THUNDERING BLURB » player updates ANDREW GARDA'S ENDLESS TAKES ON NFL AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL Fri, 22 Oct 2010 12:30:31 +0000 en hourly 1 Sunday News Updates! Sun, 07 Dec 2008 16:59:00 +0000 admin Brian Westbrook is playing and starting against the Giants. Even against a tough matchup, after 9 days rest you should get him in, though if you have a very solid RB1, I would move him to 2 or flex.

Matt Schaub is active and starting today against the Packers. I wouldn’t want to start him this week but if you have him and Culpepper or Marc Bulger – you might feel you have to. But rust and the GB secondary could make him a bad start.

Reggie Bush is also active and starting and a much better start against Atlanta. He played well last week and I expect him to roll along nicely as a lower end RB1 or a rock solid RB2.

Kellen Winslow is out as expected.

Detroit WR Shaun McDonald is out and that leaves Keary Colbert opposite Calvin Johnson. That isn’t great but not much worse than usual, unfortunately.

Willis McGahee is reportedly struggling with migraines. I know more than a few people who have this issue and it can be completely dibilitating. It could explain some of these streaks where he doesn’t play but is dressed. But it’s really just one more thing with this guy.

Steven Jackson reportedly wants “everyone to know” he is returning from a torn quad muscle, not a strain. Which makes him a little more dicey than I like but also explains why he took so long to fully get back on the field.

John Carney will be kicking today.

Clinton Portis is active and playing but his injuries and the matchup make me nervous.

Tashard Choice starts in place of Barber. Great to watch for Dynasty purposes but he should be nowehere near your lineup against the Steelers.

Dwayne Bowe gets overrated Dre Bly in coverage today. Might be a better day than I expected. Champ Bailey is out which could be good news for Bowe, Gonzo and Thigpen this week.

That’s all for now – back if anything major breaks!

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Early Sunday Rumors and Reports Sun, 23 Nov 2008 15:53:00 +0000 admin Here are some of the stories to track for this morning….

FWIW this early but’s John Czarnecki reports that Clinton Portis will start at Seattle Sunday. He’d be a good start but could get fewer carries than he has, assuming he actually plays….. also believes Carnell Williams will be active Sunday. Would have limited impact even if he plays….. In Philly, TE Brent Celek might start ahead of LJ Smith – it doesn’t make Celek a play this week, but migth ruin Smith’s value….

Czarnecki also reports Brian Westbrook will start and ’see how far he will go’ which is in direct conflict of local reports that believe he is closer to 50% whether he will play or not. Against Baltimore, avoid him anyway…… A big question mark against Arizona is Giants WR Plaxico Burress who is fighting a hamstring injury. You can’t count Plax out, of course but his numbers haven’t warranted a sure fire start in some time….

More as it comes…..

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