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2010 Draft Blurb Appearences

So I did a bunch of radio work this past weekend and didn’t have time to post it (and at times, didn’t have time to get a link to it) until now.

When you get a chance, check out the following bits of audio:

Friday Night I appeared on Brian Carriveau’s Cheesehead Nation show on We talked about the first few rounds of Packer picks, which I actually like quite a bit. (about 10 minutes at the front  but the ep goes much longer)

I’m at the top but stick around for the whole show as they break down some of the picks more in depth later on. It’s good stuff, and Railbird Central is a great place to go for Packer stuff.

Saturday I joined my good friend Matt Levine of The Final Score of WSTC/WNLK in Connecticut to talk some Jets and Giants as well as some general NFL Draft stuff as well. I uploaded it here so you can hear what I had to say from Radio City. (about 20 minutes long)

On Sunday I got to hoof it to the home of Sirius Satellite Radio and join Cecil Lammey of 104.3 The Fan in Denver and as well as Russ Lande, analyst for’s NFL Draft Warroom and head of GMJr for three hours of 2010 NFL Draft recap.

As Cecil’s show (every Sunday on the Fan) is on in Denver, we covered a lot of Broncos (and Tim Tebow) but also hit on the Draft in general and the AFC West as a whole.

You can also get a behind the scenes look at the three of us on this episode of Blurb TV. In fact you can get a look at ALL of my experience at the 2010 NFL Draft here at Thundering Blurb or over at my channel on Viddler as well.

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Blurb TV Ep 8 – Behind the Radio Curtain

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Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow & Jim Kelly: 2010 NFL Draft Smoke

Today none other than long-time NFL writer Gil Brandt opined that Sam Bradford’s Pro Day Workout had left people speechless and was the greatest workout since Troy Aikman.

Meanwhile news leaked that legendary Bills quarterback Jim Kelly had been involved in a dinner the team had with Florida quarterback-turned-Draft-lightning-rod Tim Tebow. According to Kelly (or rather his wife’s Twitter-feed) the former quarterback came away impressed.

Of course what this has led to in both cases is intense media speculation about everything as to when they will be drafted to whether they (in Bradford’s case) will sign before the draft.

Days like this remind me of the old saying: Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

Let’s think about what we really heard today – not the hype, not the crazy salivating. What was actually said.

Bradford had a good Pro Day - but best ever?

In Bradford’s case, he had an outstanding Pro Day, no doubt about it.

Keep in mind though—the guy threw a ton of passes, yes, but scripted and with absolutely no pressure on him. He didn’t take a hit, didn’t have to get back off the turf after a big hit to his shoulder.

Now, I’m not going to downplay the work he did to get his shoulder right. He is showing no weakness in the shoulder and that assuages my one big concern for him.

I don’t worry much about durability—the guy chose to try and let his shoulder heal on it’s own via rehab and when he come back, it was clear that wasn’t enough.

So throwing the way he did is a big deal. But he didn’t show that much more than we expected did he? Did we see something never seen before? I’ve been to a bunch of Pro Days, including a rather impressive one Mark Sanchez had at USC last year.

Hell John David Booty had an impressive Pro Day.

I’m hear to tell you it’d be more of a shock if he had a bad day.

So what did we learn? We learned his arm is fine, his accuracy is just as advertised and he can throw a deep ball when not under pressure.

Aside from that? Hype. Keep some perspective—locked in 1st pick? Maybe. Hall of Fame? Maybe later…

As a side note, we’re a month out and while we’re all assuming Bradford is the top pick, suddenly reports say he’s not going to sign his not-yet-offered contract.

So…. we’ve got the World’s Greatest Pro Day and a Qb who is rumored in some vague way to not be sure he’ll sign a contract that doesn’t exist yet.


Our other Over-Reaction Moment for Monday involved Tim Tebow. Shocking, I know.

I would dearly love to spend a day with this guy if just to see what he’s really

With Tebow it's hard to seperate truth from hype.


Because who can tell with the smoke and mirrors around him? I have to wonder how much he buys into what is said about him. He seems very grounded, but how the heck would I know? How could anyone outside of those who take him to dinner or interview him in a dark room at their team facilities?

Speaking of dinner, the Bills had Tebow over for dinner this weekend and rumors ran rampant on the internet about how impressed Kelly was with him.

What did the staff think? Hard to say since everyone was busy reading into Kelly’s reaction which actually wasn’t even his so much as his wife’s reaction to his reaction.

Head hurt? It should. All the discussion about the Bills came about mostly because of one person’s excitement about another person’s excitement.

Am I saying Tebow isn’t going to the Bills or that Jim Kelly didn’t fall in love with him after dinner? No. What I am saying is that it shouldn’t really be this much news when a) a team meets with a top prospect or b) someone comes away with a dinner with Tebow and says he’s a class act.


This is the part of the year where teams start some real gamesmanship. I’m sure the Bills are thinking a bit about Tebow. But how much? Hard to say and anyone who swears they know the level better be working for the team.

But we’re watching high-stakes poker. Teams are all trying to see how soon they have to go ‘all in’ to get what they want.

Someone will blink on Tebow. They’ll see—or rather think they see—another team ahead of them in the next round start to move and they’ll leap forward, push their chips in and hope to good they don’t get river’d.

I have my concerns about Tebow, but there is enough buzz around him to where people are intrigued. It does feel a bit like Tebow is a strong possibility for the Bills, and I think they may strongly consider him with their second round pick.

Though some of that just feels like it’s what they want me to feel.

Like so many things, we’re being manipulated early and often.

