THUNDERING BLURB » quarterback ANDREW GARDA'S ENDLESS TAKES ON NFL AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL Fri, 22 Oct 2010 12:30:31 +0000 en hourly 1 The Thundering Blurb Show – 3/31/10 Thu, 01 Apr 2010 14:19:49 +0000 admin It was all Matt Waldman all the time as we get the author of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio on the line for an entire hour to talk about the RSP (which conveniently drops 4/1).

We cover the three big offensive skill positions: quarterback, running back and wide receiver.

Some of the bullet points:


  • Matt’s a pretty big fan of Jonathan Crompton and has him ranked 5th.
  • Juice Williams is ranked 9th but is very boom or bust.
  • Tim Tebow isn’t even in Matt’s Top Ten. We expect lightning to strike Waldman down any second now.
  • Matt’s thoughts on some lesser covered QBs who might be worth a look late.

Running Back

  • Like me, Matt loves him some Toby Gerhart. We talk about why.
  • We also cover why he has CJ Spiller at 6. The answers will shock and horrify you (actually they probably won’t).
  • We talk about why he isn’t as high on Jonathan Dwyer as some.
  • We also touch on the prospects of late round possibility Deji Karim from S. Illinois and Anthony Dixon from Mississippi State.

Wide Receivers

  • We talk about how he’s a genius for ranking Damian Williams from USC as his #2 receiver.
  • What are Marty Gilyard’s prospects?
  • Will Jordan Shipley succeed at the next level?
  • We talk another dark horse prospect, this time as a wide receiver.

Matt’s great and I could do two hours chatting with him.

You can buy the Rookie Scouting Portfolio over at as of April 1st.

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Quarterback Blurb Breakdown: Trent Edwards Sat, 18 Jul 2009 15:22:43 +0000 admin Trent Edwards has new weapons to throw to - but will the offensive line hold up?

Trent Edwards has new weapons to throw to - but will the offensive line hold up?

Trent Edwards finds himself in a classic ‘put up or shut up’ situation this year.

The Bills went out and made some noise by signing Terrell Owens to a single year contract, giving fellow wide receiver Lee Evans someone who will draw coverage off of him and Edwards a second legitimate target.

Of course, the danger with T.O. is well known – calling him ‘QB-Killer’ wouldn’t be out of line. Still, he’s usually good for at least one season of production before an implosion and the Bills were wise in giving him just a year contract.

Plus, if you look at his history quarterbacks tend to do pretty well with him – at least the first year.

So Edwards could be in line for a nice bump in production.

On the downside, Edwards is losing Marshawn Lynch for three games. Fred Jackson looked very good last year and the team brought in Dominic Rhodes, so one hopes the run game won’t stumble too badly to open the season.

Rhodes hasn’t been spectacular the last few seasons and we only have part of a season to go on in terms of gauging Jackson’s production though, so it is a bit of an unknown factor.

More concerning is the offensive line.  There is a lot of disagreement as to how good a Left Tackle Jason Peters was, but the fact is, even a decent LT is at a premium and now Buffalo has three new guys filling in across the line.

It will be a worry up until the point we actually see them play and maybe even beyond. The AFC East will test them early and often and the defenses there will not be forgiving if the line shows itself to be weak.

Edwards himself could use the time a good offensive line would grant him. The longer he has, the better the chance he won’t check-down early and might throw the ball further down-field. Some of that is play-calling, but some of that is Edwards and if he’s going to take advantage of his new toys, he has to take a few more chances.

You know darn well T.O. will voice his displeasure if Edwards doesn’t throw to him, and if things start slow that’s going to be a concern.

So far in his career, Edwards hasn’t been a great Fantasy quarterback. He doesn’t throw for a ton of touchdowns (21 in 24 games, three of which were rushing scores) but let’s be honest here – Lee Evans can only do so much with every defensive back hanging onto his shoelaces while James Hardy, Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish flounder around the field. T.O. can make a huge difference.

I want to see what happens in Training Camp. How will he click with his new weapon? Can the offensive line gel? Will the run game miss any beat?

If some of these questions are answered in Training Camp, Edwards could go from a decent backup to something much more.

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Interview Transcript – Fresno State QB Tom Brandstater Wed, 25 Mar 2009 18:28:00 +0000 admin As time goes on, I’ll be rolling more and more of these out. You can always find the audio on or in the archives for All-Access Football and usually (although not in this case) The Thundering Blurb Football Show – both on

I did this interview just prior to Fresno State’s Pro Day and actually broke the news in it that Brandstater would not be working out at his Pro Day, which then appeared on Rotoworld. Right place, right time.

