THUNDERING BLURB » week 13 ANDREW GARDA'S ENDLESS TAKES ON NFL AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL Fri, 22 Oct 2010 12:30:31 +0000 en hourly 1 Top Fantasy RBs of Week 13 Wed, 03 Dec 2008 02:43:00 +0000 admin Brian Westbrook 130/2TDs ground, 2 TDs rec - I can’t say which is the real Westbrook. The one who sucked for a month + straight or the one who rocked Arizona. His matchup this week is sucky. He looked Ok, but not great last Thursday. He’s still hurt. But off a 9 day layoff? Hard to bench him. Tough, tough matchup vs the Giants in playoff week 1. But can we afford to miss another big game?

DeAngelo Williams 86/4 – I cannot keep him from my lineup. In the leagues I have him in, he has just squeezed out guys like Addai, MJD (even prior to Monday night) and Ronnie Brown, not to mention guys like Larry Johnson, Willie Parker and Jamal Lewis. I don’t expect 2, 3, 4 TDs and 100 + yards from him every week – it just keeps happening anyway.

Steve Slaton 182/2 – Rookie Wall, Shnookie Wall. This guy may have had his numbers pumped with 2 late TDs and garbage yards but he’s IN there and not getting out. I think he is as reliable as his rookie compatriots Forte and Chris Johnson – and safer than some vets. Slaton may wear down – but when?

Thomas Jones 159/2 -The Jets stopped running him in the second half which makes this total actually pretty amazing. The Jets fell way behind and panicked, offensively speaking, constantly reaching for big plays to turn things around instantly. Jones continues to be a great start though, week to week. They need to ride him harder and while I bring the Jets up, use friggin Leon Washington more.

Chris Johnson 134/2 - I said I expected them to try and get Johnson back on track and boy-howdy. You have to love Peterson against them this week. But I digress. Johnson looks like a great start the next two weeks (Browns and Texans) but a tougher start in the Championship week vs Pittsburgh though at least it’s home. Johnson should be back on track though for the next few weeks and that could get you in the Big Game.

LenDale White 106/2 - I love me some LenDale/Hey Kool-Aid White. I figured he could get a TD – maybe 2 – against the horrible Lions and he did that and more. Still, it’s the Lions. Expect you have a shot at TDs, but yards? Can’t trust him to get them. Browns and Texans make him tasty for the short run though.

Matt Forte 125/1 rec td - Forte keeps on trucking even when the team is behind and losing. he gets yards on the ground, through the air – however he wants it. A stud who faces the Jags, Saints and Packers. Not bad.

Peyton Hillis 129/1 - And all on the ground for Hillis against a normally studly ground defense. As bad as the Jets looked, Hillis looked very nice. Great matchup vs the Chiefs this week but only so so after, facing the Panthers and Bills. Neither great, neither terrible. But the man appears to be able to play.

Adrian Peterson 130/1 - It’s a testement to the great RB performances that this looks like less of a good day than it is. Peterson looked great in the game and should look ridonkulous against the Lions, even though they shut him down last time. Still one of the best and still a fantastic back.

Larry Johnson 92/1 – HE LIVES! Larry Boy is back and he might be a viable starter the rest of the way (a RB 2 maybe or flex) seeing the Broncos, Chargers and Dolphins. Not a great run, but not bad and Larry-Boy is playing respectfully the last three weeks. He’s helped by the great play of Tyler Pigpen and the offense. Never thought that was going to happen.

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Top Fantasy WRs of Week 13 Wed, 03 Dec 2008 00:41:00 +0000 admin Mark Clayton 5/164/1 – 32 pass yds, 1 pass TD - The man does it all. well not usually, but Clayton sure did as much as he could this weekend. He has had two very good games (especially considering his usual lack of production) and Flacco seems to be hitting his groove. While I cannot say he will be a lock the rest of the way, the timing is nice and he could work as a low #3 or good #4 from, here on out.

Bernard Berrian 4/122/1 – To say Berrian has been streaky this year would be an understatement. Was this a perfect storm – old team, indoors, decent Frerotte game? Maybe but Berrian can give you these games. With more consistency he could be a very good #2 with 1 upside. But as it is he’s a marginal 2, safer 3 and some weeks could miss even that. Here’s hoping he can be consistent the next three weeks.

