sprinkled in.

We talk Super Bowl, of course. It segues a bit into Jets talk and a little Cutler chat but I break the game down from both sides. I believe it will be a very good game and it can go either way, but I’m calling Packers.

Maybe I’m just bitter, despite fellow Senior Bowl traveler Cecil Lammey’s best efforts to cheer me up.

Two very good teams with tremendous amounts of history playing for the Championship? Yes, please.

Nice that the games have surpassed the commercials finally.

The second half of the show is about my experience at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. I go over a few different players I got to watch, including a few Big East guys. Noel Devine gets talked about due to his 20 pound weight drop. I also talk a bit about Bilal Powell as well. Powell had a much more successful week then Devine, if just because he wasn’t drastically under-weight.

I also talk about some of the quarterbacks and wide receivers.

And that’s it for this episode. As of now, the only time I can schedule for next Monday is 11pm EST. So whether that happens or not is up in the air, but i’ll let you all know when I decide what is going on.

As always, thanks for listening.

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Senior Bowl Radio Spot Mon, 31 Jan 2011 15:26:08 +0000 admin Had a great week in Mobile last week and am compiling a bunch of notes which will appear here at Thundering Blurb , over at Big East Gridiron and on a few other sites. Some of what I’ll be doing will be video, some audio, some written.

Radio Appearence on 87.7 the Ticket in Denver

To kick it off, check out my radio spot from Saturday on 87.7 The Ticket with my good friend Cecil Lammey, who I was at the Senior Bowl with.

We talk about a lot, but of note to you Big East peeps, we talk about Noel Devine and what his incredibly surprising weigh-in might mean for his NFL future.

Enjoy and come back all week – and beyond – for more Draft analysis.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 1/11/11 Tue, 11 Jan 2011 17:39:32 +0000 admin I will not have a show for the next two weeks. I’ll still tweet a lot but by and large, I won’t do too much writing or audio. Plus we may be changing the show…..more on that below.

Speaking of shows – here’s this one.

So lots to go over and of course, the BCS National Kind of Complete Championship On Crappy Turf ended post show.

That title tells you all I think about the general BCS set-up. But don’t take that as me hating on Auburn. They played a very good defensive game, with DT Nick Fairley blowing up the Duck offensive line repeatedly.

The Oregon Oline looked so awful last night I had to be reminded they had only allowed seven sacks all season. Auburn blew them off the ball all night and constantly cracked the middle and ate up many run plays.

Other thoughts: The game did not live up to the hype, not remotely. Cam Newton was shaky for most of the night, coming alive off and on but leaving a ton of points on the field. Ditto the Ducks offense.

Although Newton threw an absolutely sick juke on an Oregon defender which made me think of a football-style Jedi Mind Trick – ‘THIS IS NOT THE HEISMAN WINNER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR’.

He juked the guy out of his shorts from seven yards away. DAMN.

The field was atrocious. How do you let the grass surface be THAT bad for a National Championship game. Embarassing.

That’s all I have on that. Much has already been said. If you need more Tiger Talk, check out the War Blogle. Good Auburn stuff there.

Before I go further, as it says up top I am out of pocket from about Thursday until Tuesday of next week and then gone pretty much the whole week of the Senior Bowl (from 1/24-1/27 specifically).

Beyond that – and I talk about this on the show - there are some big changes coming to the show, and the Fantasy Sports Channel.

BTR is going at least partially for-pay. What that means is, either hosts pay anywhere from $30-100 a month for hour long (and longer shows) and hosting or you are limited to a half hour.

This has, frankly, been a long time in coming. You can’t host a ton of content for free forever and while I have no clue how much they make via ad revenue and paid shows, at some point you have to stop giving it away for free.

However, I don’t see where 30 or 40 bucks a month is something that seems likely for me. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t (I can’t seem to get a copy of a report for where my traffic comes from) but right now, it isn’t.

I have a ton of options to look at though, so this break is a good one, timing-wise. When I come back for a show on the 31st, I should have a clearer picture of what I want to do. I’ll keep the 30 minute shows going for a while, if just to let you know where longer shows will be.

That’s it. So we’ll still be around, just not sure in what form or how.

Let’s move on, shall we? There is, after all, football to discuss.

On the show we talk about the game as it’s in progress and touch on several other points.

