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This isn’t official BUT both ESPN and the NFLN have reported that the game between the Texans and Ravens may be postponed again. According to the NFLN news blurb I just saw, a conference call between the teams and the NFL is scheduled for sometime this afternoon.

I will follow up with news as I hear it – may I suggest for commisioners to do the following:

1) Alert your league – don’t let it to chance and run the risk that they don’t know, aren;t following and get pissed later. Maybe the ’shark move’ is to let them sink on their own but you are the Commish – keep them informed.

2) Either warn them off playing any players from those teams OR have them submit a sub list in case the game is canceled last minute. It probably won’t – we will probably know by tonight what will happen. But again, keep yourself covered.

As always, thoughts and prayers for the affected region. I was in Los Angeles for both the riots and the Northridge Earthquake. Neither one was any fun and I can assume a Category 3 Hurricane ranks up there as well.

According to this article at the game between the Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens has been postponed. Here is what they are doing according to the article.

The Ravens-Texans game originally scheduled to be played Sunday, then rescheduled to be played Monday night due to Hurricane Ike, will now be played in Week 10. The originally scheduled Bengals-Texans game in Week 10 has been moved to Week 8 (game time 4:05 p.m. ET), and the Bengals’ bye week moves to Week 10.

If you have seen the footage of Houston, you know this had to happen, although a move to another city would have been an option.

Again, thoughts and prayers to those in the region.

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Houston/Baltimore game moved to Monday Thu, 11 Sep 2008 22:47:00 +0000 admin From the NFL:




Due to the importance of allowing the Houston area to focus on its recovery from the expected arrival of Hurricane Ike on Friday, the Houston Texans’ home game Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens has been re-scheduled for Monday night at Reliant Stadium at 7:30 PM Houston time (8:30 PM ET). The game originally was scheduled to be played on Sunday, September 14 at 3:15 PM Houston Time (4:15 PM ET).

The Texans-Ravens Monday night game will be televised on local CBS stations in the primary and secondary markets of the Texans (Houston, Beaumont-Port Arthur, and Bryan, Texas) and the Ravens (Baltimore; Washington, DC; Salisbury, MD; and Harrisburg, PA).

Makes a pain for Ravens/Texans owners but it’s vital to settle this now rather than wait for something to happen. You’ll just have to wait and see – we’ll talk about this on The Drive Block tonight at 7pm PST (10pm EST) and probably on The Jake Stevens Show on ESPN1230 tomorrow at just after 7:30am PST (10:30am EST).

As always I am sure I join you in sending our thoughts and prayers to the affected region and one hopes everyone stays safe and well.

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