So without further ado, here is the interview I ran on All Access football a couple of weeks ago with NFL Draft Prospect and former Fresno State QB Tom Brandstater.

Garda: Welcome to another edition of All Access Football Radio brought to you by, as well as the fabulous Fantasy Sports Channel and I am Andrew Garda, your host for the next 15 or so minutes, as we will get our interview on with another in a long line of top prospects. A guy who, coming into the Combine people were thinking ‘Intriguing prospect, maybe someone who could make some noise.’ Coming out of the Combine, everyone was saying ‘What the heck did we just see?’ Of course I am talking about Fresno State Bulldog quarterback Tom Brandstater. Tom, how are you doing tonight?

Tom Brandstater: I’m doing great. How are you guys doing?

Garda: Doing absolutely fantastic. Big night for you, getting ready for your Pro Day. So I want to thank you for coming on tonight because I know you probably have some butterflies going on to tomorrow. Absolutely going to be a huge day. Between the Combine and now, have you been hearing a lot from teams? Are there any workouts yet, any dialogue or do you think that’s going to come later on?

Tom Brandstater: Yeah, at this point it’s starting to become, teams are calling and getting ahold of my agent and trying to figure out different meets and stuff like that. So it’s going to be – I’ll be a busy guy for the next month or so before {the Draft} just trying to hit every appointment and trying to talk to all the people who are interested so, I’ll be busy. And it’s kind of fun, part of the process to get out to different places and see different people and ultimately going for the goal of being on an NFL team.

Garda: So moving backwards a little bit before we move too far forwards, you played both quarterback and defensive back in high school and you were a good enough defensive back to where named to the first team All-District by the Modesto Bee, at the position. In college however, it was all about the quarterback slot. Which is not to say that you were so good as a D-back that nobody was talking about your quarterback ability because you were directing what was primarily a rushing offense, but you still threw for 1,000 yards as a senior high school QB. So, clearly you had the talent to do both. What was the thing that made you say ‘hey, I’m focusing on quarterback from here on out’ when you were clearly successful at either position at all. What really did you see that said ‘that’s why I want to do quarterback?’ And what advantage do you have, having played that position, a position that usually gives quarterbacks some headaches.

Tom Brandstater: Right. I was more of a safety in high school. I don’t think I’m physically gifted enough at to play defense in college. So it wasn’t a question at all as I got to college. I did well in high school because I was able to know what was happening before it was going to start. So it wasn’t because I had sheer athletic ability, the ability to cover and stuff. So I was kinda in the right place at the right time playing defense. And then I was a natural quarterback with the ideal – with the prototypical body at least to play quarterback.

Garda: You like, flipped the script there, because most of the time quarterbacks were like ‘yeah I played a little D-back and now I know what’s in the safety or corner’s head because I was there for a little bit.’ And it sounds as if you were all like, in high school, ‘yeah I played a little D-back, and I knew what the quarterback was doing and that’s what made me effective.’ So that’s a pretty good use of the tools. You reversed it on them.

Tom Brandstater: Exactly! That was how I utilized my somewhat athletic body. I kinda knew what was going to happen. In high school it’s such a – it’s not so precise. If you have any idea what’s going on, you can usually be pretty good and I was lucky just to – the quarterbacks would just kind of throw it up and would find a way to come down with the ball. I think I had like eight interceptions my last year. So that’s why I did so well, had so many interceptions on defense.

Garda: So let’s get back to the Combine, We touched on it a couple of minutes ago. You had, I’ll just put it simply, a very good day. You showed more accuracy and straight-line speed than people really expected, you had a great 20 yard shuttle. You were the fifth best among QBs in that. You showed off your agility. Accurate passes, good velocity. After a day like that, how do you go back to the grindstone and in many respects act as if nothing really happened? Because you can’t afford to lose that momentum. I mean, because you came out red hot after the Combine.

Tom Brandstater: Yeah I did. I had a good day and you know I think – I wasn’t totally surprised. Other people were more surprised than I was. I think that’s how I usually threw the ball and I felt good about that. So, it was a solid day for me. I was real happy with the way I did everything and I think – it doesn’t prove anything. It’s definitely going to help me to get looked at. I have to do it on a more consistent basis every time and so it was just one more piece of the puzzle that had to be put together in order for me to turn some heads.

