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The Thundering Blurb Show – 10/11

You can't see the UFO parked on Soldier Field, but it's there.

Howdy from the Windy City (which is more foggy then windy this morning).

I’m in Chicago for some non-football business but the NFL and College football keeps keeping on and so do we.

Which was almost more then I can say for the Jets-Vikes who were delayed 45 minutes due to lighting. We were on time – check out the show here. You can also subscibe via itunes and never miss an episode.

A brief synopsis for the morning before I head off for breakfast and some work.

  • I touch on the M*A*S*H unit status of the Packers. It could be worse, but it could be much better. (Fantasy Alert: Andrew Quarless will fill in for Jermichael Finley & Donald Lee. Not a lock cause he can’t block, but could be someone to watch for an emergency fill in)
  • Colt McCoy could be the Browns starter. Dear Lord….
  • Ohio State is far and away the #1 in the AP poll. But in the ‘mock BCS poll’ Boise would be. We’ll know Sunday but come on….
  • Pitt losing to the Irish wasn’t awful but it continues to hurt the Big East on the big stage, but West Virginia snuck back into the Top 25. Also, Tino Sunseri is just not ready for prime time. Of course, neither are the Panthers as a team this year.
  • Alex Smith remains starter in San Fran. But how long? And have the SF fans clamoring for David Carr seen him? If he comes in, assume Troy Smith isn’t far behind.

All that and more NFL news and notes as well as a ton of discussion on the Monday Night game, when it finally got started. Wasn’t pretty, that’s for sure.

Thanks for listening and reading.

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The Thundering Blurb Show – 10/4

Our streak of technical glitch free shows screeched to a halt about 45 minutes in when Skype dumped me not once but twice at the end of the show and I ended up finishing via cell phone.

So we can reset the count to zero but we got through it. You can always subscribe to the show on the Itunes feed as well.

Aside from that, I covered a ton of ground tonight.

First we talk abut what I think is the inevitable implosion of Jay Cutler. He was hammered behind that offensive line and while really he needs to get the ball out quicker, but he’s not getting protection. Are we shocked? I’m not. The oline was poor already and Martz doesn’t protect his QBs. It’s that easy.

The offensive line is also partially responsible for Matt Forte’s woes on the ground but I’m still not a fan. I think he’s an average back who had his career year in his first year.

How much longer before Cutler loses his temper? Odds are….very soon.

I also talk a little about what I was hearing on Denver Sports Radio this morning – are Broncos fans really unhappy with Kyle Orton? What more does Captain Neckbeard have to do for you?

I touch on the Jets (shocker) and how well the team has been playing, but mostly talk about how despite a big game against the Bills, I don’t think Shonn Greene is poised to rip off a ton more like it. It’s not that he runs badly – it’s a combination of play selection which sends him into the defense and not enough carries.

Oh, and Tomlinson is looking very, very good.

After that I segue into some news including Steve Smith’s ankle, LeSean McCoy’s ribs, Ahmad Bradshaw’s ankle, Mike Vick’s ribs…. I sense a theme.

Also Max Hall’s potential starting gig, Pierre Thomas’ injury, Sidney Rice’s rehab woes and Arian Foster’s great attitude post benching.

After the break, we come back to talk some Top 25 College Football rankings and I talk a little bit about TCU and it’s rumored offer (or potential offer) to join the Big East. I get into this a lot more on Kevin McGuire’s podcast ‘The College Football Examiner’ but I talk a little about it here as well.

Somewhere in the above segment I get Skyped and it’s a bit choppy – happens about the time I start talking Pitt-Notre Dame. Might be a sign, I don’t know.

I wrap things up with a tad more NFL news.

Thanks for listening and reading. Next week I will be broadcasting from Chicago. Cross your fingers I don’t get Skyped there too.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 9/20

Another Monday night in the books and another Thundering Blurb Football Show as well.

I started the show on a sad note, reporting that Denver Broncos Kenny McKinley had been found dead in his home on Monday. Of course, thoughts and prayers are with his family and the Broncos organization, which has seen it’s share of sadness and loss of life.

From there I move onto happier topics or at least less serious ones as I tour around the Big East games from the past weekend. It isn’t a pretty picture, save for Syracuse and West Virginia.

