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So the last few months I have been heading to Elite Athletics, a training center for athletes run by Saints Tight End Billy Miller. Travelle Gaines, a fantastic guy who I met working on Draftguys.TV, is the trainer there for the Pro and College Football players and I’ve had the privilege to watch him and talk to many of the players there. (my article will appear shortly on Draftguys – stay tuned)

People in the field have slowly been discovering Elite – and tomorrow it looks like they ‘arrive’ as the crew from NFLN Total Access show up.

So check your local listings for the afternoon show. I believe that’s where the Elite segment will be.

If it gets pushed back or rescheduled I’ll let you know.

Sadly I will not be there tomorrow, so no, I don’t get my close up. But I’m happy the guys at Elite get theirs.

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