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Merriman Article on

Hey folks – as some may remember I write the Chargers blog over at Just posted an analysis of Shawne Merriman’s belated decision to get his knee cut on.

Check it out (and other stuff I write during the week): HERE

Lots of good articles on teams there – check it out folks!

The gist of the article is: Merriman leaving is tough but could be a good thing for the season once the Chargers adjust.

New Writing Gig

I have just begun prepping to write for a new site – this time as the coverage guy for the San Diego Chargers. The site is called and it now resides in the links to the right under ‘Sites that keep you from getting pancaked’.

The site is not quite ready to launch but will soon – and I’ll let you know exactly when it is. It’s also a companion site for and the great stuff they do over there.

I’ll let you know when it’s up but the forums are up and humming over here, so check them out.

Will go over the preseason game notes in a while, including Charlie Batch’s injury AND some USC Mark Sanchez news as well. Bad day to be a QB,