The Big East is really struggling and has several tough and vital games coming this week, including West Virginia at the home of the LSU Tigers.

About 15 minutes in, Jim Day aka Fantasy Taz joins me and we take a phone call.

Afterwards, we talk about the craziness at the quarterback position over the past weekend and what it means for various teams. We hit upon Jimmy Clausen, Max Hall/Derek Anderson, Mike Vick vs Kevin Kolb, Gradkowski vs Campbell, Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Edwards and…. Garrard vs….um…. whomever isn’t hurt?

We also talk a little about Overreaction Monday and what Jim thinks peopel are going overboard on already from Sunday. We talk about Jamaal Charles and whether he accidentally ran over Todd Haley’s dog or if he just isn’t a good enough coach to recognize talent.

I warned you about Charles but wow, even I am shocked how bad it is.

On the flipside, Jim and I both love us some Jahvid Best.

Finally, as the clock runs out on the show, we talk about what might have caused Tom Brady’s un-Brady-like second half against the Jets and Brett Favre’s awful first two games.

Always a pleasure to chat with Jim, who you can follow on The Twitter, and catch on his own shows, including the Talking Trash with Taz lead-in to Cecil and Sig on The Audible Thursday nights.

Thanks to Jim for coming by and thanks to you for listening.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 9/13

I’m currently licking my wounds as my beloved Jets found a way to get a ton of turnovers – but also a ton of penalties. I’ve talked before about how I was worried the distractions, new faces and high expectations might scuttle the season.

Yeah yeah, its week 1. Still, they – like several other teams – need to take a hard look in the mirror this week.

While the Jets were stumbling, the Blurb show was not and along with a nice group in the chat, we covered a great many topics including:

  • Stafford’s shoulder and the effect on the Lions offense
  • Ryan Grant’s ankle and Brandon Jackson’s prospects
  • The Eagles injuries to Kolb & Bradley as well as the handling of Bradley’s injury in game
  • Also my thoughts throughout a few segments on Matt Moore, the Panthers, and the Giants WR corps

We also touch on several College Football and Big East topics including:

  • Terrelle Pryor, Denard Robinson and Heisman hype
  • The Gators offense
  • Villanova potentially joining the Big East

As well as some various injury news.

Thanks as always for coming by and listening. You can also subscribe via ITunes.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 9/6

Hey folks- another Monday is in the books and so is another Thundering Blurb Football Show.

Last night I was joined with the editor in chief, the defacto Jet-in-charge, as it were – Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog a place where if you have a mind, Jets news literally overflows.

Bassett and I discuss many things Jets, covering the following topics:

  • Darrelle Revis’ contract, why it took so long and fan fallout
  • Calvin Pace and what impact it has for the team
  • Whether Mark Sanchez can take his game to the next level
  • The Wide Receiver corps
  • If Shonn Greene will last a season, if LT has gas in the tank and the Chauncy Washington/Joe McKnight debate

And more! I also talk a little about Houshmandzedah, Mark Clayton, Sam Bradford and more of the NFL Cuts and moves before Brian comes on.

Here’s the link again. You can also find it on ITunes and subscribe so you don’t have to wander here on a Tuesday and read my synopsis to get the link – though I am grateful you do!

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 8/23

Hi – REALLY brief show post today as I was planning to do this tonight, but instead BTR has ITunes issues so in case someone comes looking for the show – well they can find it here.

Stuff I covered -

Lots of CHAT questions – if you want fantasy answers or just want a show topic heard, you should head to or and hop in the chat. Be heard!

We talk some Nick Mangold/Jets contract talk and about how – sometimes – doing thing the right way (ie, showing up to camp) can work.

Turns out Tom Brady hates the Jets. Which is pretty much as it should be. Remember Jets fans – nobody hates the Bills. There’s a reason for that right now. (sorry Billsfan)

In other NFL news we talk about Bradford starting the next Rams preseason game, Anthony Dixon is still imperfect, Montario Hardesty is still not someone I want on a fantasy team and a few other odds and ends.

Then we get into the potential move of Michigan vs Ohio State, including splitting into seperate divisions and it’s affect on Big Ten football as well as football in general.