We start talking some draft to prep for my trip as credentialed media at the Senior Bowl practices. We talk about some of the Pitt Panthers leaving for the NFL, why Andrew Luck isn’t categorically insane for staying at Stanford, and rant in general about the BCS set-up. I also go into my master plan for shifting rankings IN GAME – TCU totally would have taken over for Oregon at least once last night.

We also recap the NFL weekend and talk a little about next weekend. Jets/Indy, NO/Seattle, GB/PHI and BAL/KC all get their due.

That’s it for now – see you on teh twitters and see you when I emerge from New Orleans!

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Luck Stays in School: Why it’s Not so Very Insane Fri, 07 Jan 2011 15:12:06 +0000 admin In case you’ve been under a rock (I don’t judge, maybe it’s warm there) you’ve probably heard that Stanford QB Andrew Luck will remain Stanford Cardinal QB Andrew Luck and not become Carolina Panther QB Andrew Luck.

Which is the long winded way of saying Luck is staying in school.

Now I’ll be honest and add my voice to the chorus of folks who are surprised, especially given that his coach, Jim Harbaugh, looks primed to bolt for NFL pastures and – if the Miami offer of 7 million is legit – big money.

There are equal parts outrage, confusion and hate rolling around about this decision and I get it. Listen, I’m struggling financially as are perhaps many of the people who read this.

It’s tough to imagine a situation where I’d leave 1 million, forget potentially 40 or 80 million, on the table.

Of course, my name is Andrew Garda not Andrew Luck.

I don’t know what goes on in Other Andrew’s head. We share the same name but not the same brain (nor bank account though, I’d be open to that. ALuck, call me and we can talk.)

That aside, here are my thoughts on why Luck may have decided to stay and why it ISN’T the insane decision others think it is.

What I will not do is make this out to be some phenomenal insight into his character. It isn’t better or worse moral, honor or characterwise. He stayed in school. Doesn’t make him better or worse than you or me.

Here are some key points to consider:

1) There is no guarenteed money.  Everyone keeps talking about the money he leaves on the table. What money? Satfford’s money? That’s not there anymore. Or likely will not be.

If there is one thing I think the NFL/NFLPA will agree on eventually, it’s a rookie salary cap. Vets are tired of rookies getting huge money for nothing and teams are tired of having to pay it.

Paying huge money to a rookie – even a QB – is a crapshoot (*COUGHJAMARCUSRUSSELLCOUGH*) and if you’re wrong you can screw your franchise up financially for a long time.

We’re judging him based on criteria that doesn’t apply. Sure, he’s leaving money on the table. But it’s nowhere near what people are assigning it in value.

2) Will there be football? We have no clue if there will be ANY NFL football in 2011. For a rookie, it’s likely that by the time he gets in, gets signed and gets playing he could miss a chunk of the season. I expect the season to be shortened right now and can absolutely see the attraction of playing a full season of college ball versus a tiny fraction or perhaps none at all) of NFL.

If he stays at Stanford, Luck is going to practice all year long, play all year long and get better with no lay off. I can see the appeal.

3) A degree means something to him. I hear a lot about how his architecture design degree is impractical and ‘he won’t use it, so why rush to finish it?’

If you’re going to go to school to be a NFL QB, why stay?

I’m going to REALLY speculate here but I don’t think he went to Stanford thinking ‘this is the best way to become a NFL QB’. I don’t think his major is one you take if you’re looking to just focus on football. And Stanford is too academically rigorous to decide to go and just skate.

Plus, if you were going to go to a school with the sole purpose of making the NFL, Stanford wasn’t it when Luck was looking. Sorry Cardinal but you know I’m right.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Even two years ago they were pretty mediocre. Before that they were downright ugly.

2007 – 4-8
2008 – 5-7
2009 – 8-5

Steadily improving, sure. But given the academic standards of Stanford, the shape the team was in when Luck showed up and the degree he’s going after I think he didn’t go there thinking ‘here’s my free ticket to the NFL’.

All of this is not to say it’s the right or wrong decision. Maybe this rookie class gets grandfathered in and he could have made a bazillion dollars more. Maybe he wouldn’t care either way. Maybe he has reasons we don’t even know about.

But his decision – regardless of what you and I would have done – isn’t insane. There are plenty of compelling reasons to stay in school.

Whether we would have or not may not be easy to keep out of it, but it should be.

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