Garda: Absolutely. Tom, really when it comes down to it, as time has gone on, the NFL has taken a lot more notice of small school players. A few years ago, people were saying – could Fresno State, could be Appalachian State – ‘sure they put up good numbers but they haven’t played USC, they haven’t the SEC’. That’s certainly changed over the last few years. And now in some respects it’s almost an advantage for some guys to come through a small school program. What are the advantages you’ve felt you had going to Fresno State over one of the huge universities which frankly, some people get lost in the programs a little bit. What do you feel is the best thing about going to Fresno State, and strengthened you the most? And at the same point, what do you feel some of the challenges have been coming out of a small school?

Tom Brandstater: Well I think that the good thing about Fresno State is we’ve had good coaches, we’ve had really good people involved with the program who have taught me a lot of things I need to know for the next level. So that’s definitely been a positive just having that knowledge part of it. A negative might just the fact that people are going to doubt the strength of schedule and… but that doesn’t really mean anything. We don’t have a team of 100 all-stars, you know, we have a couple of good players and enough players to field a starting defense and a starting offense. Our depth isn’t what the other teams are but that could be the only knock on our team. That and our schedule. So I don’t see it as a huge negative and I don’t think at the end of the day people don’t care where you came from, this is all about what you can do and what you can do to help a team win.

Garda: Absolutely and just to point out, I mean, in 2007 you had four very good passing games against the likes of , at the time #23 Texas A&M, at the time # 4 Oregon, at the time # 21 Boise State, and a Kansas State that I don’t think was ranked at the time but was still pretty stiff competition and you had a career high 300 yard passing game so I guess when it comes down to it, it’s all in the perception and as long as guys are looking at your tape, it doesn’t lie.

Tom Brandstater: Yeah, I mean that’s what I’m hoping for. It’s all about a couple guys up there in key positions in the NFL have to like you and not every guy is going to like you or think that you can fit with their system but when a couple of guys like you and a couple of guys are willing to go after you, that’s all it really takes. It really takes one but once you get a couple in there, it’s going to guarantee your odds and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to do my thing and hoping my thing is what some of the people are looking for.

Garda: You yourself mentioned that you pretty much have the prototypical size, the build the guys are looking for in the NFL for a quarterback. But at the same point, you’re still mobile. You can move the bootleg, you can move in and out of the pocket, you don’t lose anything for being that size. What do you do to keep up that agility, to work on the speed that you need to kind of keep things going long enough for a wide receiver or even a running back – one of your other options, if the primary is covered, to get open?

Tom Brandstater: First I’m gifted that a lot of it comes natural. Some guys just can’t run to save their life and luckily I’ve been blessed to be able to run. And then it comes down to working hard in the weight room and doing different things, different agility drills that allow you to be able to move around. I think that that’s a big part of my game. I’m not a Michael Vick by any means, but I think when things break down I have some ability at least to make the play happen and try to extend the play and at least get the ball out of my hands so I don’t get sacked let one of the playmakers make a play.

Garda: You know, we were just talking about how the perception of small schools at one point was sort of a negative. And it has turned to where it’s a positive or at least on the level of any other school. It seems to like now to me, virtually everyone I talk to be it scout, quarterback, analyst or Joe on the street, seems like to me the new ‘small school’ label is now the spread offense. Let’s flip the script on that – what do you think are the strengths coming out of something that uses the spread offense and what’s your reaction to people who do bring it up as a negative going into the NFL?

Tom Brandstater: Well the positive of it is, you know, the stats are pretty mind-boggling. You can put up some pretty good numbers in the spread offense. But the negative is the fact that you’re not going to run that offense in the Pros and there’s a lot guys that are going to look down upon that so that’s really, to me, that doesn’t affect me. Some guys will talk about it, even though I wasn’t in that offense, it’s going to help some guys as my peers or hurt guys. That’s not really my decision, but I think it is what it is. And I believe I wasn’t in an offense like that but if I was it’d be a lot of fun, you put a lot of points on the board and try to make the most of the situation.

Garda: Well, despite not being in a spread offense, 2,600 plus yards for two seasons in a row and 15 plus touchdowns for two seasons in a row is not too shabby really when it comes down to it. That’s some pretty good production.

Tom Brandstater: Yeah, you know, we definitely did some good things on offense. There were games where we’d like to have done more, you know like any position isn’t going to be satisfied with what they did. But, yeah we did some good things and that was good. We had a lot of good players here at Fresno State and I enjoyed my time here and it’s been awesome and the next step in my dream is getting closer and it’s exciting to live it out a little bit.

