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More when I have it.

But bump up the Jets offense considerably if it’s true….

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Wednesday Morning Stampede Wed, 06 Aug 2008 14:21:00 +0000 admin So FAVREWATCH 2008 is far from over, but we knew that would be the case.

All that and some running back news below for the Morning Stampede…

Green Bay Packers
As was reported yesterday, Favre is probably close to being traded and soon. Both the Jets and Bucs are allegedly interested – the Tampa Tribune says Favre will be a Buc be days end, with Brian Griese heading to Wisconsin to back up Aaron Rodgers (which as I wrote last night, only made sense). Not so fast says Jay Glazer of FoxSports – the NY Jets have offered a much better trade package. Apparently, Favre currently prefers the Bucs, though he is talking to the Jets, and supposedly feels that the Packers are asking too much from the Bucs just because they are a NFC team.

I think this will clear up by Friday, maybe before, but it continues to be somewhat ugly between the Pack and their once favored son.

Both the Bucs and Jets would be good, not great fits, for Favre and neither is a Super Bowl contender though the Bucs seem closer on the surface. Favre may help them make a run while he merely makes the Jets an 8-8 team with Wild Card aspirations. That’s not a slam on Favre – the Jets are just farther away. But you never know.

Either team would put Favre back on the Fantasy radar and make him – at the very least – a #2 QB.

Chicago Bears
Kevin Jones is definitely healing well and while he might still open the season on the PUP list, he is supposedly running close to full speed. He’s been in pads, though sporting a heavy knee brace. It’s the brace that reminds you he is still coming back from a nagging injury and is a guy who the Bears probably picked up more for later in the season. Jones could be a pick during the last half or third of your draft, but you shouldn’t draft him for anything but bench depth. Matt Forte is still the starter and will be for some time, barring him struggling mightily.

San Francisco 49rs
Frank Gore could have a huge season if he is involved in the pass game the way I (and others) suspect he might, yet I still see him slipping late in the 1st round of drafts. Gore has worked hard to get into better shape, including dropping wieght. With the concerns for just about every running back pick after #3 (Westbrook or Peterson, depending on who you ask), Gore is someone to look at closely and consider for your #1 back.

Most of the 49rs have a long way to go to prove themselves fantasy worthy and Gore could still face 8 man fronts if Martz’s offense struggles. But Gore has faced them before and done well. Dropping the weight and getting into better shape will hopefully keep him healthier and get rid of nagging injuries that have plagued him for his career.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Just when we thought Fast Willie Parker had lost his goal line touches for good with the drafting of Rashard Mendenhall – not so fast. According to HC Mike Tomlin (by way of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ), Parker is once again under consideration for goal line duties. Now, I need to look into this but this may be a sign Mendenhall is struggling a little in camp. I’ll see what I can find out. Parker will get you the yards – but his touchdowns were completely absent last year and it killed his owners. If he can get even a few more goal line touches, it would really help his value to you. I have been, and still do, assume that the rookie Mendenhall will get a ton of short yardage looks, including in the red zone. Parker hasn’t got the size for it and concern still is he might wear down. But he has been effective on occasion and could be again if the offensive line is back on it’s game. That was the biggest problem last year – the Ol-ine struggled as much as he did.

He’s your rock solid RB2 – with a ton of upside if this plays out.

That’s all for now – more later.

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Favre to Bucs – Garcia to Packers? Tue, 05 Aug 2008 23:19:00 +0000 admin Hey guys

In case you were asleep, Adam Shefter says the Packers have placed Favre on the declared non-injury inactive list and told him once and for all – no, you cannot get your release. They are talking to the Bucs and Favre is thinking it over. And of course we have talked about what this could mean for Favre and the Bucs – but what about a wrinkle?

Could Garcia be a part going back to the Pack?

Let’s face it, the Pack has very shaky QB depth behind Rodgers who has a bit of an injury history. They need a veteran back-up and I was shocked they didn’t pursue one. So why not?

Well, Garcia still thinks he can start. He can. too. Maybe he can gamble that Rodgers will not work out or get hurt, but I doubt he’d be happy. On the other hand – well rotoworld put it better than I ever could -

….and Jeff Garcia would certainly throw a hissy fit to be remembered.

I think Garcia could do well in Green Bay but he may not go. I would think Brian Griese or Chris Simms will be more likely.

But anyway, I thought it an interesting notion. Jets are also getting mentioned a lot on NFL Total Access.

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Late Sunday Week Primer Mon, 04 Aug 2008 06:46:00 +0000 admin Hey guys

Hope you had a good weekend – between some computer issues and the imminent kickoff of both college football and pro football seasons, the Blurb was quiet this weekend for the most part.

Here is a quick look at what’s on tap, then a brief weekend update for you:

This week we’ll have much more Training Camp news as well as the beginnings of some college discussion. Both The Thundering Blurb Podcast and The Drive Block will of course be in full effect. And I am hoping to have at least my top 10 college rankings by Friday. That and Friday night/Saturday morning I hope to have delivered some on the spot Cowboys camp news as well.

So as always pretty quiet.

