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Kickoff tonight for the Giants and Redskins is 7PM EST – same as the Drive Block – and we’re off and running for the 2008 season!

Here’s the morning news -

Carolina Panthers
Matt Moore will be out 4-6 weeks with a fractured fibula. He had a nice run last year while there were so many injuries to the QB position, but lost the #2 gig when Josh McCown came by. With a little luck, Delhomme will stay healthy and Moore wouldn’t have been a factor anyway, but the young QB was a guy on many people’s radar this off season.

Kansas City Chiefs
Rookie WR Will Franklin had a great preseason going until he hurt his knee. Many folks thought he was a nice sleeper pick – but between this (he will be questionable to start the season and may not play Sunday), questionable skill at the QB position and an being in the slot in an offense that will probably not go 3 WRs often, Franklin is no more than shaky bench depth right now in Fantasy Leagues.

Also in KC, rookie Branden Albert will start at left tackle after he lost most of preseason to a foot injury. That’s a big concern – the guy was already moving postions (he played guard in college) missed a ton of important preseason work and he’s still starting? Let’s hope that learning curve isn’t too steep. This whole offense is a concern, which is why Larry Johnson dropped pretty far in many drafts this year. Shaky, shaky, shaky.

Philadelphia Eagles
We were already assuming this, but it’s a nice confirmation – rookie DeSean Jackson will start on Sunday against the Rams. It’s a decent matchup for the young WR, who while a little undersized, is electrifying with the ball after the catch. Question is, who is the other WR? Curtis is out, Brown has a bum hammy – are we looking at the re-emergence of Hank Baskett, who was a brief Fantasy Darling a few years ago? Keep an eye on it – you know I’m no Reggie Brown fan.

Back to Jackson – keep your expectations checked – he’s a rookie, the Eagles will spread the ball around and Westbrook and TE LJ Smith will get plenty of looks. But Jackson could be a nice #3/4 with upside this weekend.

That’s all for now – we’ll see what news perks up between now and the Daily News Stampede at Noon EST/9am PST.

See you then!

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Morning News, then on to Cowboy Camp! Fri, 08 Aug 2008 14:47:00 +0000 admin First, great 2 hour Drive Block last night – we cover everything from news to Auctions to IDP leagues. Check it out at BlogTalkRadio or on ITunes.

Between this and the Blurb, tons of great info each week.

Secondly, the next update here will be late – heading to Cowboys camp in Oxnard today. But I will catch up when I return.

On to the news -
New Orleans Saints
As we covered on the Drive Block last night, Saints second year wide receiver Robert Meachem had a great game. He needs to have a big year or else the Saints will go get another WR in the draft next year to start opposite Colston. 4 catches for 129 yards and a TD is a pretty strong showing. he has ability – he just needs to prove he has the drive and can stay healthy. Last night was a very good start.

New York Jets
In all the Favre and Pennington hubbub one thing that has been overlooked is the strong camp being had by receivers Chansi Stuckey and David Clowney. Stuckey caught 3 passes for 44 yards while Clowney blew up with 4 for 163 and 2 TDs. YOu could say he ‘clowned’ the Browns… eh? eh? Is this thing on?

Seriously, it’s worth tracking who is hot going into the season -while Coles and Cotchery will get most of the love, if gunslinger Favre decides one of his other receivers is his favorite, the #3 in NY could end up having some good value as a #4 or byw week filler. Right now, Clowney is the guy over Stuckey and Brad Smith.

Brett Ratliff had a great game as well, going 14/20 for 252 with 2 TDs. It may be hard to stick with Favre coming in, Clemens still heir apparent and Ainge playing ok. But worth keeping an eye on if Ainge struggles. Certainly the future of the Jets QB situation remains up in the air.

Denver Broncos
It seems that rookie Eddie Royal has supassed Darrell Jackson on the Broncos depth chart. Now this is early and it could change however with Marshall facing a three game time out, Royal will definitely get three starts, barring injury. All he needs to do is play well and he could keep that job. Jackson isn’t that far removed from good numbers but he’s clearly not doing well enough in camp. Keary Colbert hasn’t the track record to lead me to believe he will challenge. Stokely will hang in the slot.

