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Friday News Stampede

Covering some of the news aftermath of last night’s games – expect some big cuts tomorrow, which we will discuss sometime between now and Wednesday, unless soemone huge gets canned.

Baltimore Ravens
Troy Smith’s tonsillitis has taken a turn for the worse and Smith has now been hospitalized. While he may be released in a few days the inability to eat during portions of the last week and now a hospital stay doesn’t bode well for his ability to start week 1. Joe Flacco looked good last night (8/13, 72 yards) but still has work to do. He may have run out of developmental time though and could start the first game.

Houston Texans
The running back situation will clear by the end of day Saturday – Darius Walker carried the ball 9 times and only got a meager 18 yards. That 2 ypc isn’t going to cut it and the only thing that might save him is that they are paying Chris Brown more money to do less and be injured. Ahman Green may be the initial starter, but Steve Slaton or Chris Taylor will emerge later and my money is still on Slaton.

New Orleans Saints
Deuce McAllister carried the ball 11 times for 30 yards in a final test of his surgically repaired knee. He seems to be all right, though he wasn’t tremendously effective. While Deuce will probably start the year as a #2 (although could he be cut?) I expect Aaron Stecker or Pierre Thomas to tale over that job gradually. Thomas hasn’t been lights out or anything, but he played well last year briefly and Stecker is decent as a back-up.

Washington Redskins
Has any preseason rookie Qb impressed like Colt Brennan? Probably not, because few had expectation as low as his. Still, give him credit – he has looked very good so far in preseason action. 13/18 for 119 yards isn’t Joe Montana numbers and he has a way to go, but Brennan seems to have overcome some of his shortcomings and should stick around. It will be a long time before he has an impact, but one day – if he keeps this up – he will get his shot.

That’s all for now folks – more later including some college thoughts. Figure late afternoon/early evening for you east coast peeps.

A few notes of the Day

Just got back in from watching several pro players training with Travelle Gaines at Elite Athletics in Westlake Village, CA. I know I’m not in great shape, but watching these guys work made me think I have to hit the gym again, soon. It was also great to see veterans like Lorenzo Booker, Billy Miller (who owns the joint) as well as rookies like Bruce Davis, working their tails off. Lots of effort goes into the off-season, believe you me.

More from those guys in the next week or so.

A few notes -

The thought has been – and this is most discussed in Fantasy Football Circles – that with Mad Mike Martz on the job is San Fran, every WR in the area might get some good numbers. The debate has been who will get more catches – venerable Isaac Bruce or upstart Bryant Johnson. Arnaz Battle has been a whisper as someone who might have a Shaun McDonald/Mike Furrey-esque explosion under Martz. Well, now Matt Barrows has reported on his Sacremento Bee blog that the team might not be featuring a 3rd WR, as Marrtz has in the past. This could significantly alter Battle’s possible value and as someone in the middle of a Fantasy Football auction right now, has knocked down on my list of values. Keep watching, and I’ll keep you informed.

Every year someone has to make some kind of guarentee regarding how good their team will be and as we near training camps, we’ll see more of it – this week’s entry is from Donte Whitner, DB for the Buffalo Bills. I hate guarentees, they always come back to bite you in the rear end. But look at the Bills – they added not 1 but 2 good WRs in James Hardy and Steve Johnson (I’m telling you, Johnson will be a 7th round success story) to pull pressure off of Lee Evans. Added Leodis McKelvin to work with Whitner. Are saying they will involve Marshawn Lynch in the pass game more. The AFC East is open for business – the Jets are struggling, Miami is a disaster – the only sure thing is the Pats and if everything clicks, I’ll go on record as saying the Bills might give them two very hard games.

A wild card birth is not out of the question at all.

With all the drama at the WR position this off-season – Ocho Cinco, Terry Glenn, Houshmandzedah, Engram – it’s nice to see a franchise and a player do something ahead of time. The New Orleans Times-Picayune (what is a Picayune?) reports that the Saints and top WR Marques Colston are talking about an extension. Colston (as well as Guard Jahri Evans) are already talking about extensions with the club. Of course, after they sign extensions, he might up and complain about them a year later when WR X gets paid 3x as much. But I think actually it’s as much about appreciating these guys and what they do as the money. And it’s smart to lock up your team’s dominant WR and a solid guard while you can. Make them feel appreciated. Keep them happy.

Always good policy.

I’ll be back later to keep YOU happy (see what I did there?) with another update tonight.

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