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Top Fantasy RBs of Week 9

Chris Johnson 161yds, 1 TD, 6 catches - Johnson continues to impress – more than that really – every time he gets a chance. An outstanding day for the rookie who is not losing any steam and even though his schedule is not the greatest he has become a must start weekly.

Thomas Jones 107yds, 1TD, 6 catches – We’ve been waiting for Jones to do this regularly all season long. I don’t know what the Jets are doing offensively on most Sundays, bu they need to ride Jones harder. His ground yards are not great but he was involved in the pass game this week and he has scored a TD in each of the last three games.

Ray Rice 176 total yds, 3 catches – Is Rice finally emerging as the back his proponents said he could be at the beginning of the season? Maybe, but let’s not crown him yet – he has looked much better the last few weeks than he did in weeks 1 and 2. Which guy is he? Will he be stuck in a RBBC all season? We should get a good idea very soon.

Adrian Peterson 139total yds, 1TD – Peterson came out of the bye how he went into the bye – with a game that makes his fantasy owners happy they took him #1 or 2. That they came against Houston and Chicago are food signs – especially against the #5 rush defense of the Bears. I love Minny’s ground schedule going forward – and I love Peterson’s end season upside as well.

Steve Slaton 118 total yds, 8 catches - Slaton’s ability to contribute in the pass game is a huge bonus for him – against the #2 rush defense in the league, it made a huge difference. About half his yards came off his 8 catches and the tough D kept him from the end zone. The QB turmoil and some of the defensive issues, along with worry about hitting the rookie wall make me less high on him than Johnson. But both Slaton and Forte are guys I think could hold up value throughout the rest of the season.

Peyton Hillis 116yds, 1 catching TD, 7 catches – Well, I have Hillis here for two reasons. First it was an incredible performance. But fullbacks like Hillis have those every once in a while and fade away. But the second point is more important – Andre Hill and Michael Pittman have been placed on the IR. This leaves rookie Ryan Torain (coming off injury) and a banged up Selvin Young. As I said on The Fantasy Sporst Group Show last night, don’t expect Hillis to step in right now. BUT he is a guy you may want on your bench (assuming you have room) as he is a nifty player who can pass block and clearly is good on a screen pass.

Will he amount to anything? I don’t know. But can you ignore anyone in the Denver backfield? Young cannot stay healthy and Torain might have a long way to go before he can be counted on, especially in pass blocking situations. I will be picking him up where I can. I’m not depending upon him – but as Cecil and I talked about last week on The Thundering Blurb Fantasy Football Show, there are always backs who pop out of nowehere. Ryan Moats, Michael Bush – Hillis is another guy for that category. Watchlist would be the word. Put him on yours.

Others to look at —
Clinton Portis – 124 yards, 7 catches – Portis gets it done again. Yes, he was stifled on the ground but as the engine in the ‘Skins offense they get him the ball. And it will continue after the bye week.

Cedric Benson 109/1TD, 1 catch - Has he found new life with the Bengals? Could be. This is a guy to watch very closely especially for Dynasty owners. He certainly looks like a new man – and the team has good things to say about him.

Tim Hightower 108/1TD, 1 catch – Hightower is the new man and he did just what the Cards hoped he would. A more dynamic back than Edge is, not only did he knock Edge from the #1 spot, he kncoked him past JJ Arrington according to reports. An intriguing late surge guy? I think so.

Brandon Jacobs 117/1TD – Will Jacobs wear down like last year? It is a concern. And Ward is right behind him. If Jacobs stumbles, it would be easy to see Ward or Bradshaw take over like last year. They don’t care as much about individual roles – they want to win. Good for Giant fans. Worrisome for Fantasy Owners.

JJ Arrington 119yds, 5 catches (62ground, 57 receiving) - It’s telling how much work Arrington got compared to Ege (that is to say none). Has Edge fallen that far on the chart? We’ll see going forward but Arrington seems to be playing far better than he has before.

That’s all for today – will be back more later with news and of course back with both podcasts tomorrow morning.

Top WR Performances for Week 9

Back from the polls – and the weather turned nice but it didn’t matter as I waited only about a 1/2 hour. With the exception of parking woes, completely painless!

Here’s your WR studs for the week (there is a theme here)…..