Here’s the weekend update:

Carolina Panthers
The Panthers have suspended wide receiver Steve Smith for 2 regular season games for his altercation with Ken Lucas, and it will be interesting to see how hard he drops in drafts. Hopes were high for him in the Fantasy community but there is no way you can draft him where he was going, often as people’s #1 wr. And now you know why we tell you a draft prior to preseason games is a bad idea.

However, if he drops long enough for you to grab him as a #2 and you can grab some good filler guys to back him up, he should be very productive after he gets back in the groove by week 3. So play up his suspension in your leagues and see if you can snag him as he tumbles hard. Overall he should be much better than last year, but you also have to worry about how he reacts to this.

Denver Broncos
Brandon Marshall has received his punishment from the league and it’s about where I thought it would be – I said 4, reduced to 2, and it’s 3, likely to be reduced to 2. Marshall is another guy who may tumble hard come your draft day and this will, like Smith, keep him from being someone you can grab as a #1 but might drop enough for you to grab later after you have a good #1, a good Rb and another guy in either category. When he comes back, Cutler will be very happy to see him and target him often.

Kansas City Chiefs
This might be irrelevant depending upon how you view the pass game in KC, but rookie Will Franklin has apparently passed by Maurice Price and Jeff Webb. Devard Darling is all that stands between him and starts, so consider a late flier on him – though if pickings are better elsewhere, remember the KC pass game will likely top out at ‘meh’ with sprinklings of ‘yuck’.

And brace yourselves -
Green Bay
Favre arrives in camp Monday. He was reinstated today after the Hall of Fame festivities were done with. It looks liek the competition is on and Aaron Rodgers took to the fight with 7-of-20 passes for 84 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception at the Packers’ Fan Fest scrimmage Sunday night. Yeah, that’s not a great start to this is it? Oh and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel saying that the Pack called the Vikings about Favre being available in trade – and I still say if that happens then Ted Thompson might as well sign his letter of resignation. The two times Favre would lead the Vikes against the Pack would do it for him, if he wouldn’t. But man, wouldn’t that make Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice owners happy?

More tomorrow throughout the day as we continue spinning Training Camp and the NFL for you every single day.

ps- just watched the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – and I have rarely been so perplexed by a flick.

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An interesting Favre thought Fri, 01 Aug 2008 23:09:00 +0000 admin So, Goodell isn’t reinstating him today. So no Brett this weekend. Packers get to breathe a bit and allegedly have a chance to move things forward with Favre – be it the package or convincing him to agree to a trade or whatever.

Here’s an interesting thing though. Because while I think Favre has really misplayed this top to bottom (although he isn’t alone of course), he faxed his papers in what – four days ago?

Does anyone find it interesting that the NFL delayed reinstating him until after this weekend – until after the Hall of Fame induction?

That’s a savvy group. Why risk having Favre show up to camp during a huge weekend for the League?

Interesting thought huh? Just conjecture of course, but seems off to me.

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Favre rejects Jets, decides to be sourpuss Fri, 01 Aug 2008 15:36:00 +0000 admin I’m not saying this as a Jets fan, though you might write it off as sour grapes on my part. Could that be part of it? Maybe. But I think really that I have just had enough of the Favre thing.

‘All I want to do is play football,’ he says. ‘Why don’t you all understand?’ he pleads. ‘The Packers don’t want me, then I need to be released so I can find someone who DOES,’he cries.

Unless of course a team who wants him is the Bucs. Or the Jets. Or rather a team not the Vikings.

Enough Brett. Just stop. It’s done.

I thought the Pack made a huge misstep when they offered him $20 mill to just go away. I was pretty disappointed and was finally of the mindset that they were being beyond ridiculous.

Maybe Favre was in the right.

But the fact is, Favre only wants one of two things:

To play in Green Bay and be in charge.

Or to play for the Vikings and stick it to Green Bay twice next year. The old ‘I told ya so’ with a little extra lemon thrown in.

I believed (past tense) Favre wanted to play above all else. I understood not going to the Dolphins. Or Kansas City. Heck, at heart I get not wanting to play for the Jets if he thinks the O-line has too many issues still.

But the statements he made today confirm he just wants to be right. It isn’t about football for Favre, not if he can say this to ESPN:

“My intentions have been to play, and with Green Bay. They say no, so I still want to play in this division for obvious reasons, which I made clear to management. If they won’t let me play in Green Bay, let me play against you. That’s where I am.”

If they won;t let him play in Green Bay (and I do think he gives them a chance at a Super Bowl that Rodgers doesn’t) he wants to stick it to them twice a year.

That’s not passion. That’s just bitter.

Maybe he has a right to be. But he’ll get no more sympathy from me (not that he’s gotten a ton, in honesty).

Green Bay has not acted well and has been responsible for a lot of this mess.

But every time they do something that puts me in Favre’s camp – amazingly, he finds a way to make me lose sympathy for him.

I can only hope Favre comes to his senses and finds a way to play – after all this drama, after all the times he told us how much he missed it, it would be a waste not to.