An excellent article by Dan Wetzel is the impetus for this concern on my part – it’s not the end of the world and you all know I’m a huge advocate of the super conferences but you HAVE to be careful monkeying with a 100 year old tradition just in the hopes that MAYBE POSSIBLY that game gets repeated in a title game.

We also spin it into some general College football talk and naturally some Big East Chatter.

As always, thanks for checking in – and hopefully Blogtalkradio will have the ITunes issues worked out soon(ish).

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 8/16

Great show again last night – kicked off an hour early by opening the chat to give the Jets/Giants fans a place to gather and trash talk.

By the time the show was going, we were already rolling.

We covered a lot of ground including:

  • Nick Saban banning NFL Scouts from Alabama practices. In my opinion, a move that is ridiculous and punishing the wrong people for the inability of colleges to control their players. I also touch on my axe to grind with the ex-Miami coach due to the way he left the NFL.
  • Brian Westbrook got his new contract with the 49ers, which tells you that despite the amazing game by Anthony Dixon, Singletary is still unsure he can rely on the rookie.
  • Tim Tebow went back to the form we didn’t like in predraft workouts as soon as he was pressured. Work in progress folks, work in progress. Also, Tim should avoid leading with his head on rushing TDs.

We also talk about the sudden lack of RBs in Buffalo as well as the awful play of the team on Friday night, the season ending injury to Ben Tate and what it does to Arian Foster’s role as well as the re-emergence of BIG Mike Williams in Seattle.

All that and some Big East talk with the chatroom and more news and notes from around the NFL and some discussion of the Jets/Giants game.

Thanks for coming by, thanks for downloading and as always, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your football off-season.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 8/2

So before we get started, I’ve been a bit negligent updating these posts – last week (and this you twitter followers know) my older son fell ill and we spent part of the week dealing with that. But honestly half the problem is not doing it post show on Monday night. Hopefully this will change – work is slowing down, the Gridiron is rolling along now. Things are mellowing out.

Also I will be on the Here We Geaux Podcast this Thursday with Chad Potier and Mark Ennis to talk some College Football. Will follow with more details (like, where can you hear it?) but hit up the linked site for the details as well.

Listening to the show right now – and the audio is shaky at points. Is it skype? Is it my internet connection? My computer? Will work that out – I hope.

Speaking of the show, here it is!

We cover a ton of ground in this one, and all of it is NFL oriented. We’ll get back to some Big East/College Football but with camps underway and camp injuries rampant – well we had to shelve the college kids for a week.

First, I have a few people you should be keeping track of – in some cases non-traditional media – at training camps.

Packers – CheesheadTV’s Aaron Nagler and Brian Carriveau are crushing it in Green Bay. If you care. Which not everyone does…

Broncos – I’d be remiss without a big shout out to Big Mex – Footballguys’ own Cecil Lammey, now at the Broncos facilities for Training Camp. His stuff will eventually appear here.

Jets – And of course Brian Bassett of the Jets Blog needs to get mentioned because I can be a homer. Plus Bri does outstanding work and with Darrelle Revis holding out and Hard Knocks around you know it’s going to be interesting.

After that bit of business, we start talking specifics.

Among the topics (and in only vague order):

  • Knowshon Moreno’s leg, Marshawn Lynch/Brian Westbrook possibilities?
  • Dez Bryant’s foot, his impact for the season, and when that may actually take place now.
  • PUP list additions (Owen Daniels), subtractions (Wes Welker) and alleged subtractions (Marques Colston)
  • Jay Cutler and Johnny Knox cozying up in the Bears offense
  • DeSean Jackson & Sidney Rice injuries, outlook (and some Favre talk because I’m sure he needs the pub)
  • The Revis holdout
  • Rookie deals for Mathews and Gresham (earlier we touch on Bradford’s cash)

I also mix in some CBA and contract talk, some general fantasy discussion and a bunch of little topics from the chat.

I’m also talking about increasing the length of the show – to 90 minutes, maybe longer. Let me know what you think in the comments or via email (thunderingblurb at gmail) or twitter.

