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NFLN says Matt Cassel will Start

NFLN’s Adam Shefter is saying that Pats QB Matt Cassel is planning on playing today, after there was some question due to the death of his father.

It’s always hard to gauge how something like this will affect someone – Cassel hasn’t been practicing and the Oakland secondary can be good, though they played badly last week. Word is Asomougha will NOT shadow Randy Moss and CB CHris Johnson has been streaky. I have Cassel ranked pretty high – but always consider that we don’t know how he will react after his father’s death.

Broncos vs Browns Breakdown

So here’s my takes on the fantasy players for tonight’s game. I will be trying to do this every Wednesday night/Thursday morning to give you my latest and greatest takes on the Thursday night games.

My philosophy for Thursday games – start guys who are your studs or are very consistent. We have the least amount of info by Thursday and it’s hard to know who is or isn’t ready to go sometimes. So if you are on the fence witha flex guy, usually I like to go with a Sunday player rather than a Thursday.

This post is for Denver – Cleveland will be along a little later….

Denver –
Pass Game - Cleveland is actually a slightly better than average pass defense, ranked 13th vs the pass and while they have given up 9 TDs to offenses but also have 9 picks – 7th in the league. However, they are struggling to get pressure on the QB – only 13 sacks so far. Also, the last three games they have coughed up almost 700 yards and Joe Flacco beat them up for 236 and a pair of TDs. I think this is a pretty good matchup – the Broncs oline is struggling a bit but they will probably win this war this week.

Jay Cutler – He’s had some real issues holding onto the ball or getting it to the receivers not the opposition. Still this is a pretty good mathcup for him. He’s a start against a secondary that is opportunistic but should give him enough time to find his receivers. He may have a pick but should more than offset that with @250 yards and a Td or two.

Brandon Marshall – Marshall was shut down and locked up last weekend and killed his owners with 2(!) catches for 27 (!) yards. But he got a long TD called back on a ticky tacky pass interference call and while that’s not a ton of catches the stats would have been much better. He’s getting an average of 10+ targets most games and while expectations were over-inflated, he is still a solid WR. He hasn’t seen the end zone since week 4 – this week I think that could change. He’s not going to be the #1 Wr this week in my opinion, but I think despite the bad game last week he will be back to his usual 7-10 points (add 6 or 7 in PPR) with the possibility of a TD this week.

Eddie Royal – Royal is still having a heck of a season even when he seems to be quiet. He’s only had a pair of bad games really, and he usually gets @ 9 targets. He’s a good flex or #3 pr 4 play depending upon your bench. This week I think you can use him BUT don’t plug him in above his flex or # spot.

Other guys – Brandon Stokely is a a guy who can put up good numbers but ayou aren’t sure when, so unless you are strapped at WR, I would look elsewhere….. might be back, we’ll hear more today but I have to hesitate to use him unless you (like me in one league) are ina tight corner…… Darrell Jackson…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… no seriously, don’t start him….. (edited to add) Tony Scheffler – if he is in, I might be tempted to play him, but I always hesitate to start a guy post-injury (unless his name is Anquan). Scheffler is a guy I want to wait a week on, even though I could miss a big game here.

Rush Game -
The Cleveland rush D is just this side of brutal, ranked 28th in the league and coughing up 148 yards on the ground with a nice 9 TDs so far against opposing ball carriers. Salivating yet? Well, not so fast. Andre Hall and Michael Pittman are now on the IR, we’ve got a banged up Selvin Young and a rookie Ryan Torain. Also there have been some injuries to the Oline. A great matchup that may have a lot less fantasy value than it should.

Selvin Young – I think Young may not play. He’s banged up and as of now, I haven’t heard he is practicing fully yet. As he is questionable, this is real simple – don’t start him, even if he is playing. I don’t want a Willis McGahee/Steven Jackson type point total (0 or 2) to start the week off. Avoid the Noid.

Ryan Torain – Torain didn’t look all that great BUT he did only get three carries. Here is a guy who needs to learn pass protection, the speed of the game, all his plays and all that is entailed in being a starting Rb in the NFL. Now, plenty of rookies (Forte, Johnson, Slaton) have performed. And Torain will probably get a ton of carries. He’s risky, but he’s healthy and worth a start. Now, the most I would start him as is as a flex. Don’t overvalue – and if you have a good matchup elsewhere I might be tempted to go that route. But we just have no idea if he will play well – but the matchup and situation make him a start with upside.

Peyton Hillis – Bear with me here – I would NOT START HIM this week. Too much a chance he disappears again into the ether. BUT – and this is vital – you may want him on your bench. He is the only guy healthy here aside from Torain and if Torain struggles, Hillis could get more work. He blocks well, has great hands and can clearly catch the ball. Like Torain he is a rookie but unlike Torain he has game experiance. Will he repeat last week. Unlikely, hence my do not start him statement. But even though the Denver backfield is no longer DENVER RB and more denver rb it’s still worth watching for a starter late in the season.

That’s it for Denver – we are going to be back later with Cleveland’s prospects for tonight.

Baltimore vs Houston Postponed again? UPDATED AND CONFIRMED

Hey folks -

This isn’t official BUT both ESPN and the NFLN have reported that the game between the Texans and Ravens may be postponed again. According to the NFLN news blurb I just saw, a conference call between the teams and the NFL is scheduled for sometime this afternoon.

I will follow up with news as I hear it – may I suggest for commisioners to do the following:

1) Alert your league – don’t let it to chance and run the risk that they don’t know, aren;t following and get pissed later. Maybe the ’shark move’ is to let them sink on their own but you are the Commish – keep them informed.

2) Either warn them off playing any players from those teams OR have them submit a sub list in case the game is canceled last minute. It probably won’t – we will probably know by tonight what will happen. But again, keep yourself covered.

As always, thoughts and prayers for the affected region. I was in Los Angeles for both the riots and the Northridge Earthquake. Neither one was any fun and I can assume a Category 3 Hurricane ranks up there as well.

According to this article at the game between the Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens has been postponed. Here is what they are doing according to the article.

The Ravens-Texans game originally scheduled to be played Sunday, then rescheduled to be played Monday night due to Hurricane Ike, will now be played in Week 10. The originally scheduled Bengals-Texans game in Week 10 has been moved to Week 8 (game time 4:05 p.m. ET), and the Bengals’ bye week moves to Week 10.

If you have seen the footage of Houston, you know this had to happen, although a move to another city would have been an option.

Again, thoughts and prayers to those in the region.