Garda: So as we’re getting close to the end here, a couple more questions for you here Tom. First of all, tomorrow is your Pro Day. What is your biggest goal going into tomorrow’s workout? What is the one thing that you think more than anything else you need to go out there and just hit a home run on?

Tom Brandstater: Well, actually, my Pro Day is tomorrow but I’m not going to be able to do anything. Two weeks before [the Combine] I tore my lat muscle in my side…..underneath my arm. So I re-aggravated it at the Combine. I haven’t been able to do anything for the last … since the Combine. I’m not even going to be able to throw tomorrow at [Pro Day]. So my situation is a little bit different, and basically it’s going to turn into a meet and greet for me to talk to the scouts and then before the actual draft. But my Pro Day is not – I won’t be doing anything at the Pro Day.

Garda: My bad. Sorry about that.

Tom Brandstater: Yeah that’s relatively new information yeah, so I mean, I got the doctor after the Combine and we found out I tore my lat while I was at the Combine. In a way it’s good, because I threw so well at the Combine, but I did it all with a torn lat, so hopefully there’s more to come and even better things for me out there.

Garda: All right, so when you are able to work out, where have you been working out and what were you focusing the most on when you’re able to throw the ball?

Tom Brandstater: Well I’ve been training in Southern California with my agent and a whole bunch of – we got about five quarterbacks. We got Curtis Painter, Pat White, Mark Sanchez and Nate Brown. We’ve been out there doing everything. I think the little things are what makes good quarterbacks great, so I’m trying to work on little things and making sure that I’m a complete quarterback. Whether it’s moving the pocket, accurate throws and just doing all the things that you have to do. I think footwork is my biggest emphasis, because I want to make sure that – anyone who knows anything about quarterbacks know that footwork is the most important thing and your arm and the ball will follow what good feet do. So that’s been my emphasis since I’ve been training.


My take on Brandstater: This wasn’t the sort of thing that would hurt him, though it’s more about the depth (or lack thereof) in the class than the injury, missed Pro Day or anything else. Most of these quarterbacks are projects. Any team could very well go any direction and – if they are willing to be patient – could very well end up with the next Matt Cassel three or four years from now.

Brandstater is a guy who is a decent quarterback and has the basic tools to suceed, though in my opinion I’m not sure he is starter material. But since he’s a project, with the right system and coach, he has as much of a shot as most of this class of quarterbacks.

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Tuesday NFL Draft News and Notes Wed, 11 Mar 2009 03:41:00 +0000 admin Another day, another grip of news.

Like I said yesterday, you never know where the news will break or in what way. I can attest to that since I suddenly found myself breaking the story that Fresno State QB Tom Brandstater would not be working out at all his Pro Day (Wednesday, March 10th) due to a torn Lat muscle which was hurt prior to the NFL Scouting Combine and aggravated in Indianapolis.

“Two weeks before (the Combine) I tore my lat muscle in my side …underneath my arm,” Brandstater told me during the interview on All Access Football. “So, I re-aggravated it at the Combine. I haven’t been able to do anything for the last … since the Combine. I’m not even going to be able to throw…”

Brandstater did say he would be at the event tomorrow and use his time to meet the teams and the scouts present.

What does this mean for a guy like Brandstater, who came off the Scouting Combine red hot? Many analysts have him ranked as anywhere from the fifth to the tenth quarterback. Does he take a huge hit?

Frankly, no. Listen, this is an average group at best. Get past Stafford and his awesome work in a room full of scouts, or Sanchez and his work ethic and lack of film and Freeman and his huge tractor trailer full of upside and you have a host of guys who might, maybe someday be good quarterbacks.

I love Pat White out of West Virginia, but as impressive as he looked at the Combine, he still has some question marks in terms of holding up for a whole season plus he’s the new ‘face of the wildcat’ as far as the talking heads on TV are concerned.

Nate Davis, Rhett Bomar, Stephen McGee – all guys with great upside but nobody who you’ll plug in with confidence on purpose.

So to my mind, no, Brandstater is not terribly hurt by this. He wasn’t going on day one anyway. Maybe he slips from round 4 or 5 to 5 or six. But he’s not a guy who was ‘ready to start’ anyway.

Moving on to other news (and putting and end to the back patting)…..

Nice, though brief, piece on Path to the Draft about Cal-Poly wide receiver Ramses Barden. Another guy I interviewed prior to the Combine, Barden suffered through an injury at the Senior Bowl and had a good, though not great scouting Combine. I was happy to see him still getting press from guys like Mayock and Davis. Barden needs to use his size more effectively if he’s going to succeed at the NFL level.

