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Favre to Jets – finally?

According to , Brett Favre is now a Jet. Jay Glazer is saying there are no compensation details yet but rumor earlier was a 3rd with escalations to a 1st depending on the Jets and Favre’s performances.

More when I have it.

But bump up the Jets offense considerably if it’s true….

FAVREWATCH 2008 Continues

Getting ready for the Drive Block (@7 minutes off) but wanted to hit this -

From the Green Bay Press-Gazette: The Packers are in ’serious negotiations’ with the Jets for a trade. Win Win – Bus Cooke has spoken with Gang Green so Favre might be ok with the trade.

We’ll talk about this on The Block, but I think this could be the reason Favre didn’t fly to Green Bay today. He might have known he needed to go East.

Stay tuned – more later. But I think the Jets would benefit, Clemens would get 2 more years (maybe?) to learn from a Pro Bowler (as would 3rd string Ainge, BTW) and ultimately the Jets would get a good QB who could make a huge difference NOW – which with the money they spent, is what they want. Win now.

And as I said, Favre wins too – he gets a chance to start which is what he wanted.


we’ll see.

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FavreWatch 2008

I feel like I need to be standing in a downpour with no umbrella, no hat and no jacket discussing flooding – which is a reference only my fellow SoCal folks might get.

With Packers camp a day away, the Packers are allegedly trying to finish the Favre saga (or part 1, as you and I both know this story will never completely go away).

ProFootballTalk is reporting that Jay Glazer at FoxSports is saying that the Tampa Bay Bucs have been given permission to talk to his Favreness to work out a trade. This comes on the heels of an earlier ESPN report that my beloved Jets were given permission to talk to him.

It seems like the Packers are trying their best to work this out prior to tomorrow and it comes down to this – does Brett want to play or play for the Packers? If he wants to play and (aside from contending) doesn’t care where, we’ll see a trade I think sometime in the next week or so. If he wants to remain a Packer though – and he might – all he needs to do is show up in camp and play like he did in 2007.

Of course, that’s a mess for the Pack, no doubt, but that’s kinda where it stands. If Favre really is the complete prima donna he has appeared to be at many moments in this ridiculous mess, then he could go to camp, sulk and try to make them release him or make a stupid trade to somewhere like the Vikes. I’m hoping that isn’t the case and the last few weeks are merely a bunch of bad moves by someone who has let his passion run away with him.

As for the Bucs vs the Jets -

Favre would certainly pick up the Tampa offense a little quicker, though the West Coast the Jets run wouldn’t be a stretch. HC Mangini says he’s happy with the QBs on their roster yada yada but 1) that’s coachspeak and is worth less than the current value of the US Dollar and 2) he’s on the hotseat, the Jets spent LOADs of cash to win now so 3) they would LOVE to have Favre. As much as it would screw with the Clemens/Pennington Debate – I think they would care. They can sort that out next year in a way I think the packers don’t feel they can.

Tampa Bay would be good as well, and not just for the aforementioned ability for Favre to get the offense quick. While the recievers aren’t as good (aside from Galloway – I’ll put Coles/Cotchery against any Bucs combo) Gruden works magic with older QBs. He could be very successful there if the Oline holds together (you could say that last part abotu the Jets as well). He could mentor Josh Johnson as I think he’s a few years away from playing, although we’ve seen how that worked out in Green Bay.

I think either of these would be a very good fit and I think if Brett wants to play – and wants to gracefully exit the mess he has created most of – he should work things out with one of those teams.

And soon.

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Taylor and Shockey

So while I was in flight yesterday, two (long expected, in my mind) trades have come to fruition. One was an abandoned Draft Day deal that was revisited and one was the final goodbye for a player who hasn’t gotten along with the new regime since… well ever since they showed up.

Of course, I am referring to the trade of Jeremy Shockey to the New Orleans Saints and the trade of Jason Taylor to the Washington Redskins.

Shockey was supposed to be in black and gold back in April – it was such a done deal that I have it on good authority that at least one Saints player called Shockey to welcome him to the fold. But something went wrong and the deal died and we all assumed it would stay dead. Until yesterday. Assuming Shockey passes a physical on wednesday, he’ll be the #1 TE on the team, with Billy Miller, Eric Johnson and Mark Campbell fighting for the last couple of roster slots.

MY TAKE: If Shockey stays healthy, he could have a huge season. we all know how much Brees loved to throw to Antonio Gates in San Diego. We also know there is no solid #2 option in the passing game after Marques Colston (ok, Reggie Bush, but in terms of a pure receiver?). Shockey won’t have to stay in and block as much as he did for the G-men. It should be a match made in heaven. From a fantasy standpoint, Shockey might crawl back into top 5 status. As for the rest – I think Eric Johnson is on his way out. He can’t stay healthy, he was signed after Billy Miller this off season and the Saints were already looking to make Billy Miller a big part of the offense. I think maybe Johnson hangs on, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it. I think Miller will still do a bunch for the Saints, but clearly a lot less than he might have without Shockey.

As for the Giants – some might say Kevin Boss isn’t a lock to start – and maybe he ain’t. But I think he will get every shot and he played so well late last year that he made this trade possible. The Giants didn’t suddenly have so much faith in Darcy Johnson and Mike Matthews that they could ship Shockey off. While Boss still has to work on blocking – and both other guys will get plenty of snaps pre-season – Boss was the one who made this move possible, in my mind. He won’t be a top 10 TE in Fantasy, but he should do very well otherwise and I expect a good season from him.

Meanwhile, Jason Taylor wasn’t winning friends in Miami with his Dancing with the Stars appearances. Bill Parcells made it clear he wasn’t in love with Taylor’s absence and this move – while not to a place I was expecting prior to this weekend – was bound to happen. Once Washington lost two Defensive Linemen to injury in the space of a couple of days, Taylor made sense.

MY TAKE: I have said all off-season that Taylor has more in the tank. I don’t think the Skins overpayed – a 2nd next year and a 6th the year after. Taylor may only play another year – but even so, Washington needed help now. Rumors are they may use him as a Linebacker as well as a Defensive End and that should give him some opportunity to make some open field plays. He should head over to the left side, which means Andre Carter will stay at the right. It should make Carter’s numbers jump up a little as teams might avoid Taylor.

From an IDP perspective (that would be Individual Defensive Player for you non-fantasy geeks) Taylor just went back up in cost. If you had an auction already and had the chance I hope you grabbed him cheap. He could be a good addition to your squad, though how much impact will depend on how he jells in camp. For Miami, this works as well. As much as they could use Taylor, Parcells has set the team up to live on without him. The writing has been on the wall for weeks. The only thing this does for them is get more draft picks – something Big Tuna loves.

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