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More Trouble With Marshawn Lynch

Since it’s a slow news day I thought I would get to a situation that’s been flying a bit under the radar with Free Agency and Terrell Owens hogging the spotlight.

Back in early February, Marshawn Lynch was arrested in Culver City, California on felony charges of possession of a concealed firearm. There were also four joints found but they were not included in the charges stemming from the arrest as the cops couldn’t determine whose they were or who was smoking. (Easy way to fix that by the way – head everyone over to Tito’s Tacos and but a lone burrito in the middle of a table. First one there is the stoner. Tito’s Tacos is pretty tasty by the way or was when I last ate there half a dozen years ago. Check it out if you ever have the chance. End Tangent.)

Since then, Lynch has had his mom come out and say she’s gonna break out the switch, the Bills come out and say they have to wait and see if this changes their draft plans and now John Clayton saying on ESPN that the league will probably consider last year’s hit and run brouhaha in his potential suspension and that might result in a 2-4 game ding.

Between this and latest the Brandon Marshall issues, I know there is a bigger article percolating in my brain, but for now we’ll focus on Lynch and not the larger question of talent and trouble which keeps popping up.

Lynch has tremendous talent and – from personal experience I can tell you he’s a nice guy. Very engaging and very charming. He also does an impressive standing backflip.

But despite the positives, he’s now been involved with two pretty significant instances in two years. That isn’t a great average.

The Bills agree and I think they – like Clayton – are worried Lynch will get dinged not just for the gun incident, but for the hit and run. Yes, that’s double jeapordy but this isn’t the Court System it’s the NFL. And history counts with Sheriff Goodell.

So let’s assume Lynch is gone even two games (let’s pretend he gets four and bargains it down to two in the appeal). What does this mean for the Bills?

Well, first of all, the Bills tendered an offer to RFA Fred Jackson. That was after a brief fling with Fred Taylor who ended up a little further north in New England. Jackson was pretty solid in his regular duties last season, so much so that Lynch Fantasy owners were panicking that he might get replaced. And maybe Jackson was getting too many carries, but he was hot and you had to think they were already planning to use him a little more this season.

Well, after last season, the signing was likely to happen anyway, but it took on more seriousness with Lynch potentially sitting a few games.

Because the Bills have to be wondering if Lynch will keep his streak alive for a third year or incident. Long term, if they cannot be sure he will keep his nose clean then they need to solidify this position. And let’s face it – Lynch hasn’t given them a lot of room to be cavalier. They need to be careful.

So Jackson is likely to get a significant number of carries in both the preseason and potentially the beginning of the regular season. The Bills need to have consistency at the position – they need it for Edwards and the passing game, they need it for the overall run game. They cannot afford to be one weapon down.

And again, even if Lynch isn’t suspended this time (and I find that a dubious possibility) they cannot assume he won’t mess up again. That may seem harsh but you really cannot blame them.

Keep an eye on Jackson and don’t be surprised if the Bills take a long look at the running back position somewhere in the draft whether or not a suspension comes down prior to the April draft date.

Marshawn Lynch is an incredibly talented back, there is no denying that.

There is also no denying he’s going to be on a short leash. He’s got two strikes so far.

A third and the Bills might decide he’s out.

NFL Suspends 6 players for Violating Drug Policy

Will be having some rankings from last weekend up soon but this is far more important -

From the NFL’s Media only website (to which I have access as a media member):

The NFL announced today the suspension without pay for four games of six players that violated the NFL Policy on Anabolic Steroids and Related Substances.

The players specifically violated a longstanding provision of the policy relating to the use of diuretics and water pills, which serve as masking agents for steroids and are potentially dangerous to the health of players.

The policy states that the use of so-called “blocking” or “masking” agents, including diuretics and water pills, is prohibited and that a positive test will not be excused because it results from the use of a dietary supplement that unknowingly contained a banned substance. Supplements are not regulated or monitored by the government and players have been warned about the risks of supplement use.

“You and you alone are responsible for what goes into your body,” the policy has always stated. “Claiming that you used only legally available nutritional supplements will not help you in an appeal…Even if they are bought over-the-counter from a known establishment, there is currently no way to be sure that they contain the ingredients listed on the packaging or have not been tainted with prohibited substances…If you take these products, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK! For your own health and success in the league, we strongly encourage you to avoid the use of supplements altogether, or at the very least to be extremely careful about what you choose to take.”

The ‘Steroid Six’ are: Saints RB Deuce McAllister, Saints DE Charles Grant, Saints DE Will Smith, Vikings DT Kevin Williams, Vikings DT Pat Williams, and Texans LS Brian Pittman.

A long snapper? REALLY?

Aside from that, this has two effects of note. First, Pierre Thomas, as I expected, will likely get a fat role behind Reggie Bush. He will have some good matchups and probably some good games. Almost important will be how he plays in terms of his worth in Dynasty. If he plays well again, he could end up taking that job permanently.

Secondly, losing the ‘Williams Boys’ will hurt the run defense in Minny a bit. They see Kevin Smith, Tim Hightower and Michael Turner (in the Championships). Now, it won’t be automatic 100 yd games for these guys (especially for Smith and the terrible Lions oline) but the matchups just got better and most of note is Michael Turner’s tilt in week 16. Turner won’t have a field day, but he’s a lot less of a worry as well as he has been playing and now minus Pat and Kev Williams.

If any of these teams make the playoffs (probably only the Vikes, at best) then the players will be allowed to return for the playoffs.

Jesse Chatman Update

Will post the final cutdown list for NFL teams tomorrow HOWEVER, we had reported that the NY Jets had cut RB Jesse Chatman – and this was very much not the case.

Turns out Chatman is still a Jet – just a Jet on suspension for violating the NFL Steroid policy. Chatman gets a 4 game sitdown (and his agent is saying he was not using, by the way).

When he returns, HC Eric Mangini says there is definitely a role for him, so the Jets are still pleased with his work this preseason. He’s not worth rostering before his suspension (maybe even after it is over) but I thought as the initial reports were incorrect, it was only fair to correct it.