Derrick Mason 9 catches, 136 yds,1TD - ….. the hell? Yup, Mason had his one good game of the year. Flacco has killed whatever value he and Mark Clayton had to begin the year. Could Flacco be ramping up? I don’t think so and even if he was, you cannot depend upon Mason for more than a #3 or 4 WR.

Donald Driver 7 catches, 136 yds, 1TD – It was bound to happen – Driver had a good game. With the emergence of Jennings and the other young wide receivers, Driver has finally faded almost into the background. Driver can still play and proved he needs to be accounted for by defenses, but it is unlikely he will be a consistent factor in fantasy circles.

Antonio Bryant 8 catches, 115 yds, 1TD - Bryant has been getting good targets from both Garcia and Griese before him. Bryant seems to finally be playing fairly well though somewhat inconsitently. He will have some good games, but likely not repeat a game like this often if at all. Again, another guy better off as a 3 or 4 for you.

Greg Camarillo 11 catches, 111 yds - Camarillo has been a consistent 4-8 points (depending on PPR or not) for most of the season, though when Tedd Ginn Jr exploded in week 8, people sensed doom. Not so fast as Camarillo had another good game – in fact better than average. Camarillo is a pretty good source of points each week as Pennington looks for him often. He’ll be a productive 3rd or 4th WR for you.

Koren Robinson 4 catches, 101yds, 1TD - Most of this came on one play. But as banged up as the WR core in Seattle is, you have to watch what folks are doing. Robinson did a ton with his few catches and it would be a nice story if he had a career renaissance but this offense is still a mess and has a ton of question marks. A guy to keep on your bench in case, but if Hasselback returns in Week 11 as suggested, he may not see many targets and could fade again.

Others on the bubble –
Calvin Johnson – 8/88/1 – Orlovsky got the ball to CJ a bunch AND in the redzone. With him now out, we start again guessing if Stanton, Culpepper or some dude from the stands will get him the rock.

Anthony Gonzalez 4/55/2 – The Colts need Ganzalez to step up like he did last season. Wayne is banged up, Harrison is on his last legs and the rest fo the offense has issues. Watch and see if he can get back to a consistent play.

Bernard Berrian 2/104/1
– One of the most consistent WRs right now, Berrian has scored a TD in four straight games and been over 100 yds in three of those as well.

Anquan Boldin 6/93/1 – Two games. Two great performances. Boldin is filthy – this guy starts every week.

Chad Johnson/OchoCinco/this name for sale – 5/37/2 – Is The Chad waking up? He’s starting to catch balls and he might be a buy low IF you are ok with him coughing up the occasional hairball.

RBs soon enough……

Top Fantasy QBs for Week 9

Donavan McNabb 345yds, 2Tds, 1INT – McNabb had a solid game, and is certainly benefiting from having most of his tools back. Even a pick didn’t mar an otherwise good game and he will continue to be a good start going forward.

Kurt Warner 342yds, 2TDs – As I expected, it was a shootout – unfortunately for the Rams, only one side had bullets. Warner continues to play very well and Leinart is almost not worth having on your bench save for injury protection.

Jay Cutler 307yds, 2TDs, 3INTs – The three picks make him a questionable addition to the list but cracking 300 yds and adding a pair of TDs offsets that in most leagues. And he did it with Brandon Marshall completely shut down by the Miami secondary. Eddie Royal also had a good game. Cutler will continue to have to throw because the Bronc’s defense is not very good.

Jeff Garcia 339yds, 1TD, 1 2pt conv, 1INT – Nearly 400 yards through the air is a bit of a surprise considering the KC run D, but the Bucs did it both ways and as a result Garcia had an outstanding day. Again, even with the pick, his overall production (and 2 pt conversion) more than offsets it.

Peyton Manning 254yds, 2TDs,1 2pt conv – Manning continues his up and down days but looked good for the most part. I still say he finished a top 10 QB given his schedule, but honestly that’s not where you thought he would be when you drafted him early. Still if the rest of the offense can continue to recover, Manning will give you more solid games than not.

The others -
Gus Frerotte 182/3/1 – The yards sucked, but 3 TDs were a boon – and he’s keeping the D off AP. Good news for Peterson value in the home stretch.

Aaron Rodgers 314/1/1INT & fumble 1 int – McCarthy might be down on Rodgers red zone choices, but he continues to play well, over 300 again this week.