Otherwise he stands to look a lot like James Hardy, part deux. Well, Hardy, minus the Owens signing.

I feel like I have seen the term ‘bad surface’ a ton during the first few weeks of Pro Days. The latest is in a column on by the ageless Gil Brandt about Montana’s Colt Anderson. The young safety prospect ran indoors on a rubber track, managing a 4.22 in the 20-yard shuttle. He went outside for the three-cone and ran a 6.88, which isn’t too bad either.

I just wrote the other day about a Pro Day where shuttles and 40s were run in a wood-floor gym. A rubber floor is a step up, but how much? What’s going on with these schools? I’m not saying they should throw a hundred thousand at facilities just on the basis that ten guys will work out for scouts.

But I’m seeing a lot of questionable surfaces and wonder if I’m going to be typing ‘John Doe tore his ACL when his toe caught on the edge of a wood slat.’

Wrapping up Anderson though, he was a guy hovering around the seventh round or rookie free agent signing area in projections. It sounds like he might have locked that up, but it’s early and you never know who could really wow scouts over the next 40 plus days.

I know this has been talked about by me and others but how big a day is tomorrow for Alabama tackle Andre Smith? He already cost himself millions with the antics at the Scouting Combine.

Another misstep and he’ll be the free-fall we all talk about come the Monday after the Draft.

Finally, if you want to know about great small school prospects, you need to find out what Josh Buchanan is writing. Currently stringing for, Josh is the man when it comes to smaller school prospects.

Mr. Buchanan is reporting that Liberty running back Rashad Jennings, probably the hottest small school guy to come out of the Scouting Combine (neck and neck with Johnny Knox from Abilene Christian), has been racking up frequent flier miles. He hit Denver Monday, the Eagles Tuesday, will hit the Pats Wednesday and the Jets on Friday.

He fits a few of those teams. Denver is collecting running backs like I am moving violations, Philadelphia needs to back oft-banged up Westbrook, the Hoodie (that would be Bill Belichick) needs to wash the taste of Laurence Maroney out of his mouth and Fred Taylor can only do so much. The Jets aren’t as likely but how many years does Thomas Jones have? Besides, like everyone else, the Jets know you can’t have too many running backs in your pocket.

Jennings has done a ton to up his profile. I’m watching some tape of him now and he’s an interesting guy.

He may just be the next ’small school surprise’.

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Top Fantasy QBs of Week 13 Tue, 02 Dec 2008 23:29:00 +0000 admin Tony Romo 331/3/1 – 14 rush yds – I said I thought when all was said and done, Romo might be the top guy come Monday morning and he was. He continues to look very good and is peaking right as we hit fantasy playoffs. Couldn’t ask for more.

Donovan McNabb 264/4/ – 24 rush yds - McNabb certainly bounced back with a vengeance against a Cards team that really does not travel East well. McNabb should be back on track now, though I will worry about him going forward regardless.

Aaron Rodgers 298/3/1 – 2pt conv, 26 rush yds - Rodgers may be no Brett Favre, but he’s played pretty well for most of the season. A little more help from the Oline and a little less locking onto Jennings could help. The Pack is almost done though and that will be how his first year is remembered. Still, a guy who is almost a lock for your startign QB gig.

Jay Cutler 357/2/1 - Just about tore apart the Jets secondary. The oline held for him and he seemed to have all day to not throw towards Jets corner Darrelle Revis. The rest of the Jets secondary was very vulnerable and Cutler – who can be up and down – had a sky-high day in Jersey.

Joe Flacco 280/2 – 15 rush yds - While not as consistent or solid as his rookie comrade Matt Ryan, Flacco has begun to come into his own and is starting to make the passing game relevant again in Baltimore. He has really progressed well this season and while I had my doubts, he has opened my eyes. Could be solid for several years to come as well as great for certain matchups in the Fantasy playoffs.

Kurt Warner – 235/3/3 - Another high yardage game but Warner was pressured a lot by the blitzing Eagles (something I was worried might happen) and turned the ball over three times. He also couldn’t overcome a slow start and an early deficit.

Eli Manning 305/1/1, 7yds rushing – No Plax, no problem. Other WRs stepped up and The li had a pretty fair game. Manning has been a little hot and cold, sure, but has been playing well, if not spectacular this year.

Drew Brees 296/2/3 - First time in a long time Brees missed the 300 mark or looked remotely human. A tough outing all round for Brees, who still managed to throw a ton and get two TDs, despite some INTs. Should be fine for the fantasy playoffs.