As always thanks for coming by and I’ll see you same bat time, same bat channel next Monday.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 7/12

Morning folks – brief recap of the episode today as it looks like I’m in store for another round of chaos at the day job.
First of course, I am happy to announce the official launch of – my site dedicated to all things Big East football. Listening to the show, you’ll note that five minutes before air, the site imploded.
It’s back up and running now though, and there is a piece on the Rutgers offensive unit posted already.
Expect a companion piece on the defense later this week, followed by more of the same on the other seven teams.
As the summer goes on, I’ll be adding a regular video feature, news links and analysis of the same.
I’m excited and very happy I was able to de-Plaxico the site last night post-show.
Beyond, we touch on quite a few things including:
- Lebron James and the fact that he needs to slap whoever suggested ‘The Decision’ to him. Nothing good came out of that except for the Heat.
- World Cup – I learned from my barber the final was going to be fixed. Beyond that, had both the elements I love about futbol (exciting near goals, energetic crowd) and hate (too many ticky tacky yellow cards, copious amounts of flopping). I wanted the Netherlands to win because nobody else seemed to but Spain played a fine game and honestly Netherlands side just wore down, much like the US against Ghana.
We then move from futbol to football and cover a wide range of news including the Bears running back situation, rumors of Randy Moss to the same Bears and then we talk about some interesting Big East games to look forward to this fall.
Lots of stuff to do and as always, thanks to the guys in the chat, thanks to you for listening and downloading and letting me be a part of your offseason experiance.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 7/5

Jammed packed show last night and a lot of ground covered – the 1 hour format is getting a bit crowded.

First the link – check the show out here at BTR or on Itunes (and subcribe won’t you?)

Second – I promised a big announcement and so here it is. In one week I will be launching a new website called Big East Gridiron whose aim will be to give you full coverage and analysis of all eight teams in the Big East ranks.

Big thanks to Jim Day (aka Fantasy Taz) who tweaked my logo/header from very good to awesome. You see the results above.

The site will contain a lot of analysis of all the teams, some video and audio links (including to the Blurb show) and I’m hoping to do a weekly roundup of college football news from around the web.

I’m very excited and look forward to sharing everything with you next Monday. Spread the word to anyone you know who loves College Football and especially the Big East.

After that Earth Shattering Pronouncement, we move on to the the business at hand.

Last week I read an article by Evan Silva at about how QB “Guru” Tom Martinez blames the Raiders for JaMarcus Russell’s struggles. Of course he backpedals to say Russell needs to improve his work ethic as well but all in all on a better team – say the Jets – he might flourish.

You can imagine my issues with this. (Side note – this is Silva reporting on an article from the NYTimes, not Silva’s opinion.)

You can also imagine I go a little long on it. Sure, Martinez makes some good points about it but let’s be honest – Russell’s biggest problem (pun intended) is Russell. Even his teammates say so.

It isn’t brain surgery kids. And oh bye the way – someone tell Martinez that a run first team with a guy picked at #5 in the 2009 draft is not a perfect situation for Russell.

Just sayin’.

After that I talk about Phil Steele’s College Football Preview Magazine, one of my favorite pieces of reading material every year. We talk about how the Top 25 and how Rutgers isn’t in it, though Pitt is.

We’ll use it a lot more as a touchstone and common point of reference throughout the summer. (PS – I love Phil’s work but the website is a little painful to look at – don’t let it dissuade you. You’ll be missing out if you do.

Finally we touch on the Listener’s Segment, this week’s topic provided by frequent chat denizen GMoney.

G asks :

Was wondering what your thoughts are on why this off this off season it seems so many football players and front office personnel are getting into legal trouble.

Every day it seems someone is in the police blotter. I don’t understand why these guys want to jeopardize their careers. Love to hear what you think tonight on your podcast.

It’s funny but as I talked about it and thought about it, I started thinking maybe there isn’t really THAT much more being reported. I feel as though I was thinking the same thing last year and as soon as the season started, we forgot.

Regardless though, I touch on a few reasons – everything from a lack of follow-up help for incoming rookies (who are still young men and prone to silly decisions) to ever present media out of sensationalist stories.

There’s no single easy answer I think – more like there are many factors which make the news seem bigger, though there are certainly some serious issues.

Also, Goodell better be ready for some repercussions if Lions president Tim Lewand skates easier than players have.

That about does it – as always thanks for reading and listening.

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