Dan Orlovsky 292/2/2INT – Orlovsky will now be out with a thumb injury but he was able to leave on a pretty decent note and was just starting to find Calvin Johnson more.

Joe Flacco 248/2TD – Whether you love or hate Flacco, he’s starting to appear to ‘get it’ and had an up game this week. It was against Cleveland though.

Ryan Fitzpatrick 162/2/1 52 rush yards – Check out Mr. Harvard getting it done a bit on the ground. Is Cinci waking up? Mayeb a little. I wonder if this is more of a statement about JAX than the Bengals though.

Back with the other two positions after voting.

Updated WR Rankings

So LJ Smith has been ruled out for tomorrow and Jason Avant may not go – this makes DeSean Jackson a much better play than I had him ranked. Even with Kevin Curtis probably getting more looks. Either Jackson or Reggie Brown could end up in the slot if Avant is out, and regardless, I think Smith being down for the count will improve Jackson’s prospects. So I have rejiggered the rankings this morning – highlighting where I put Jackson. Right now it’s the only change I have right now – the rest should be fine.

Wide receivers

  1. Brandon Marshall, Broncos vs. Dolphins
  2. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals at Rams
  3. Roddy White, Falcons at Raiders
  4. Andre Johnson, Texans at Vikings
  5. Anquan Boldin, Cardinals at Rams
  6. Lee Evans, Bills vs. Jets
  7. Bernard Berrian, Vikings vs. Texans
  8. Plaxico Burress, Giants vs. Cowboys
  9. Randy Moss, Patriots at Colts
  10. Reggie Wayne, Colts vs. Patriots
  11. Greg Jennings, Packers at Titans
  12. Calvin Johnson, Lions at Bears
  13. Hines Ward, Steelers at Redskins
  14. Matt Jones, Jaguars at Bengals
  15. Donnie Avery, Rams vs. Cardinals
  16. Jerricho Cotchery, Jets at Bills
  17. Santana Moss, Redskins vs. Steelers
  18. DeSean Jackson, Eagles at Seahawks
  19. Laveranues Coles, Jets at Bills
  20. Braylon Edwards, Browns vs. Ravens
  21. Terrell Owens, Cowboys at Giants
  22. Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs vs. Buccaneers
  23. Kevin Walter, Texans at Vikings
  24. Derrick Mason, Ravens at Browns
  25. Kevin Curtis, Eagles at Seahawks
  26. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Bengals vs. Jaguars
  27. Santonio Holmes, Steelers at Redskins
  28. Steve Breaston, Cardinals at Rams
  29. Wes Welker, Patriots at Colts
  30. Antonio Bryant, Buccaneers at Chiefs
  31. Torry Holt, Rams vs. Cardinals
  32. Rashied Davis, Bears vs. Lions
  33. Antwaan Randle El, Redskins vs. Steelers
  34. Joey Galloway, Buccaneers at Chiefs
  35. Chad Ocho Cinco, Bengals vs. Jaguars

RB Rankings for Week 9

Brian Westbrook had 167 yards last week on the ground and added 42 via receptions. As tempting as Graham is, as good as Peterson is, I think Westy has a good day against a rush D that gives 121 yards per game on the ground and 6 TDs. Add to it the phenomenal matchup vs the pass D of the ‘Hawks – know that Westbrook will be involved as always. He will have a tremendous opportunity in both phases of the game and I think he will top leagues again this week.

Speaking of Purple Jesus aka Adrian Peterson – the Texans have coughed up 11 ground TDs, second most in the league so far this season. They were better earlier in the season but the last three games have given up a total of 278 rushing yards top run games brought by the Bengals, Lions and Dolphins. Wait, those aren’t Minny-like run offenses? Uh-oh! The Texans are getting lit up on the ground, and Peterson will be able to make plenty of plays against them this week. I think Frerrotte and Berrian will keep Houston honest and AP will tire them out all day.

How DOES one cram all that Graham? Well, you rank him third. Ok, bad joke (dated bad joke no less) but Earnest Graham is an excellent start this week. With Dunn banged up, Graham will get all the love in this run game this weekend against one of the worst defense in the league. On top of that, Gruden will not pull a Mangini and throw 40 times to 15 runs. Graham will get the ball often and do very well against the woeful Chiefs.