Find a way to get traded to another team, Favre. If not the Jets, fine. But don;t get caught up so much in the bitter fued between you and Ted Thompson that you forget why you started this disaster in the first place.


Back with more actual news later.

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FAVREWATCH 2008 Continues Fri, 01 Aug 2008 01:52:00 +0000 admin Getting ready for the Drive Block (@7 minutes off) but wanted to hit this -

From the Green Bay Press-Gazette: The Packers are in ’serious negotiations’ with the Jets for a trade. Win Win – Bus Cooke has spoken with Gang Green so Favre might be ok with the trade.

We’ll talk about this on The Block, but I think this could be the reason Favre didn’t fly to Green Bay today. He might have known he needed to go East.

Stay tuned – more later. But I think the Jets would benefit, Clemens would get 2 more years (maybe?) to learn from a Pro Bowler (as would 3rd string Ainge, BTW) and ultimately the Jets would get a good QB who could make a huge difference NOW – which with the money they spent, is what they want. Win now.

And as I said, Favre wins too – he gets a chance to start which is what he wanted.


we’ll see.

Tune into the Drive Block – or call (347) 826-7620 and join in!

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Jeff Garcia Hurt Thu, 31 Jul 2008 16:36:00 +0000 admin Just saw this item at

Looks like self-proclaimed ‘I am the starting quarterback’ Jeff Garcia is pranged up.

We don’t know how serious – if at all – it is right now but if he’s even kinda hurt…..

How bad would the Bucs want Favre?

I think Gruden would do everything he could to get the soon-to-be-ex-Packer. Something will happen and it looks liek the Pack is talking or considering talking to the Bears or Vikings. If the Bucs made a strong offer, the Packers would probably try to move him there to avoid the nightmare of a trade within the division…

I’ll report back on more as I hear it…..

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Morning Favrewatch 2008 report Thu, 31 Jul 2008 14:27:00 +0000 admin Hey folks -

We stand upon the edge of the the Favre/Green Bay/Training Camp Hurricane and the news out of Green Bay just gets weirder.

Now I have been largely on the Pack’s side – I think frankly both sides have behaved poorly but I really felt that the way Favre has handled it has been worse. And that may still hold true, really. I still feel like he has been acting like a prima dona.

All that said, if this report by the Green Bay Press Gazette is true, then they may be more insane than I gave them credit for.

I get they don’t want Favre back. But they also held a lot – maybe not all but MOST – of the cards in this thing, especially from a PR standpoint. But to send Mark Murphy to buy Favre off? You’re that desperate? Jeez guys.

Go and talk him into working a trade to a team both of you can be happy with. Go and talk to him about being #2 quarterback in camp (which allegedly they did). Explain to him why he is crazy to think you’ll release him to play for a Division rival (something he darn well knows, but just doesn’t care about). get that list of teams he wants to go to. Show him yours. Compromise. Buy him lunch and repair that dent I saw in his pickup.

But bribe him? Wow. No wonder Murphy looked so flustered. The moment he said it he knew 1) they had him and 2) Favre or Cooke would leak it to the press.

Assuming this is true, well – game, set and match to Favre. You just blinked Packers.

Friday should be fun. Heck, TODAY could be a real riot.

We’ll keep you posted.

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Favre and the rest of the guys…. Wed, 30 Jul 2008 23:14:00 +0000 admin Is there any other news?

Favre and his agent Bus Cooke met with Pack President Mark Murphy met today – Cooke and Murphy for 9 hours.

Amazing. Murphy didn’t look pleased leaving. Brett did – though he only logged two hours. Cooke looked a little smug, but who knows? what were they talking about? Trades? Retirement? Whether Heath Ledger should get an Oscar nod?

I don’t know. Friday will be very interesting indeed. I would love to know – for real – what Favre wants. I am not 100% sure he’s only after a release. But I’d be curious to know what is really in his head.

Carolina Panthers
DeAngelo Williams has been running with the first team so far – HC John Fox doesn’t give starting gigs away without earning it. I still think Jonathan Stewart will get most of the carries, but you shouldn;t be looking at him as anything beyond a 3rd RB with tremendous upside. But anything sooner and you are facing some real risk – as with all rookie RBs.

Cincinatti Bengals
Rudi Johnson is looking very strong in camp – he may end up being a value at the end of the 2nd rounds (and farther back) where he is going now. But don’t read too much into the hype yet – he has to hold up over the season and that offensive line still has some large question marks.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Rashard Mendenhall and Willie Parker are still looking like they will split carries. And here’s the thing – they seem very happy with that. Parker was ok during the time he split with Bettis – productive overall. You can count on good yardage for him and an uptick of touchdowns, but anything would be better than last year. Mendenhall will probably do all right and vulture some TDs but like Stewart, he won’t be reliable enough to warrant more than a #3 spot on your team. But I think he will grow to be a tremendous compliment to Parker as years progress.

That’s all for now – remember – in less than an hour and a half – The Thundering Blurb podcast goes LIVE at! 9pmEST/6pmPST!

Call in at (718) 506-1722 – or tune in here and chat it up!

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