THUNDERING BLURB » Washington Redskins ANDREW GARDA'S ENDLESS TAKES ON NFL AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL Fri, 22 Oct 2010 12:30:31 +0000 en hourly 1 Teams lining up to say they DON’T want Owens Thu, 05 Mar 2009 19:33:00 +0000 admin Day 1 of a nation held hostage as we await a TO signing. I really do think this guy will be signed and sooner than later but I am seeing teams coming out saying they have no interest in Owens.

The Ravens (who he was once traded to and then had that trade reversed), the Browns, and the Redskins have expressed disinterest and will not be pursuing TO. I’ve heard no official ‘no thanks’ from the Vikings, but have heard rumors they will also pass.

It will be interesting the see where the NFL divide ends up. We know he’ll go somewhere – but the teams NOT interested might be just as telling and more interesting than those who are.

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Santana Moss – Possibly Out Sun, 02 Nov 2008 06:50:00 +0000 admin Per rotoworld:

Santana Moss (hamstring, questionable) was unable to practice for a fourth straight day on Saturday.
Moss did run some and said he “felt better,” but still can’t make cuts and is a very shaky bet to play Monday night. “We’re going to do it again (Sunday), see how he feels and then we’ll just make a game-time decision,” coach Jim Zorn said. James Thrash will start if Moss is out against Pittsburgh, with Devin Thomas moving up to the third receiver. Because the Skins are on a bye in Week 10, they could deactivate Moss to get him two full weeks to heal.

I will watch this carefully tomorrow but as the matchup was already shaky, you may want to just go another way.

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Thursday Wrap-Up Fri, 05 Sep 2008 05:43:00 +0000 admin Some big IDP players in tonight’s Giants/Skins game, as well as a great performance by newly extended Plaxico Burress and looking for a contract Brandon Jacobs.

For the Redskins, there wasn’t much good – they hung around because of good play of the defense which dropped a bunch of INTs but still kept it close. But the offense was atrocious – Clinton Portis worked his tail off and the yard totals look worse than they were. Randel El will not repeat his 7/73 performance consistently enough to matter. The big question is Campbell – was the issue him or is this just growing pains and OLine issues? He’s not someone you’re starting, but we were watching for his ‘big step’ but it looks like he might not take it, jeapordizing the impact of Cooley and Portis.At least London Fletcher totaled 17 tackles in the game, though that happens when your opponents run just short of 400 plays. Seriously, the Giants need to share the ball – my kid shares better.

The Giants were a tail of 2 halves – the first half, the offense looked like it did during the Super Bowl run. The second half? Not so much. Which Manning will we see next week? All season? This is what you get with Eli – hot and cold, sometimes in the same game. Manning should have been picked off at least two more times – the Redskins D-backs have to be killing themselves right about now for those. Brandon Jacobs secured his #1 RB status on the team, but remember the hot hand thing? We’ll have to see what happens week to week. Derrick Ward added 39 yards plus 21 through the air. Where was Ahmad Bradshaw? Good question. Plaxico Burress started the night signing a new contract extension, then ended it with 10 catches for 133 yards, though the TD went to Eli, who ran it in himself. I don’t know which team will show up next week though. Plax will be consistent and beyond that?

I guess we’ll see. First game – first set of questions.

My initial position rankings (skill positions – RB, QB, WR) will post throughout tomorrow. I have them done – it’s just the old cut and paste and we’re up. But I will noodle them until they post and probably change them right afterwards anyway.

Also remember – I will be on ESPN 1230 on the Jake Stevens Show ‘There It Is!’ just after 7:30am PST/10:30am EST. Check it out here and here streaming.

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Training Camp Updates Fri, 01 Aug 2008 17:30:00 +0000 admin A little later than I have been trying to achieve, but here ’tis.

Carolina Panthers
So I blinked and missed that receiver Steve Smith had gotten into a fight with cornerback Ken Lucas. Apparently at one point Lucas one on one knee when Smith punched him in the face.


Lucas left the field with a face injury and Smith is not in camp today, though that was apparently planned anyway. His agent says he (Smith) realizes he made a big mistake. No word on Lucas’ state right now. I like to see fire in players in Training Camp but damn…..

Detroit Lions
Tatum Bell is out today due to ‘personal reasons’ (insert your own joke here – it’s too easy) and so Kevin Smith is running with the first team today. This isn’t a shock, that he’s #2 in front of Brian Calhoun. With only the inconsistent Bell to beat, he should have a significant amoutn of carries from the get-go in Week 1. A lot of people dislike the 450 carries last year in Central Florida and worry he may burn out. But as he is IN NO WAY anything more than a #2 or 3 on your Fantasy Team, you should be able to ride him early and if he keeps it up all season, then you have some nice bonus points.

Look the guy is going – on average – about 30-35th RB off the board. Every pick in the first three rounds will not be running backs. You can easily pick up a solid #2 and Smith for the upside. Personally I am not too worried about his legs this year anymore than any other rookie back (they tend to wear down over a Pro campaign – it’s rare one doesn’t) so it shouldn’t be a shock if he does. But think about this- maybe Smith, having toted the rock so many times last year – will not wear down. Maybe he has already got the fortitude worked up. Food for thought.