So next time you see that blurb about Jacksonville feeding Tebow or Player A having ‘the greatest Pro Day recorded in human history since we started recording history’, make sure you read a little closer and think a little longer.

And try not to step in the hype.

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Tebow stays for one more year

So former Heisman Winner and current QB of the National Champion Florida Gators has decide that one more year at Florida would be the best thing for his development – I do believe he can become a NFL QB. But it will take time and another year of seasoning would be best for him.

The 2008 Heisman Finalist Breakdown

Here are my thoughts on the three finalists for the 2008 Heisman Trophy. I think all three are excellent athletes and was very impressed with them over the course of this season. Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree and quarterback Graham Harrell were also two guys I thought highly of who did not make it – and there are several more players who were probably in the conversation, but did not make the cut. Here are my thoughts on the three finalists.

Tim Tebow – Florida

Tebow has been here before, a fact that could prevent him from winning as much as help. Voters are just as likely to give someone else a shot since Tebow already became the first sophomore to ever win the award. Only one other player has ever won a pair of Heismans – Archie Griffin, running back for THE Ohio State Buckeyes won back to back in 1974 and 1975. Tebow’s numbers aren’t as gaudy as McCoy or Bradford’s. 2515 yards and 28 TDs almost seem pedestrian next to their numbers. But while he may not throw often, he also rarely makes mistakes and has just a pair of interceptions to his name. Tebow is also dangerous with his feet, running for 564 yards this season and totaling 12 touchdowns on the ground. More than anything, voters have to be impressed with his leadership – after losing to unranked Ole Miss (at home no less), Tebow stepped up and took responsibility for the loss. “You have never seen any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of this season,” Tebow said afterwards. “And you’ll never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season, and you’ll never see a team play harder than we will the rest of this season.” And push he did, playing near flawless football the following nine games and capping the season with three touchdowns and 216 yards in the victory over then #1 Alabama. He did it all season long and did it against some of the top defenses in college football.

Sam Bradford – Oklahoma

His numbers speak for themselves – 4464 yards, 48 TDs and just 6 interceptions are nothing to sneeze at. Bradford only threw for less than 300 yards once, in week 1 and was the signal caller for the highest-scoring offense ever. Bradford has phenomenal arm strength, is smart behind center and is cool under pressure. He waits for his shot, then takes it and makes it count. He’s also a tough competitor, isn’t afraid to take a hit on the very rare occasion he has to, and isn’t afraid to hold the ball long enough for a receiver to get open. Bradford piled up stat after impressive stat with efficiency and poise, all the while leading his team to the top of the BCS rankings and into the National Championship game.

Colt McCoy – Texas

There are a fair amount of people who are still lamenting Texas’ absence in the Big 12 Championship game and that may factor into the voting here. It shouldn’t need to. McCoy’s actions on the field more than support his presence here. His 3445 yards and 32 TDs are impressive enough, as is his durability (holds a school record for games as a starter at 31) and his ability to perform in the clutch (led 9 second half comebacks resulting in wins). He outshot co-finalist Sam Bradford back in October (one of the nine comeback wins) but one of his biggest come-backs in my mind was in a deafeningly loud Jones SBC Stadium in Lubbock, Texas. After a difficult first half, the Longhorns trailed 19-0 and then trailed again in the third, 29-13. But McCoy led drive after drive, chipping away at the Texas Tech lead, capping an 11play, 80 yard drive with a 6 yard scramble to the five yard line, setting up a Vondrell McGee touchdown. While the Longhorns lost that game, Colt McCoy willed that drive and showcased everything he needed to become a Heisman finalist.

My thoughts –

I would not be surprised with any of the three walking away with the award. I think McCoy has the biggest hill to climb. He’s tough and a gamer, but he faced very few top defenses and missing out on that Big 12 Championship game was unfortunate, especially with voters getting an extra look at Bradford and Tebow. He proved himself very tough, running the ball a ton, at what seems like half of Tebow’s size. On the other hand, Tebow has been here before which is good and bad. I think history has shown that the voters like to see some new faces win and that makes it tough to predict the Gator quarterback winning. He’s faced the toughest defenses of the trio and put the team on his back when needed. Bradford seems to fill most of the bills of a Heisman winner – he piles up the stats while his team wins it’s way to the BCS Championship game. Like Tebow, he is a leader and like McCoy, he is cool in the pocket and has nasty stats. In my mind, Bradford is likely the front runner for this award at this time.

As I said, no name called from that podium Saturday night will surprise me (Unless Graham Harrell wins. Which would be kinda odd.) and looking at this season I think all three have made excellent cases for themselves. If I had a vote – I think Bradford would get it. I like both other QBs but I think the Sooner quarterback showed all the tools a well-rounded and successful athlete should have. His athleticism, ability, poise and accuracy all were on display throughout the season and I was very impressed every time I watched him. I never felt like he was out of a game – like I did with McCoy in the first half of that Texas Tech loss – and I always felt like I was watching a quarterback who excelled at his position.

Taking away nothing from the other two, I think Sam Bradford should be the Heisman Trophy winner for this season. I am excited to find out who the actual voters think should be the guy Saturday night.

Heisman Finalists

As I mentioned on the show this morning, the finalists for this years Heisman are Florida’s Tim Tebow, Texas Longhorn Colt McCoy and Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford. Winner is announced Saturday night (I was kidding when I said ‘it’s not like they hand the award out this weekend’ on the podcasts, but I appreciate the multiple emails correcting me. My sarcasm is weak apparently. :) ).

I will have my thoughts on this Saturday morning for your perusal but I think it’s Bradford or Tebow who are the frontrunners. But who knows? Analysis forthcoming on Saturday!