Matt Ryan 207/2 – An odd place for Ryan, being relegated to ‘the other rookie’ status for one week. I thought he would take advantage of the streaky Chargers secondary more, but he didn’t have to. I was concerned that might be the case, but Ryan will give you better games when the matchup is favorable, Turner or no.

Gus Frerotte 210/1/1 – 1 rush TD - Not really all that impressive although hitting Berrian on that 99 yard pass play was nice. Frerotte is not a guy I am ever really impressed with and you have to wonder what is in store next year. For this year, I don’t love him – he is unreliable, prone to bad games and often forgets he has Berrian to throw to.

WRs and Rbs a little later.

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QB Rankings for Week 13 Fri, 28 Nov 2008 19:48:00 +0000 admin

Every once in a while I get an email asking me why my rankings don’t include the guys who played on Thursday. And my usual answer is that I just figured by since I don’t have those rankings by Thursday, while tell you where I would have started them when you can’t use that info? I figured it would be frustrating to read and it’s why I do the Thursday breakdowns.

If it’s something you guys want though, email me and let me know at

For what it’s worth I had Romo as my top QB, Warner as a top 5, Culpepper way back near the end, Collins about 22 and McNabb sitting at lucky 13. Like Westbrook, how well McNabb played surprised me.

So there ya go.


  1. Drew Brees, Saints at Buccaneers
  2. Peyton Manning, Colts at Browns
  3. Philip Rivers, Chargers vs. Falcons
  4. Jay Cutler, Broncos at Jets
  5. Eli Manning, Giants at Redskins
  6. Matt Ryan, Falcons at Chargers
  7. Brett Favre, Jets vs. Broncos
  8. Sage Rosenfels, Texans vs. Jaguars

  9. Chad Pennington, Dolphins at Rams
  10. Aaron Rodgers, Packers vs. Panthers
  11. Matt Cassel, Patriots vs. Steelers
  12. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers at Patriots
  13. Jason Campbell, Redskins vs. Giants
  14. Tyler Thigpen, Chiefs at Raiders
  15. Kyle Orton, Bears at Vikings
  16. Jake Delhomme, Panthers at Packers
  17. Gus Frerotte, Vikings vs. Bears
  18. Trent Edwards, Bills vs. 49ers
  19. Shaun Hill, 49ers at Bills
  20. Joe Flacco, Ravens at Bengals
  21. Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers vs. Saints
  22. David Garrard, Jaguars at Texans
  23. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks at Cowboys
  24. JaMarcus Russell, Raiders vs. Chiefs
  25. Derek Anderson, Browns vs. Colts
  26. Trent Green, Rams vs. Dolphins
  27. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bengals vs. Ravens
  28. Marc Bulger, Rams vs. Dolphins
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Top Fantasy QBs of Week 11 Tue, 18 Nov 2008 18:44:00 +0000 admin Matt Cassel – 400 yds, 3TDs, 1 2pt conversion, 62 rushing – As has been the case in the first two Thursday night games, on of the QBs had a top Fantasy performance. Cassel started off rough but the Jets inexplicably played a very loose coverage scheme in the second half and stopped getting pressure so Cassel exploded in the secodn half. Showed great poise down the home stretch on several drives and may find himself some money on the free agency market this offseason.

Peyton Manning 320/2 – Manning seens to be rounding into form and looked very sharp against a shaky Houston secondary. He found Reggie Wayne often and hit both Marvin Harrison and Joseph Addai for touchdowns. Should have another good game against a not so stout and occasionally streaky Chargers secondary. He will be tested by Antonio Cormartie but between the questions in the secondary and the lack of pressure up front, Manning looks to keep rolling.

Shaun Hill 213/12/1 rush td - Don’t expect him to repeat this against the Cowboys this week, but Hill looked good against a reeling Rams team that is more focused on imploding than stopping opposing QBs. Hill will stay the starter and as long as Gore continues his outstanding play, he will have some time to throw the ball. But Hill is a guy who will at best be an emergency fill in for your QB squad.

Kurt Warner 395/1, 1 Int, 1 fumble – Warner showed a little of what many of us sure before preseason that he would not last long at this job, turning over the ball twice against a defense that has been far from stout with only 4 INts coming into the game, although they can bring pressure and that may be what the Giants will do (not might do, will do). Warner threw for his 4th straight 300+ yards game and as I mentioned on the Thundering News Stampede, has the third longest streak in NFL history. Telle you what the Cards do, huh? Might have a hard time continuing it this week.