Royal could have godo value and will be available in the latter half of most drafts.

Kansas City Chiefs/Chicago Bears
Chiefs receiver Will Franklin had a pair of catches for 31 yards, but looked rough in his first preseason outing. As I have said, all he has to do it beat out Devard Darling, which should be possible. He has to DO it though. It’s debateable how valuable anyone not named ‘Bowe’ or ‘Gonzo’ will be in this offense. But take a late flier on him if he can be more consistent.

With the Bears, Orton and Grossman looked ok, but were outplayed numbers-wise by Caleb Hanie, a rookie from Colorado State. I wouldn’t read much into it yet but suppose – just suppose – Hanie started doing really well? Do you think Grossman or Orton has done so well that they are untouchable? Nope, me either. It’s unlikely that he wins. But it’s also that Grossman or Orton is going to be consistent enough to be a starter for your fantasy team. Grossman has more upside, btu his valleys are deeper and he’ll cost you as much as he’ll help you. Orton is only there to manage a game and he won’t put up numbers worth starting. And we’re probably several weeks away from knowing who will be unlikelythe guy in Chicago – which only matters so much as it affects Mat Forte, who had 7 carries for 35 yards and looked decent doing it.

That’s it for now – back tonight with more and some insights from Dallas Cowboys Camp!

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Late Sunday Week Primer Mon, 04 Aug 2008 06:46:00 +0000 admin Hey guys

Hope you had a good weekend – between some computer issues and the imminent kickoff of both college football and pro football seasons, the Blurb was quiet this weekend for the most part.

Here is a quick look at what’s on tap, then a brief weekend update for you:

This week we’ll have much more Training Camp news as well as the beginnings of some college discussion. Both The Thundering Blurb Podcast and The Drive Block will of course be in full effect. And I am hoping to have at least my top 10 college rankings by Friday. That and Friday night/Saturday morning I hope to have delivered some on the spot Cowboys camp news as well.

So as always pretty quiet.

Here’s the weekend update:

Carolina Panthers
The Panthers have suspended wide receiver Steve Smith for 2 regular season games for his altercation with Ken Lucas, and it will be interesting to see how hard he drops in drafts. Hopes were high for him in the Fantasy community but there is no way you can draft him where he was going, often as people’s #1 wr. And now you know why we tell you a draft prior to preseason games is a bad idea.

However, if he drops long enough for you to grab him as a #2 and you can grab some good filler guys to back him up, he should be very productive after he gets back in the groove by week 3. So play up his suspension in your leagues and see if you can snag him as he tumbles hard. Overall he should be much better than last year, but you also have to worry about how he reacts to this.

Denver Broncos
Brandon Marshall has received his punishment from the league and it’s about where I thought it would be – I said 4, reduced to 2, and it’s 3, likely to be reduced to 2. Marshall is another guy who may tumble hard come your draft day and this will, like Smith, keep him from being someone you can grab as a #1 but might drop enough for you to grab later after you have a good #1, a good Rb and another guy in either category. When he comes back, Cutler will be very happy to see him and target him often.

Kansas City Chiefs
This might be irrelevant depending upon how you view the pass game in KC, but rookie Will Franklin has apparently passed by Maurice Price and Jeff Webb. Devard Darling is all that stands between him and starts, so consider a late flier on him – though if pickings are better elsewhere, remember the KC pass game will likely top out at ‘meh’ with sprinklings of ‘yuck’.

And brace yourselves -
Green Bay
Favre arrives in camp Monday. He was reinstated today after the Hall of Fame festivities were done with. It looks liek the competition is on and Aaron Rodgers took to the fight with 7-of-20 passes for 84 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception at the Packers’ Fan Fest scrimmage Sunday night. Yeah, that’s not a great start to this is it? Oh and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel saying that the Pack called the Vikings about Favre being available in trade – and I still say if that happens then Ted Thompson might as well sign his letter of resignation. The two times Favre would lead the Vikes against the Pack would do it for him, if he wouldn’t. But man, wouldn’t that make Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice owners happy?

More tomorrow throughout the day as we continue spinning Training Camp and the NFL for you every single day.

ps- just watched the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – and I have rarely been so perplexed by a flick.

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