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Since it is officially Christmas season (Rite Aid had stuff out the day after Halloween) I lead this with a Santa-like Ho-Ho-Holy Crap.

Tatum Bell has returned to the Broncos – and that tells you how bad things are in the mile High City. After the Detroit Lions/Rudi Johnson/Hamburglar shenanigans of late this summer, I figured you could stick a fork in him. Insane, is what this is.

Footballguys/Dive Block co-host Cecil Lammey is banging the phones for updates and says that – and I quote – ‘If Bell is in game shape he will be the starter. This statement was followed up with a “but really, who the hell knows?”‘

Who the hell knows indeed. Cecil says – and I agree – that this does not make Hillis a load of nothing. The Broncos will throw a lot, and let’s face it – again as Cecil put it – Bell ain’t known for his work ethic. What are the chances he 1) is in game shape or 2) lats more than a half hour?

As with any other back, and depending upon your bench depth, he’s worth a hail mary spot, but I think this isn’t going to end well in Denver for Bell. Who knows – he is familiar with the offense and personal and maybe – just maybe – his time off was a brutal reminder that you get out what you put in.

I really am sitting here, shaking my head though.


I will certainly talk about this on the Thundering Blurb Daily News Stampede (at noon EST/9am PST – PLUG) but let me touch on the greatest (admittedly uncomfirmed) news piece of this fledgling season. More serious and less bizarre but hilarious news tomorrow morning here and on the News Stampede but who can go to bed without talking about this?

Seems that while visiting the Detroit Lions, Rudi Johnson apparently left some bags he had brought with him outside Matt Millen’s office. When they checked the security tape – turns out Tatum Bell walked off with them. This is off and seems uncomfirmed so I will quote the PFT article -

So when Johnson came back to get his bags, they were nowhere to be found. Johnson and Millen were stumped.

Enter the eye in the sky.

The team checked the videotapes generated by the team’s in-house surveillance system, and they quickly identified the culprit.

So who might it have been? None other than Tatum Bell, who lost his gig with the Lions after Rudi arrived.

Per the source, Bell took the bags to the house of a female acquaintance. When confronted on the matter, Bell offered up some cockamamie story that he thought the bags belonged to someone he knew. The girl, however, said that she hadn’t seen Bell in several months and he showed up out of the blue and asked her to keep the bags for a while.

Seems Tatum is no better a thief than a #1 running back. The bag has been returned and charges were not filed.

A real, real sick part of me hopes this is true. I mean, this is like giving Dan Quayle to the Late Night talk show hosts – it’s just mean.

More tomorrow.

Training Camp Updates

A little later than I have been trying to achieve, but here ’tis.

Carolina Panthers
So I blinked and missed that receiver Steve Smith had gotten into a fight with cornerback Ken Lucas. Apparently at one point Lucas one on one knee when Smith punched him in the face.


Lucas left the field with a face injury and Smith is not in camp today, though that was apparently planned anyway. His agent says he (Smith) realizes he made a big mistake. No word on Lucas’ state right now. I like to see fire in players in Training Camp but damn…..

Detroit Lions
Tatum Bell is out today due to ‘personal reasons’ (insert your own joke here – it’s too easy) and so Kevin Smith is running with the first team today. This isn’t a shock, that he’s #2 in front of Brian Calhoun. With only the inconsistent Bell to beat, he should have a significant amoutn of carries from the get-go in Week 1. A lot of people dislike the 450 carries last year in Central Florida and worry he may burn out. But as he is IN NO WAY anything more than a #2 or 3 on your Fantasy Team, you should be able to ride him early and if he keeps it up all season, then you have some nice bonus points.

Look the guy is going – on average – about 30-35th RB off the board. Every pick in the first three rounds will not be running backs. You can easily pick up a solid #2 and Smith for the upside. Personally I am not too worried about his legs this year anymore than any other rookie back (they tend to wear down over a Pro campaign – it’s rare one doesn’t) so it shouldn’t be a shock if he does. But think about this- maybe Smith, having toted the rock so many times last year – will not wear down. Maybe he has already got the fortitude worked up. Food for thought.

Miami Dolphins
This doesn’t shock me – nor should it you – but quarterback John Beck is still struggling. According to this blurb on Rotoworld a local writer has dubbed him ‘Checkdown’ as that’s his favorite play. (For what it’s worth, Brady Quinn in Cleveland is having the same problem – not with the name, but the lack of down the field aggressiveness.) I said it during the 2007 draft, revisited it during this year’s draft and will say it here again for the cheap seats – this is why Tedd Ginn Jr was a bad pick. You went for a special teams player with upside as a receiver instead of the position of need, quarterback. Now as I pointed out, Quinn (who was sitting there to be picked) is having similiar problems, but Quinn and John Beck are not similiar quarterbacks and not of the same value.

And this is why Bill Parcells got brought in to fix this disaster. Bedk is worthless on your fantasy roster. He will continue to struggle and I think find himself in danger of losing his gig within the next two years, if that. Again, should be no revelation, especially if you have heard me spout on this before.

Washington Redskins
A day late and a dollar short, I now have a guy to watch that better fits Cecil’s question during the Drive Block last night. According to the Washington Post, Colt Brennan will start the second half of Sunday’s Hall of Fame game tilt with the Indianapolis Colts. Brennan is recovering from off-season surgery on his hip (and a severe Draft stock tumble) but is supposed to be ready to go. he’s years away from being a factor but i am curious to see what he can do, now that he’s healthy and had a chance to get acquainted with the offense.

That’s all for now folks – back later with an afternoon review!