Kerry Collins 230/3, 1 Int – Shut down the run, as the Bears and now Jacksonville have tried and you’d better hope your secondary is up to the task of stopping Collins and who ever thought we’d write that? Game manager? The Jets have the secondary to maybe shut Collins down, but Collins has made that less an automatic. Collins has been playing better than teams seem to have been ready for and while he is not a consistent #1, he plays well enough for emergency service.

Tyler Thigpen – 235/2, 1 Int, 45 yards rushing – Continues to play very well in the Spread offense. Will the Spread go the way of the Wildcat?

Brett Favre – 258/2 – Good Brett showed up and put together some great drives when it counts vs the Pats.

Donovan McNabb – 339/1, 3 Ints, 1 fumble – Off game for McNabb turnoverwise and the fact that he didn’t know there was only one OT and it was sudden death.

Aaron Rodgers – 227/2, 1 Int – Rodgers continues to play well , if not totally Favre-like. Has dipped in production the last few weeks but still a good play.

Daunte Culpepper – 207/1, 1 rush TD, 2 Int, 1 fumble – Culpepper discoverd if you throw to Calvin Johnson, he scores TDs. Go Figure. Start of abeautiful friendship? I hope so.

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Top Fantasy QBs of Week 10 Tue, 11 Nov 2008 18:05:00 +0000 admin Jay Cutler – 447/3 TDs, 29 Rushing Yards – Cutler started the football weekend off with a bang and held the top spot despite other strong performances. The run game is a train wreck so Cutler will have to throw alot, even to the backs. It may be tough but he’ll have the opportunity for big games.

Drew Brees – 422/2 TDs, 10 Rushing Yards - Once again, Brees comes through for fantasy owners. Out of 9 games played, he has thrown over 300 yards 7 of them. In five of them he had two or more TDs, and four of thse were 3 TD games. And he just got Colston back. And Bush will be back soon. I think the Saints like to throw.

Kurt Warner – 328/3 TDs - QBing for another team that loves the long ball, Warner has thrown over 300 for 3 straight games, and has had multi TD games ever week but one. Part of it is a questionable secondary, but part of it is also the fantastic WR core of Fitz, Boldin and Breaston. Old Man River keeps on flowing.

Tyler Thigpen – 266/3 TDs, 26 Rushing Yards - Never did I think i would type this dude’s name on this list but he has really turned his game around as have the Chiefs. He has made Bowe and Gonzalez almost reliablem has three straight games with good stats and hasn’t turned the ball over since week 3. Granted, he wasn’t always starting and we’re still not sure if what we’re seeign is real but he has started to show us a little something and is worthy of matchup consideration. Yup, never thought I would write THAT either.

Philip Rivers – 316/2 TDs, 2 INTs – Rivers has been a bit streaky this year – some really good games and some… well, not so much. The 2 turnovers hurt a bit in some leagues but overall he had a good performance. Vincetn Jackson has really come on, Gates is alive again and others have stepped up, including LT. Rivers will have some shaky games, but is generally solid week to week.

Peyton Manning – 240/3 TDs -Not the best of Manning’s days but pretty solid nonetheless. Manning continues to perform beneath expectations and while I believe he still can turn it around, I also cannot pinpoint exactly what the problem is, as it appears to be something different each week. At least he has stopped turning the ball over.

The Best of the Rest:

Donovan McNabb – 194/3 TDs, 35 Rushing Yards - McNabb had a bad game yardage wise, but the 3 TDs help salvage it. He should be doing more though.

Matt Cassel 234/1 Rushing TDs, 22 Rushing Yards – Two words: Game. Manager. All he is, maybe all he ever will be. Tough matchup vs the Jets this week.

Kerry Collins – 289/2 – See Cassel, Matt. Also, for Collins, this is Montana-esque. But Chicago stopped the run and said beat us in the air – and he did. Kudos.

Honorable mention to Brady Quinn who just shipped Derek anderson outta town. If he can duplicate it again thisseason.

Back with WRs and RBs at some point today.

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Top Fantasy QBs for Week 9 Tue, 04 Nov 2008 16:51:00 +0000 admin Donavan McNabb 345yds, 2Tds, 1INT – McNabb had a solid game, and is certainly benefiting from having most of his tools back. Even a pick didn’t mar an otherwise good game and he will continue to be a good start going forward.

