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Top Fantasy QBs of Week 14

Some new faces, some guys we’ve seen before. Some guys heating up….

Matt Schaub – 414yds, 2tds, 1 2pt, 1INT – I never, ever, thought he was going to have this good a game after his layoff. But he sure proved his doubters wrong and should have put to rest the ‘Sage is a better QB’ talk that has permeated the last month or so. Still mostly a matchup guy, a very good showing.

Matt Ryan – 315/1/1 12pt, 1 rush TD - Ryan has had a phenomenal year and you just have to like this kid if you happen to have drafted him in Dynasty. Or redraft. Or if you are the Falcons. Again, mostly a matchup guy but he has some places he might start for you in the next few weeks. Tampa has shown they can be thrown on and we know that’s the easiest way to beat the VIkings. Depending on your bench he might have a shot at helping you win it all.

Jeff Garcia – 321/2 – Is Garcia starting to heat up? Some mediocre outings was starting to make folks think we would see Josh Johnson, but it’s likely we’ll have to wait until next year on that. Garcia faces Atlanta (OK) this week, San Diego next week for many Championship weeks (good!) and then Oakland (who knows? Might not matter for your league).

Seneca Wallace – 212/3 1 fumble, 47 rush yards - I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him and given my bad back this week, that wouldn’t be far. OK, my back is fine, but still – Wallace is risky to start. He does face the Rams which is a great matchup this week, and then the Jets who could be fighting hard for their playoff lives ad can be thrown on. I wouldnt’ want to start him but if you face injuries there might be worse matchup-wise.

Peyton Manning – 277/3 – Hey, a familiar face. Manning had a good game this week and is -and should be – a starter regardless of game. What will happen against Detroit this week? Will they run too much? Well, for sure Detroit cannot hang with them in the air, so I suspect Manning will get his regardless.

The Rest – That some of these guys are here and not above should tell you how out of control the top spots were this week….
Philip Rivers – 214/3 & 19 rushing yards - Rivers put on a nice display this week but that oline has him too up and down to be counted on very easily.
Jay Cutler – 286/2/1 & 16 rush yards - Cutler might actually have to throw more and he should be a decent start going forward with the upside of being even better than decent.
Aaron Rodgers – 295/2/1 – Rodgers was very close to being in the top 5 and continues to be a very good start going forward most of the time. Even weather didn’t hurt him too much.
Shaun Hill – 285/2/1 – Is he going to be a good start from here on out? I can’t believe that but either had an extraordinarily good game or the Jets looked extraordinarily bad. I am a Jets fan – guess where I fall on that one?
Drew Brees – 230/2 - Another sub 300 yard game?!?! THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING! Seriously, Brees looked better Sunday than he did the week prior and is getting the weapons he needs back and healthy. The Saints need to win, so you know he will play hard and while he may not be cracking 300+ each week, he’s always a pretty good start.

Top WR Performances for Week 14

Here’s a list of guys who – for the most part – are VERY UNLIKELY to repeat top 5 success. But they had big weeks nonetheless and if you faced them, they could have contributed to your downfall. It’s incredibly frustrating to have a great team, only to lose on a mediocre players one week fantasy binge and purge – but that’s the game we both love and loathe.

Antonio Bryant – 9/200/2 – AKA Andrew’s Fantasy Death Knell Special. Bryant played out of his mind last night and will not do this again. Don’t get me wrong – he will play well – but he won’t sniff a day like this again this year and maybe ever. Hope you had him in – he goes back to the WR3 or so he normally tops out as. A PHENOMENAL performance regardless. Games like this is why these lists get posted on Tuesday now. If you faced him, you had a very unpleasant surprise.

Brandon Marshall – 11/91/2 - A great performance by a guy who is often sniffing the top 5 or so in fantasy leagues. Marshall came up big for Cutler multiple times and will be looked upon often to make up for yet another RB injury in the backfield. Could the Rb troubles allow secondaries to double him? Probably not as Royal, Scheffler and other players make teams pay when they do that.