Greg Jennings 8/91/1 – 1 2pt conversion - Rodgers locks on Jennings a little too much, btu Jennings is a bonafide stud and still one that casual fantasy owners have underestimated a ton. Not you guys though. Jennings will continue to be a decent #1/2 for you most weeks although as it gets colder in Green Bay, the pass game will suffer.

Larry Fitzgerald 5/65/2 – Who knew that of the Dynamic Duo, Fitz would get the pair of TDs this week? Always a shot at being in the top 5 WRs, Fitz is a must start no matter what.

Matt Jones 8/104 - The fact that six players were suspended for viloating the steroid policy and Dr. Rockso here pleaded out for felony possession of cocaine but is still playing – I don’t get it. But as always, if he’s playing, you play him. Has had a couple of light weeks, but is still a start – even as the offense looked like garbage at times last night, Garrard loves him some Jones. As should his fantasy owners. Maybe Garrard is one of those guys too.

Derrick Mason 6/91/1 - Wait? Two Ravens on this list? What? Flacco must have had the game of the century. Don’t expect this again.

Terrell Owens 5/98/1 - TO is off his game again. Not even 100 yards. I mean, if it ain’t 200+ and multiple TDs, something is wrong right? (for those who are easily confused, that would be sarcasm)

Andre Johnson 7/75/1 - Not quite what I expected but hey, when Johnson gets the TD, it’s gravy. Now if he can keep doing it. Still a great start in any given week, TD or no.

Roddy White 6/112 – Great game by Turner and being banged up limited White this week. If you call 112 yards ‘off’.



Let’s hope this is the start of a trend for Colston’s owners.

RBS a little later.

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Top Fantasy QBs of Week 13 Tue, 02 Dec 2008 23:29:00 +0000 admin Tony Romo 331/3/1 – 14 rush yds – I said I thought when all was said and done, Romo might be the top guy come Monday morning and he was. He continues to look very good and is peaking right as we hit fantasy playoffs. Couldn’t ask for more.

Donovan McNabb 264/4/ – 24 rush yds - McNabb certainly bounced back with a vengeance against a Cards team that really does not travel East well. McNabb should be back on track now, though I will worry about him going forward regardless.

Aaron Rodgers 298/3/1 – 2pt conv, 26 rush yds - Rodgers may be no Brett Favre, but he’s played pretty well for most of the season. A little more help from the Oline and a little less locking onto Jennings could help. The Pack is almost done though and that will be how his first year is remembered. Still, a guy who is almost a lock for your startign QB gig.

Jay Cutler 357/2/1 - Just about tore apart the Jets secondary. The oline held for him and he seemed to have all day to not throw towards Jets corner Darrelle Revis. The rest of the Jets secondary was very vulnerable and Cutler – who can be up and down – had a sky-high day in Jersey.

Joe Flacco 280/2 – 15 rush yds - While not as consistent or solid as his rookie comrade Matt Ryan, Flacco has begun to come into his own and is starting to make the passing game relevant again in Baltimore. He has really progressed well this season and while I had my doubts, he has opened my eyes. Could be solid for several years to come as well as great for certain matchups in the Fantasy playoffs.

Kurt Warner – 235/3/3 - Another high yardage game but Warner was pressured a lot by the blitzing Eagles (something I was worried might happen) and turned the ball over three times. He also couldn’t overcome a slow start and an early deficit.

Eli Manning 305/1/1, 7yds rushing – No Plax, no problem. Other WRs stepped up and The li had a pretty fair game. Manning has been a little hot and cold, sure, but has been playing well, if not spectacular this year.

Drew Brees 296/2/3 - First time in a long time Brees missed the 300 mark or looked remotely human. A tough outing all round for Brees, who still managed to throw a ton and get two TDs, despite some INTs. Should be fine for the fantasy playoffs.

Matt Ryan 207/2 – An odd place for Ryan, being relegated to ‘the other rookie’ status for one week. I thought he would take advantage of the streaky Chargers secondary more, but he didn’t have to. I was concerned that might be the case, but Ryan will give you better games when the matchup is favorable, Turner or no.