Kurt Warner 342yds, 2TDs – As I expected, it was a shootout – unfortunately for the Rams, only one side had bullets. Warner continues to play very well and Leinart is almost not worth having on your bench save for injury protection.

Jay Cutler 307yds, 2TDs, 3INTs – The three picks make him a questionable addition to the list but cracking 300 yds and adding a pair of TDs offsets that in most leagues. And he did it with Brandon Marshall completely shut down by the Miami secondary. Eddie Royal also had a good game. Cutler will continue to have to throw because the Bronc’s defense is not very good.

Jeff Garcia 339yds, 1TD, 1 2pt conv, 1INT – Nearly 400 yards through the air is a bit of a surprise considering the KC run D, but the Bucs did it both ways and as a result Garcia had an outstanding day. Again, even with the pick, his overall production (and 2 pt conversion) more than offsets it.

Peyton Manning 254yds, 2TDs,1 2pt conv – Manning continues his up and down days but looked good for the most part. I still say he finished a top 10 QB given his schedule, but honestly that’s not where you thought he would be when you drafted him early. Still if the rest of the offense can continue to recover, Manning will give you more solid games than not.

The others -
Gus Frerotte 182/3/1 – The yards sucked, but 3 TDs were a boon – and he’s keeping the D off AP. Good news for Peterson value in the home stretch.

Aaron Rodgers 314/1/1INT & fumble 1 int – McCarthy might be down on Rodgers red zone choices, but he continues to play well, over 300 again this week.

Dan Orlovsky 292/2/2INT – Orlovsky will now be out with a thumb injury but he was able to leave on a pretty decent note and was just starting to find Calvin Johnson more.

Joe Flacco 248/2TD – Whether you love or hate Flacco, he’s starting to appear to ‘get it’ and had an up game this week. It was against Cleveland though.

Ryan Fitzpatrick 162/2/1 52 rush yards – Check out Mr. Harvard getting it done a bit on the ground. Is Cinci waking up? Mayeb a little. I wonder if this is more of a statement about JAX than the Bengals though.

Back with the other two positions after voting.

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Top QBs for Week 6 Mon, 13 Oct 2008 18:03:00 +0000 admin Hey folks – as late as this is, I will be a tad brief (yes it is possible). The list of the top five at each position with my thoughts in a sentance.

Traveling on Sunday worked well in theory but it put me behind for the college stuff I normally do on Sundays, which made today long….. blah. blah, blah……

Drew Brees – 320 yards, 3 TDs - I had Brees as my second ranked QB this week (we’ll ignore my first ranked guy) and he didn’t dissappoint against the woeful Raiders. The Panthers should be a good matchup for him as well – especially if colston comes back.

Phillip Rivers – 306 yards, 3 TDs - While I thought Rivers would be a good start this week, I think I underestimated how much the Pats are struggling. Can he repeat it against the Bills? It won’t be easy. He’s a little streaky and I expect more and more LT as the season progresses.

Tony Romo – 321 yards, 3 TDs, 1 fumble - Well, we won’t this name for four weeks, huh? In a losing cause, Romor played well, though he had his usual miscue and nearly had a second i nthe end zone that was ruled an incomplete pass. Romo is a good qb, but what makes him pull these menatal burps I don’t know. Regardless he’ s got a broken pinkie and will not be back for a month.

Matt Schaub – 379 yards, 1 pass TD, 1 rush TD, 2 INTs – Maybe he should be higher on the list based on yardage alone, but those INTs must have hurt. With Rosenfels coming in and imploding last week, then Schaub leading his team on a drive to beat the Dolphins this week, I think he’s got the job locked up. Aside from the INTs I thought he looked good in the parts I saw on the plane. I’ve always liked Schaub. Unfortunatley like many of you, I didn’t start him this week in the one league I have him in. He is very startable this coming week against Detroit.

Peyton Manning – 271 yards, 3 TDs - Is he back? I think he is and he did this against what was at the time the top defense in the league. He found various receivers including Marvin Harrison twice. He kept the chains moving, looked accurate and poised and had time to throw against a D that we expected to give him some trouble. And this is why I told the folks on ESPN 1230 that while The Manning: Eli was playing better so far, The Manning: Peyton would reclaim his crown.

Near misses: Aaron Rodgers (208, 2 TDs, 1 rush TD, 1 fumble), Matt Ryan (301, 1 TD, 1 rush TD), Donavan McNabb (278, 2Tds, 1 INT), Kurt Warner (236, 2TDs but 1 fumble and 1 INT)
Back with RBs shortly…..

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