Steve Smith – 9/117/1 – Here is the game we have been hoping to see more of from Steve Smith but has been missing because of the great running game. Smith blew up last night and while Bryant had a monster day, here’s a guy who is more consistent and solid than Bryant has ever been. Looking at the numbers you can be blinded by Bryant’s big day, but Smith did very well by his owners too.

Kevin Walter – 6/146/1 - Probably the best flex play any owner has at this point, Walter continues to add good yard totals with touchdowns. Schaub played very well (far better than I expected) in his return and Walter didn’t miss a beat either.

Wes Welker – 12/134 & 1 2pt conv - Already a PPR monster, Welker had a good day even in standard scoring. A TD would have been nice, but his totals show you why he is always a play.

Best of the rest –
Roddy White – 10/164 – No TDs is a bummer but White continues to be a valid fantasy force. he should do somethign nice for Matt Ryan and Mike Turner.
Vincent Jackson – 5/148/1 - If only he could do this more consistently. Still a good WR3 or 4 most weeks.
Deion Branch – 4/88/2 – Was this because he faced his old team or is he finally healthy and ready to roll? I think somewhere in between. How much does Wallace like him is question 2.
Larry Fitzgerald – 6/73/1 - Boldin had another quiet day while Fitz got yards and TD again. Start him – always.
Calvin Johnson – 3/84/1 – I really wish he would get more than three catches, ever. Just think of what he could do if he had a team that could do that?

Top Fantasy RBs of Week 14

Brian Westbrook 203/1 rush td/1rec td - Westbrook has re-emerged as a top back just in time for lead you to the fantasy promised lands – if you rolled with him this week. Westy looks like he has gotten more energy than he had in the weeks before his outburst against Arizona and so does McNabb, If they can both keep it together, Westbrook may have just heated up right when you need him most.

DeAngelo Williams 192/2 - Williams continues to be a monster fantasy starter for you and will continue to be so, no matter who he is facing. The use of Stewart may seem a tad alarming but Williams will still be the workhorse and still continue his work as your bell cow.

Jonathan Stewart 115/2 - What changed between now and the last few weeks? Is Stewart suddenly about to be thrust into a major roll in the offense? It’s almost impossible to say. So much so, that you’d better be damned sure – or damned desperate – before you trot him out as anything more than a flex during your playoff run.

Chris Johnson 166/1 - The rookie continues to have excellent value again, now that he is back on track post-Lion game. I believe he’s perfect for a lock in your RB2 for sure here on out.

Pierre Thomas 109/1 rush td/1 rec td - is Thomas the real deal? It sure seems like it. He has a lot to prove and a job to lose and it looks like Payton trusts him to do the job. He definitely has the look of a late year breakout and again, great timing here.

The rest –

Darren Sproles 64/2 rec TD – A big day on some garbage work and not reliable enough to start with confidence….

Reggie Bush 106/1 rec TD - Bush should be a pretty consistent start from here on out and Thomas will morel ikely help him than hurt him as it gives him a companion threat in the backfield.

Tashard Choice 166 yards - I can’t trust him but he looked better than I ever expected. Certainly worth a watch – but dangerous to trust. Was it just a one time bust of points?

Ryan Grant 112/1 - Just not consistent enough but a good flex play depending upon matchup.

Maurice Jones-Drew 102/1 rec td – MJD put up some good numbers and looked pretty good – but that offense is terrifying right now.

RB Rankings for Week 14

Adrian Peterson aka Purple Jesus was kept out of the end zone last time the Lions came to town and undoubtedly they will try to keep him out again, but it won’t happen. The only thing that could keep him (and #19 Chester Taylor) from having a huge day would be if the head coach pulls a ‘Childress’ and out-coaches himself by pulling them at weird times or trying to throw 40 times. Can’t happen? Well I call it a ‘Childress’ for a reason. But Peterson should have a huge day, this time with a TD.