A terrible Lions defense will keep Matt Forte at the top of the rookie running back ranks this week – not only running the ball but catching it as well. Forte faces a defense ranked 31st, which can get run over by any back. Forte should have no problem running all over the Lions. Yes, they stumped Peterson – but that was pretty unusual. I don’t expect a repeat, especially as Chicago is passing the ball well and Detroit will not be able to just focus on the run.

Finally is Michael Turner the Burner - perhaps not as high as some have him this week, I still like him as a play. Oakland has coughed up 556 rushing yards in their last 3 contests and have had plenty of bad games so far. Also, may I submit the 11 touchdowns they have allowed this season. I like Turner this week for both yardage and a TD – he’s a guy you can start with confidence even if he has been a bit streaky this year.

Other thoughts -Willie Parker (34) may be playing, but I think he’s no more than a light flex – Mewelde Moore (30) is pretty much the same. Until we sort out who is doing what, be careful…. Don’t overthink the Leon Washington (28) stats from last week – only three carries is a flex back for a Fantasy team, not a RB2 unless you have to…. This may be the week Tim Hightower (17) takes the #1 gig over…. MJD (10) and Fred Taylor (23) both have valeu this week against a shoddy Bengals run D….

Running backs

  1. Brian Westbrook, Eagles at Seahawks
  2. Adrian Peterson, Vikings vs. Texans
  3. Earnest Graham, Buccaneers at Chiefs
  4. Matt Forté, Bears vs. Lions
  5. Michael Turner, Falcons at Raiders
  6. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins at Broncos
  7. Marion Barber, Cowboys at Giants
  8. Chris Johnson, Titans vs. Packers
  9. Clinton Portis, Redskins vs. Steelers
  10. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars at Bengals
  11. Marshawn Lynch, Bills vs. Jets
  12. Brandon Jacobs, Giants vs. Cowboys
  13. Steven Jackson, Rams vs. Cardinals
  14. Thomas Jones, Jets at Bills
  15. Willis McGahee, Ravens at Browns
  16. LenDale White, Titans vs. Packers
  17. Tim Hightower, Cardinals at Rams
  18. Ryan Grant, Packers at Titans
  19. Kevin Faulk, Patriots at Colts
  20. Steve Slaton, Texans at Vikings
  21. Edgerrin James, Cardinals at Rams
  22. Michael Pittman, Broncos vs. Dolphins
  23. Fred Taylor, Jaguars at Bengals
  24. Ricky Williams, Dolphins at Broncos
  25. Justin Fargas, Raiders vs. Falcons
  26. Jamal Lewis, Browns vs. Ravens
  27. Derrick Ward, Giants vs. Cowboys
  28. Leon Washington, Jets at Bills
  29. Dominic Rhodes, Colts vs. Patriots
  30. Mewelde Moore, Steelers at Redskins
  31. Kevin Smith, Lions at Bears
  32. Julius Jones, Seahawks vs. Eagles
  33. Cedric Benson, Bengals vs. Jaguars
  34. Willie Parker, Steelers vs Redskins
  35. Kolby Smith, Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

WR Rankings for Week 9

As I said on There It Is on ESPN 1230 I think Cutler has a tremendous day and Brandon Marshall will be the guy he goes to most often and most effectively. Marshall has had three weeks without a TD and hasn’t broken 100 yards receieving in that span as well. That ends here – again, the Phins have given up 9 passing TDs so far this year and Marshall should be able to overmatch the corners pretty easily.

Larry Fitzgerald had the yards, Boldin got the TDs – I think Fitz will be seeing the end zone this week along with the yards. As I said in the QB rankings, this has shootout written all over it – a veritable fantasy buffet as it were. It could be a high scoring game and the Rams have the weapons and momentum to make Arizona work for it.

Matt Ryan truly showed just how much he belongs in the NFL last week with his performance in Philly. And as I said last week, Ryan has revealed just how good Roddy White is. He is the top target of a pretty darn good rookie quarterback against the 19th pass defense in the NFL which averages 218.4 ypg allowed, with 9 passing TDs allowed. Ryan may be under pressure as the Raydahs can bring the heat (16 sacks so far) but White has been his best, most consistent target and as many yards and TDs as Oakland can give, I think White will continue to excel and emerge as a top fantasy WR.