Miami Dolphins
This doesn’t shock me – nor should it you – but quarterback John Beck is still struggling. According to this blurb on Rotoworld a local writer has dubbed him ‘Checkdown’ as that’s his favorite play. (For what it’s worth, Brady Quinn in Cleveland is having the same problem – not with the name, but the lack of down the field aggressiveness.) I said it during the 2007 draft, revisited it during this year’s draft and will say it here again for the cheap seats – this is why Tedd Ginn Jr was a bad pick. You went for a special teams player with upside as a receiver instead of the position of need, quarterback. Now as I pointed out, Quinn (who was sitting there to be picked) is having similiar problems, but Quinn and John Beck are not similiar quarterbacks and not of the same value.

And this is why Bill Parcells got brought in to fix this disaster. Bedk is worthless on your fantasy roster. He will continue to struggle and I think find himself in danger of losing his gig within the next two years, if that. Again, should be no revelation, especially if you have heard me spout on this before.

Washington Redskins
A day late and a dollar short, I now have a guy to watch that better fits Cecil’s question during the Drive Block last night. According to the Washington Post, Colt Brennan will start the second half of Sunday’s Hall of Fame game tilt with the Indianapolis Colts. Brennan is recovering from off-season surgery on his hip (and a severe Draft stock tumble) but is supposed to be ready to go. he’s years away from being a factor but i am curious to see what he can do, now that he’s healthy and had a chance to get acquainted with the offense.

That’s all for now folks – back later with an afternoon review!

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Taylor and Shockey Tue, 22 Jul 2008 22:09:00 +0000 admin So while I was in flight yesterday, two (long expected, in my mind) trades have come to fruition. One was an abandoned Draft Day deal that was revisited and one was the final goodbye for a player who hasn’t gotten along with the new regime since… well ever since they showed up.

Of course, I am referring to the trade of Jeremy Shockey to the New Orleans Saints and the trade of Jason Taylor to the Washington Redskins.

Shockey was supposed to be in black and gold back in April – it was such a done deal that I have it on good authority that at least one Saints player called Shockey to welcome him to the fold. But something went wrong and the deal died and we all assumed it would stay dead. Until yesterday. Assuming Shockey passes a physical on wednesday, he’ll be the #1 TE on the team, with Billy Miller, Eric Johnson and Mark Campbell fighting for the last couple of roster slots.

MY TAKE: If Shockey stays healthy, he could have a huge season. we all know how much Brees loved to throw to Antonio Gates in San Diego. We also know there is no solid #2 option in the passing game after Marques Colston (ok, Reggie Bush, but in terms of a pure receiver?). Shockey won’t have to stay in and block as much as he did for the G-men. It should be a match made in heaven. From a fantasy standpoint, Shockey might crawl back into top 5 status. As for the rest – I think Eric Johnson is on his way out. He can’t stay healthy, he was signed after Billy Miller this off season and the Saints were already looking to make Billy Miller a big part of the offense. I think maybe Johnson hangs on, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it. I think Miller will still do a bunch for the Saints, but clearly a lot less than he might have without Shockey.

As for the Giants – some might say Kevin Boss isn’t a lock to start – and maybe he ain’t. But I think he will get every shot and he played so well late last year that he made this trade possible. The Giants didn’t suddenly have so much faith in Darcy Johnson and Mike Matthews that they could ship Shockey off. While Boss still has to work on blocking – and both other guys will get plenty of snaps pre-season – Boss was the one who made this move possible, in my mind. He won’t be a top 10 TE in Fantasy, but he should do very well otherwise and I expect a good season from him.

Meanwhile, Jason Taylor wasn’t winning friends in Miami with his Dancing with the Stars appearances. Bill Parcells made it clear he wasn’t in love with Taylor’s absence and this move – while not to a place I was expecting prior to this weekend – was bound to happen. Once Washington lost two Defensive Linemen to injury in the space of a couple of days, Taylor made sense.

MY TAKE: I have said all off-season that Taylor has more in the tank. I don’t think the Skins overpayed – a 2nd next year and a 6th the year after. Taylor may only play another year – but even so, Washington needed help now. Rumors are they may use him as a Linebacker as well as a Defensive End and that should give him some opportunity to make some open field plays. He should head over to the left side, which means Andre Carter will stay at the right. It should make Carter’s numbers jump up a little as teams might avoid Taylor.

From an IDP perspective (that would be Individual Defensive Player for you non-fantasy geeks) Taylor just went back up in cost. If you had an auction already and had the chance I hope you grabbed him cheap. He could be a good addition to your squad, though how much impact will depend on how he jells in camp. For Miami, this works as well. As much as they could use Taylor, Parcells has set the team up to live on without him. The writing has been on the wall for weeks. The only thing this does for them is get more draft picks – something Big Tuna loves.

Back with more later – remember an all new DRIVE BLOCK starts at 7pm PST/10EST tonight. Stop on by! You can also catch it on the Footballguys podcast Itunes feed (The Audible) or come here and listen to it.

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