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Friday’s ESPN Radio appearence (finally!)

Topics include the top QB, WR, RB for week 12, players to avoid, players to get, the Denver and Pats RB situations and MORE!

ESPN 1230

Tomorrow – ESPN1230 Bakersfield Appearence

Hey folks,

The Jake Stevens Show has asked me back – this Friday and every Friday – to go over some matchups and other Fantasy Football Related stuff. It will be just after 7:30 am PST (which would be just after 10:30am EST for the east coast crew).

Along with some matchup stuff, we’ll cover some injury impact (Brady and Colston), rookie WRs, top players at QB, RB and Wr – and more!

Listen to it here live or after the fact here. You can actually listen to it live in either place I believe, but only the ‘There it is!’ home page does both.

ESPN kids – big time!

Friday Radio Appearence!

Hey folks,

Will be appearing on the Jake Stevens Show ‘There It Is!’ on ESPN 1230 Bakersfield. I will be on just after 7:30 and we’ll be talking some matchups we like, some news and as Jake turns out to be a Jet fan, likely some Brett Favre love as well.

For those of you not in Bakersfield and it’s surrounding area, you may stream it off the link on Jake’s page or just click right here and it will take you to the page streaming.

Very excited to hang with the crew on the show tomorrow – tune in ahead of time and check out the whole show – Jake is on from 7-9am every weekday.

Back with more a little later.