Andre Johnson is still looking for the endzone but will accrue yards at a torrid pace anyway. The Vikes’ D gave up 386 passing yards in 2 games before the bye – they will try to turn it around but Matt Schaub is red hot right now and as hard as it is to run against the Vikings, they will need to throw the ball to even ease the pressure on Slaton and the run game. Johnson continues to play at a very high level and one only hopes that we see soem TDs soon.

The Jets have some good players in the secondary. But as good as Darrelle Revis is, you still have rookie Dwight Lowery, Justin Miller and Safeties Kerry Rhodes and Eric Smith can be erratic. On the News Stampede this morning I said Lee Evans was a decent start. Then I looked over how the Jets played last week. And again, allowing 250 net yards and 2 TDs with no interceptions to Tyler Thigpen. Really, Jets? Thigpen? I think Edwards and Lee Evans can blow past this secondary – all it will take is moving Evans around enough to avoid Revis and free him up for a few good plays. The Bills can do it and this is a huge game – they have to.

Anquan Boldin is my second guy from the Cards in the top 5 – reiterating what said with Fitz above and Warner in the QB ranks, I think this has the makings of a shootout. Boldin is a tough, hard nosed receiver who Warner targets in the redzone often. He may not ghet the yards Fitz will, but he will have a TD and enough targets to make him a very good start most weeks. Against this secodnary and in a game I think could be a very high scoring affair, Boldin has an excellent opportunity to have a huge day alongside Fitz’s big time game as well.

Other thoughts – Bernard Berrian (7) will have some work to do against a shaky Texans secondary and will need to help loosen the run D up for Peterson….. Reggie Wayne’s(9) injury has me concerned but he should play and do well…. Matt Jones(14) (KKKKKEE-YEAAAH) has a great matchup and as long as the NFL hasn’t kicked him out, you shouldn’t either…. Jerricho Cotchery (16) and Laveranues Coles(18) are ranked close together and if you look at their seasons, it mirrors that well – Favre will throw and they will have the opportunity to do well this week….. Notice Terrell Owens is barely top 20. Brad Johnson and maybe Witten being out hurts quite a bit….. Finally, if Tory Holt (30) is telling you he feels out of the offense and his stats show that as well… who am I to argue?

Wide receivers

  1. Brandon Marshall, Broncos vs. Dolphins
  2. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals at Rams
  3. Roddy White, Falcons at Raiders
  4. Andre Johnson, Texans at Vikings
  5. Anquan Boldin, Cardinals at Rams
  6. Lee Evans, Bills vs. Jets
  7. Bernard Berrian, Vikings vs. Texans
  8. Plaxico Burress, Giants vs. Cowboys
  9. Randy Moss, Patriots at Colts
  10. Reggie Wayne, Colts vs. Patriots
  11. Greg Jennings, Packers at Titans
  12. Calvin Johnson, Lions at Bears
  13. Hines Ward, Steelers at Redskins
  14. Matt Jones, Jaguars at Bengals
  15. Donnie Avery, Rams vs. Cardinals
  16. Jerricho Cotchery, Jets at Bills
  17. Santana Moss, Redskins vs. Steelers
  18. Laveranues Coles, Jets at Bills
  19. Braylon Edwards, Browns vs. Ravens
  20. Terrell Owens, Cowboys at Giants
  21. Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs vs. Buccaneers
  22. Kevin Walter, Texans at Vikings
  23. Derrick Mason, Ravens at Browns
  24. Kevin Curtis, Eagles at Seahawks
  25. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Bengals vs. Jaguars
  26. Santonio Holmes, Steelers at Redskins
  27. Steve Breaston, Cardinals at Rams
  28. Wes Welker, Patriots at Colts
  29. Antonio Bryant, Buccaneers at Chiefs
  30. Torry Holt, Rams vs. Cardinals
  31. DeSean Jackson, Eagles at Seahawks
  32. Rashied Davis, Bears vs. Lions
  33. Antwaan Randle El, Redskins vs. Steelers
  34. Joey Galloway, Buccaneers at Chiefs
  35. Chad Ocho Cinco, Bengals vs. Jaguars

RBs in an hour or so…. KKKKKKKYEAH

QB Rankings for Week 9

Jay Cutler is facing a defense which ranks 25th allowing 233.3 net yards, yards per game and 9 TDs while only gathering 4 interceptions. They can get pressure (17 sacks) which is a concern given the Oline issues the Donkeys have. Over the past 3 weeks, Miami has allowed 808 yards passing. On top of that, Miami will probably score against a struggling defense and Cutler will have to throw to keep ahead. Cutler should be a good start this week and will come out big after his bye.