Gus Frerotte 210/1/1 – 1 rush TD - Not really all that impressive although hitting Berrian on that 99 yard pass play was nice. Frerotte is not a guy I am ever really impressed with and you have to wonder what is in store next year. For this year, I don’t love him – he is unreliable, prone to bad games and often forgets he has Berrian to throw to.

WRs and Rbs a little later.

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RB Rankings for Week 13 Fri, 28 Nov 2008 20:22:00 +0000 admin

I certainly had Barber high on the list and Chris Johnson as a top 5 back. white was slotted near the end of the teens along with Westbrook. Both far outscored my hopes, and Westy surprised me although I didn’t feel like he looked as good as his numbers did. On a short week, I didn’t start him in some leagues and I back that despite the 4 TDs.

I think Tomlinson continues to get back on the horse and top 100 yards against the 21st rush D in the league which has given up 13 TDs this season. MJD is finally going to get yards AND touchdowns at the same time and as we saw last week, if the Jags can’t run with him, they will throw to him. Nice to see they figured that one out finally.

Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are both playing very well and while LW is a bit of a hail mary, I think the way he has been playing, he will get some good yards a on a Broncos team letting and average of 187 yards with more than a TD.

Here’s another reason I love Washington this week – the Donkeys are very vulnerable to RBs who are good receiving the ball and Washington is that. Last week was the first game in which he didn’t catch at least a pair and more often than not he gets 3-4 catches. He may get some extra love from favre this week as the Jets take any advantage they can to keep pace with the (normally) dynamic Broncos offense.

Running backs

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers vs. Falcons
  2. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars at Texans
  3. Thomas Jones, Jets vs. Broncos
  4. Michael Turner, Falcons at Chargers
  5. Warrick Dunn, Buccaneers vs. Saints
  6. Adrian Peterson, Vikings vs. Bears
  7. Joseph Addai, Colts at Browns
  8. Frank Gore, 49ers at Bills
  9. Marshawn Lynch, Bills vs. 49ers
  10. Steve Slaton, Texans vs. Jaguars
  11. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins at Rams
  12. DeAngelo Williams, Panthers at Packers
  13. Clinton Portis, Redskins vs. Giants
  14. Leon Washington, Jets vs. Broncos
  15. Brandon Jacobs, Giants at Redskins
  16. Matt Forte, Bears at Vikings
  17. Larry Johnson, Chiefs at Raiders
  18. Jamal Lewis, Browns vs. Colts
  19. Ryan Grant, Packers vs. Panthers
  20. Justin Fargas, Raiders vs. Chiefs
  21. Ricky Williams, Dolphins at Rams
  22. Darren McFadden, Raiders vs. Chiefs
  23. Derrick Ward, Giants vs Redskins
  24. Pierre Thomas, Saints at Buccaneers
  25. Peyton Hillis, Broncos at Jets
  26. Willie Parker, Steelers at Patriots
  27. Le’Ron McClain, Ravens at Bengals
  28. Dominic Rhodes, Colts at Browns
  29. Kevin Faulk, Patriots vs. Steelers
  30. Steven Jackson, Rams vs Dolphins
  31. Jonathan Stewart, Panthers at Packers
  32. Jerious Norwood, Falcons at Chargers
  33. Chester Taylor, Vikings vs. Bears
  34. Cedric Benson, Ravens at Bengals
  35. Antonio Pittman, Rams vs Dolphins
  36. Cadillac Williams, Buccaneers vs. Saints
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WR Rankings for Week 13 Fri, 28 Nov 2008 20:03:00 +0000 admin

Like I said in the Qb list, normally I cover the Thursday games on Thursday in the breakdowns. For what it’s worth, I had Boldin as a top 5 start, along with TO, Fitz was about 7 on the list and Megatron was at 9. So some hits, some misses. DeSean Jackson was my number 20, and he continues to impress me. And the Iggles do love him so.

Boldin, by the way, looked as awful as I have ever seen anyone. I think Braylon Edwards got into the lockeroom and put on Boldin’s uni. Only way I can explain the drops.

I love Roddy White against a streaky secondary in a defense who cannot get pressure on the QB, and Andre Johnson against the shaky Jags D. His partner in crime is flirting with top 10 status and will probably get the TD Johnson rarely gets. I like Evans and Moss both equally, though inclement weather looms and could hurt Evans more than Moss.