Leading candidate in my rookie of the year column Matt Forte should continue to to put up his solid numbers against the Jags, who have given up 362 rushing yards in their last 3 games. For sure you have to get him in and can ride him for the playoffs – on top of everythign else, it’s getting colder and the Bears will run the ball lots.

(sidenote: I have been very impressed with a bunch of rookie olineman – yes I consider them candidates, it’s a shame more don’t. How impressive is it when Ryan Clady steps into a notoriously hard to grasp zone blocking scheme in Denver and starts every game?)

Chris Johnson tore up the Lions and could have done even more had the Titans decided to not risk injury (madness – don’t they know there were fantasy implications?). This week he faces a swiftly disintegrating team in Cleveland. The 26th rush defense sports an impressive 141.3 ypg allowed, with 11 TDs coughed up so far. Last week they confused the Colts (just 90 yards) but that was an abberration. You can be assured that Johnson will be right behind his friend Matt Forte in total yards for rookie RBs.

Thomas Jones
is back in the top five – if only he didn’t get ‘Childressed’ by Mangini and Schottenheimer on occasion. But against the 49rs – who are playing better for Big Mike Singletary and won last week – he should do well. Despite the win last week they gave up 156 yards to the Bills, and they average 108.2 rushing yards allowed per game this year with 10 rushing TDs served up. Over the past 3 weeks, they have allowed 356 rushing yards. If only Mangini runs the ball and controls the clock as he should have done against the Broncos. I think he will this week.

While Michael Turner started off streaky, he has become very consistent and totaled 318 yards and 6TDs over the last three games. I think he’ll play well againsta defense that got blowed up good by Tampa Bay last weekend. Turner has been on fire the last few weeks and the Saints are a little less than average (19th in the league) so expect Turner to continue to be rolling in what is likely week 1 in yoru fantasy playoffs.

Other thougths –
Peyton Hillis is for reals yo – start him against KC and you should be very happy….Willie Parker practiced today fully, it might snow and Big Ben might throw, but FWP should have a pretty decent game against the Cowboys – sorry Boyz….. The Rams are a good matchup, but I don’t like what I have seen (or not seen) from rookie Tim Hightower, hence the lower than usually warranted spot given the matchup…. Can’t stop putting DeAngelo Williams in my lineup – don’t expect 4 TDs but do expect excellent production…. Marion Barber may play/may not play, I don’t like the matchup anyway – so those two things give him that really bad ranking this week…. Please Lord do not start Kevin Smith – Williams boys or no. Unless you need a flex bad or have some injury issues – he’s about at the end of the 35 and so he can be started – but I don’t expect tons from him. He has had a decent season though – lost amongst the wreckage of this winless year….

Running backs

  1. Adrian Peterson, Vikings at Lions
  2. Matt Forte, Bears vs. Jaguars
  3. Chris Johnson, Titans vs. Browns
  4. Thomas Jones, Jets at 49ers
  5. Michael Turner, Falcons at Saints
  6. Peyton Hillis, Broncos vs. Chiefs
  7. Brandon Jacobs, Giants vs. Eagles
  8. Marshawn Lynch, Bills vs. Dolphins
  9. Brian Westbrook, Eagles at Giants
  10. DeAngelo Williams, Panthers vs. Buccaneers
  11. Joseph Addai, Colts vs. Bengals
  12. Willie Parker, Steelers vs. Cowboys
  13. Steve Slaton, Texans at Packers
  14. Frank Gore, 49ers vs. Jets
  15. Larry Johnson, Chiefs at Broncos
  16. Reggie Bush, Saints vs. Falcons
  17. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars at Bears
  18. Tim Hightower, Cardinals vs. Rams
  19. Chester Taylor, Vikings at Lions
  20. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins at Bills
  21. Steven Jackson, Rams at Cardinals
  22. Leon Washington, Jets at 49ers
  23. Ryan Grant, Packers vs. Texans
  24. LenDale White, Titans vs. Browns
  25. Pierre Thomas, Saints vs. Falcons
  26. Derrick Ward, Giants vs. Eagles
  27. Clinton Portis, Redskins at Ravens
  28. Cedric Benson, Bengals at Colts
  29. Marion Barber, Cowboys at Steelers *MAY NOT PLAY*
  30. Jamal Lewis, Browns at Titans
  31. Warrick Dunn, Buccaneers at Panthers
  32. Ricky Williams, Dolphins at Bills
  33. Sammy Morris, Patriots at Seahawks
  34. Kevin Smith, Vikings at Lions
  35. Kevin Faulk, Patriots at Seahawks