Kurt Warner is busy playing himself into a contract extention and you should continue to ride along with him. The matchup against a 26th ranked Rams pass defense is tasty – as is the fact that he may have to huck the ball repeteadly since Bulger & Co. will likely score against a suspect Cardinal secondary. Add to it the Cards run game is not playing exceptionally well, it falls to the passing offense to get the job done. Great matchup, great situation – should be a great day.

Against the Seahawks, you have to love Donavan McNabb. The Hawks have allowed over 769 passing yards in the last three games. Westbrook is on his game again, DeSean Jackson continues to excel and Kevin Curtis looked ok in his first game back. McNabb didn’t hit the end zoen last week as it was the Westy show, but I expect him to throw more in this matchup.

What’s that? You still doubt Kyle Orton? Well, even if you do, this week against the Lions would be the one matchup you really can’t argue against. Ranked 31st against the pass, with 258 ypg and 12 TDs given up. Forte will be heavily involved and probably catch some passes. You don’t know (aside from Forte) who will get passes thrown their way but they will get thrown, effectively and accurately and Orton will have quite a day against the Lambs, er, Lions.

Manning: The Peyton had an off game for Peyton against the Titans – but a good game for anyone else. The guy who struggled a bit last week will be just fine this week against a mediocre pass defense averaging 206.3 net yards allowed per game, with 11 passing TDs thrown in for good measure. Wayne is banged up which worries me a tad, but he should be fine. I believe Manning – who has been inconsistent, I’ll admit – is getting back to where he needs to be to be an effective fantasy Qb. While he will not crack the top 5, he’ll be much more consistent, reliable and probably finish close to it.

Other thoughts – I think Marc Bulger has a very good day. Am not completely confident enough to put him in the top 10 but frankly this week he is very close…. I also wouldn’t be shocked if Aaron Rodgers has a below par game but he’s good enough even in bad matchups to crack the 10….. I am still tempted to start Bulger over Rodgers in at least one league….. Usually a consistent but not blockbuster play, David Garrard could blow up completely against the hapless Bungles and yes they deserve that name again…. Jason Campbell is a good QB in a bad matchup – I’d love to see him transcend the ranking but don’t quite have faith about it…..


  1. Jay Cutler, Broncos vs. Dolphins
  2. Kurt Warner, Cardinals at Rams
  3. Donovan McNabb, Eagles at Seahawks
  4. Kyle Orton, Bears vs. Lions
  5. Peyton Manning, Colts vs. Patriots
  6. Matt Schaub, Texans at Vikings
  7. Eli Manning, Giants vs. Cowboys
  8. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers at Redskins
  9. Aaron Rodgers, Packers at Titans
  10. David Garrard, Jaguars at Bengals
  11. Marc Bulger, Rams vs. Cardinals
  12. Chad Pennington, Dolphins at Broncos
  13. Matt Ryan, Falcons at Raiders
  14. Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers at Chiefs
  15. Trent Edwards, Bills vs. Jets
  16. Brett Favre, Jets at Bills
  17. Jason Campbell, Redskins vs. Steelers
  18. Gus Frerotte, Vikings vs. Texans
  19. Derek Anderson, Browns vs. Ravens
  20. JaMarcus Russell, Raiders vs. Falcons
  21. Kerry Collins, Titans vs. Packers
  22. Matt Cassel, Patriots at Colts
  23. Dan Orlovsky, Lions vs. Bears
  24. Brad Johnson, Cowboys at Giants
  25. Joe Flacco, Ravens at Browns
  26. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bengals vs. Jaguars
  27. Tyler Thigpen, Chiefs vs. Buccaneers
  28. Seneca Wallace, Seahawks vs. Eagles

WRs in a little while….

PAc 10 Review Week 9 & Site Note

Hey folks

Catch my Pac 10 Review on College Football Insider today.

Also I have moved the day I post the top Fantasy Players from Monday to Tuesday – I have more time on Tuesdays to do it right and I would rather include Monday’s performers as well.