I pushed the Jets WRs way back to the late teens – one of them will have a better game than that but you never know which one. Note Marques Colston has slipped into the 20’s and he may not even be that good a start. Brees has begun to love Moore and a lot of the targets are going there and Moore now resides at Colston’s former spot, at 13.

Wide receivers

  1. Roddy White, Falcons at Chargers
  2. Andre Johnson, Texans vs. Jaguars
  3. Reggie Wayne, Colts at Browns
  4. Steve Smith, Panthers at Packers
  5. Randy Moss, Patriots vs. Steelers
  6. Greg Jennings, Packers vs. Panthers
  7. Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs at Raiders
  8. Brandon Marshall, Broncos at Jets
  9. Lee Evans, Bills vs. 49ers
  10. Santana Moss, Redskins vs. Giants
  11. Hines Ward, Steelers at Patriots
  12. Kevin Walter, Texans vs. Jaguars
  13. Lance Moore, Saints at Buccaneers
  14. Marvin Harrison, Colts at Browns
  15. Bernard Berrian, Vikings vs. Bears
  16. Chris Chambers, Chargers vs. Falcon
  17. Laveranues Coles, Jets vs. Broncos
  18. Jerricho Cotchery, Jets vs. Broncos
  19. Vincent Jackson, Chargers vs. Falcons
  20. Derrick Mason, Ravens at Bengals
  21. Wes Welker, Patriots vs. Steelers
  22. Santonio Holmes, Steelers at Patriots
  23. Antonio Bryant, Buccaneers vs. Saints
  24. Marques Colston, Saints at Buccaneers
  25. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Bengals vs. Ravens
  26. Braylon Edwards, Browns vs. Colts
  27. Anthony Gonzalez, Colts at Browns
  28. Donald Driver, Packers vs. Panthers
  29. Michael Jenkins, Falcons at Chargers
  30. Ted Ginn Jr., Dolphins at Rams
  31. Muhsin Muhammad, Panthers at Packers
  32. Devery Henderson, Saints at Buccaneers
  33. Donnie Avery, Rams vs. Dolphins
  34. Isaac Bruce, 49ers at Bills
  35. Plaxico Burress, Giants vs Redskins
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QB Rankings for Week 13 Fri, 28 Nov 2008 19:48:00 +0000 admin

Every once in a while I get an email asking me why my rankings don’t include the guys who played on Thursday. And my usual answer is that I just figured by since I don’t have those rankings by Thursday, while tell you where I would have started them when you can’t use that info? I figured it would be frustrating to read and it’s why I do the Thursday breakdowns.

If it’s something you guys want though, email me and let me know at

For what it’s worth I had Romo as my top QB, Warner as a top 5, Culpepper way back near the end, Collins about 22 and McNabb sitting at lucky 13. Like Westbrook, how well McNabb played surprised me.

So there ya go.


  1. Drew Brees, Saints at Buccaneers
  2. Peyton Manning, Colts at Browns
  3. Philip Rivers, Chargers vs. Falcons
  4. Jay Cutler, Broncos at Jets
  5. Eli Manning, Giants at Redskins
  6. Matt Ryan, Falcons at Chargers
  7. Brett Favre, Jets vs. Broncos
  8. Sage Rosenfels, Texans vs. Jaguars

  9. Chad Pennington, Dolphins at Rams
  10. Aaron Rodgers, Packers vs. Panthers
  11. Matt Cassel, Patriots vs. Steelers
  12. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers at Patriots
  13. Jason Campbell, Redskins vs. Giants
  14. Tyler Thigpen, Chiefs at Raiders
  15. Kyle Orton, Bears at Vikings
  16. Jake Delhomme, Panthers at Packers
  17. Gus Frerotte, Vikings vs. Bears
  18. Trent Edwards, Bills vs. 49ers
  19. Shaun Hill, 49ers at Bills
  20. Joe Flacco, Ravens at Bengals
  21. Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers vs. Saints
  22. David Garrard, Jaguars at Texans
  23. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks at Cowboys
  24. JaMarcus Russell, Raiders vs. Chiefs
  25. Derek Anderson, Browns vs. Colts
  26. Trent Green, Rams vs. Dolphins
  27. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bengals vs. Ravens
  28. Marc Bulger, Rams vs. Dolphins
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