WR Rankings for Week 14

The ‘Quan had a bad game last week. Anquan Boldin dropped a ton of balls and didn’t seem himself. Won’t happen again. He’s still Warner’s fave red zone target, still the man across the middle and will be facing a pretty bad team. The reality is worse than the stats say – this is a team that looks better against the pass than they are, since teams run on them. But Warner throws a ton and will do so even against this defense. Boldin is likely good for soem nice yards and at least a TD.

Greg Jennings doesn’t get near the love on weekly lists that he should. Rodgers zooms in on him – almost to a detriment at times – and knows he can go to Jennings any time and Jennings will make the catch. It will happen a ton against the Texans this week.

Once again, we have a pair of Cards Wrs in the top 5 – Larry Fitzgerald joins his partner and where Boldin is a better bet for TDs, Fitz is a sure bet for good yards, even if he doesn’t get the TDs consistently. And there is always enough targets to go around in this offense.

Roddy White had a decent outing first time the Falcons met the Saints this season and it’s likely he will again. Last time we were still unsure if what we were seeing was an illusion but we know what White can do with a solid QB, which Ryan most definitely is. Expect more of the same the rest of the way and start him without worry this weekend.

Reggie Wayne should have a good day against a Bengals D which – while improved in some games – still reverts to type more often than not. This is Wayne’s team now, he’s the #1 here and Manning will get him the ball a ton this Sunday. Bank on it.

Other thoughts -
Brandon Marshall
has had a bad case of ‘Braylon Edwards hands’ lately but should get some targets and a TD against the Chiefs even if Hillis runs all over them as he did vs the Jets….. This is the week it all comes back together for Marques Colston and I think Moore will get more attention and Colston will be open again…. Dwayne Bowe has dropped quite a bit. I was a huge believer he could overcome his struggles but it appears he still has a ways to go before he can be fully trusted week to week…..

Wide receivers

  1. Anquan Boldin, Cardinals vs. Rams
  2. Greg Jennings, Packers vs. Texans
  3. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals vs. Rams
  4. Roddy White, Falcons at Saints
  5. Reggie Wayne, Colts vs. Bengals
  6. Randy Moss, Patriots at Seahawks
  7. Andre Johnson, Texans at Packers
  8. Steve Smith, Panthers vs. Buccaneers
  9. Brandon Marshall, Broncos vs. Chiefs
  10. Calvin Johnson, Lions vs. Vikings
  11. Marques Colston, Saints vs. Falcons
  12. Lee Evans, Bills vs. Dolphins
  13. Kevin Walter, Texans at Packers
  14. Donald Driver, Packers vs. Texans
  15. Matt Jones, Jaguars at Bears
  16. Jerricho Cotchery, Jets at 49ers
  17. Hines Ward, Steelers vs. Cowboys
  18. Bernard Berrian, Vikings at Lions
  19. Wes Welker, Patriots at Seahawks
  20. Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs at Broncos
  21. Terrell Owens, Cowboys at Steelers
  22. Lance Moore, Saints vs. Falcons
  23. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Bengals at Colts
  24. Laveranues Coles, Jets at 49ers
  25. Eddie Royal, Broncos vs. Chiefs
  26. Steve Breaston, Cardinals vs. Rams
  27. Santonio Holmes, Steelers vs. Cowboys
  28. Anthony Gonzalez, Colts vs. Bengals
  29. Justin Gage, Titans vs. Browns
  30. Marvin Harrison, Colts vs. Bengals
  31. Domenik Hixon, Giants vs. Eagles
  32. DeSean Jackson, Eagles at Giants
  33. Isaac Bruce, 49ers vs. Jets
  34. Antonio Bryant, Buccaneers at Panthers
  35. Santana Moss, Redskins at Ravens

QB Rankings for Week 14

As I said both on the ESPN Radio gig and this morning’s News Stampede, I think Aaron Rodgers could be in for quite a good day. Yes the Texans could be worse against the pass. But the Pack’s run game is banged up and I think Rodgers is getting that chip on his shoulder again. I like his prospects a lot this week.

Yes, I think Drew Brees is able to throw on the Falcons. Even with Bush back and Pierre Thomas heating up, Brees slings the ball. The oline doesn’t block as well for the run as it does the pass and besides, his weapons are all guys who can catch – Thomas and Bush included. Look for him to break the 300 barrier again.

Kurt Warner could very well run into issues if the Cards get Hightower rolling but he hasn’t shown me that’s likely right now, so I expect Warner to come out slinging as always if just to build an early lead despite the terrible run defense of he Rams.

Manning: The Peyton is going to have a field day against the porous Bungles secondary. And while the reversion to ‘Bungles’ may sadden my 7 year old Bengals/Chargers hybrid fan, it is what it is. This team is a disaster, and Manning will have ample time to surgically slice the defense apart.

The more I examine this matchup the more I love Matt Cassel in it. Seattle is finished – and I think Cassel will get back on track and get Moss back on pace as well. Also, while Cutler and Ryan both have decent matchups, I think both the Broncos (or is it Donkeys GoGo? Remind me….) and Falcons will run the ball significantly. Yes, I said ‘Broncos’ and ‘run ball’ in the same sentence. Hillis is the real deal.

Other thoughts -
If the weather isn’t too bad Ben Roethlisberger is a nice play against a shaky Cowboys secondary and with Demarcus Ware banged up, he might even have time to throw….. Donovan McNabb may not be the top QB this week and has a difficult matchup but – call it gut or whatever – but I think he’s playing this game well and may catch the Giants off guard… Gus Frerotte should be a better start against the Lions – and I do think he throws to Berrian enough to make the WR worth it – but with Peterson and Taylor in the backfield, he shouldn’t have to throw as much as Kerry Collins did… But it IS Brad Childress….


  1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers vs. Texans
  2. Drew Brees, Saints vs. Falcons
  3. Kurt Warner, Cardinals vs. Rams
  4. Peyton Manning, Colts vs. Bengals
  5. Matt Cassel, Patriots at Seahawks
  6. Matt Ryan, Falcons at Saints
  7. Jay Cutler, Broncos vs. Chiefs
  8. Brett Favre, Jets at 49ers
  9. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers vs. Cowboys
  10. Tony Romo, Cowboys at Steelers
  11. Donovan McNabb, Eagles at Giants
  12. David Garrard, Jaguars at Bears
  13. Chad Pennington, Dolphins at Bills
  14. Eli Manning, Giants vs. Eagles
  15. Tyler Thigpen, Chiefs at Broncos
  16. Matt Schaub, Texans at Packers
  17. Kyle Orton, Bears vs. Jaguars
  18. Gus Frerotte, Vikings at Lions
  19. Shaun Hill, 49ers vs. Jets
  20. Kerry Collins, Titans vs. Browns
  21. Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers at Panthers
  22. J.P. Losman, Bills vs. Dolphins
  23. Marc Bulger, Rams at Cardinals
  24. Jake Delhomme, Panthers vs. Buccaneers
  25. Joe Flacco, Ravens vs. Redskins
  26. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks vs. Patriots
  27. Jason Campbell, Redskins at Ravens
  28. Daunte Culpepper, Lions vs. Vikings
  29. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bengals at Colts
  30. Ken Dorsey, Browns at Titans