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To Vick or not to Vick?

Well, Andy Reid made his bed and he’ll lie in it – messy as it is. I’m not saying it’s a bad decision, if he thinks he will win more games with Vick than Kolb. Remember, Kolb looked pretty brutal in the preseason as well as that one half of concussion-free football in Week 1.

Vick looks better than he ever did – we’ll see if he fares as well against a defense preparing for him.

But can Reid go back to Kolb if Vick flops? I’m not saying I want him to flop, I think a success story for Vick could be something special. But if he does flop – what will the locker room think? What does it think now?

And I wouldn’t have batted an eye if we were in Week 5. Or even Week 3, if Kolb had choked for two weeks straight? But now?

If you were in ‘win-now’ mode either you keep McNabb or start Vick from the get-go.

Michael David Smith (writer on put it best when he said:

Lesson NFL players will take from Kolb-Vick switch: “If I get a concussion, no way I leave the game and let my backup take my job”

You have to wonder if guys who normally wanted to get back in there will hide a bad hit even more.

Rumor has it that the Cleveland Browns called the Eagles about Kolb and were turned away.


The AJ Smith/Vincent Jackson staring contest is now officially ridiculous. By the time you read this maybe a trade has happened but you know what?

I wouldn’t be a damn bit shocked if it hasn’t.

The Rams have reportedly dropped out, The Vikings allegedly have a deal in place with VJack, but won’t toss a 3rd round pick in with a 2nd they already offered.

What’s Smith doing? Does he think Jackson will get with the program if he shoves being a Charger down his throat? When does this become less about ego and more about getting something for a player who will not happily play on your team again?

Smith never blinks but I think this time he’s over his head. I could be wrong.

Sidenote: Is a team willing to put two picks on a guy one bad decision away from a year long suspension?

Speaking of bad decisions….

Braylon Edwards is a dumbass

Sorry, he is. Especially when there are programs designed to pick a player up and get him home safe AND I”ve heard some of those programs have a second guy show up to drive your car home.

But Bomani Jones put it perfectly on The Morning Jones today.

What was your plan Braylon? You knew you were getting tipsy tonight so…. you drove? Did you think ahead to 5am and what shape you might be in? (Let’s not point out that practice after a 5am return home….. yeah not pleasant I imagine)

At what point were you thinking at all?

I mean, you just had one of your better games as a Jet in a huge win on a team you want a big contract from…. and you Plaxico yourself?

The next good decision Edwards makes could very well be his first.

On the flip side, I’m wondering what exactly is the source of the ’suspend him’ crowd in the media.

Listen, I think drunk driving is pretty stupid and we can all thank whatever God you worship nobody was hurt here and we didn’t have another Donte Stallworth incident.

I’m not sure that it’s instantaneously suspension-worthy. Other players have had a DUI (or DWI if you’re in another part of the country) and I never heard a call for their heads.

Why this reaction and why Braylon? (is it the Beard? It is rather intimidating.)

I don’t have an answer for that, maybe you do. If so, leave it in the comments. But honestly more than Edwards making a dumb choice (yet again), the media reaction in NYC has been almost as harsh as the traffic.

And if you’ve listened to the show at all since I moved here, you know how bad I think that is.

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Teams lining up to say they DON’T want Owens Thu, 05 Mar 2009 19:33:00 +0000 admin Day 1 of a nation held hostage as we await a TO signing. I really do think this guy will be signed and sooner than later but I am seeing teams coming out saying they have no interest in Owens.

The Ravens (who he was once traded to and then had that trade reversed), the Browns, and the Redskins have expressed disinterest and will not be pursuing TO. I’ve heard no official ‘no thanks’ from the Vikings, but have heard rumors they will also pass.

It will be interesting the see where the NFL divide ends up. We know he’ll go somewhere – but the teams NOT interested might be just as telling and more interesting than those who are.

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Championship! TJ Houshmandzedah signs with Seattle Mon, 02 Mar 2009 23:21:00 +0000 admin Minnesota and Cinci can now cry in their beer together. Somehow while we were focused on those two teams, the Seattle Seahawks slipped back in and reportedly offered $2million more than either one of them and stole their Housh.

My take: Well, Houshmandzedah will give them a healthy solid threat at flanker and makes Deon Branch expendable which was being discussed earlier this off-season. Branch could work the slot but realy how much value has he given them so far? I think they may continue to develope soem of the young WRs and may still think about drafting a rookie early – think about Crabtree or Maclin opposite Housh? Looks nice.

Now they all just need to stay healthy.

Cinci and Minny have to be bummed. He would have been a nice pairing with Berrian. Cinci needs him especially if Johnson continues to slip. And frankly targeting Benson first was a bad move on the part of Cincinnati. Of the two losers in this bidding war, Cinci has the worst end of it. At least Minny can still count on Berrian, Peterson and Taylor. Rice may still develope into a solid #2.

Cinci is a mess though and this makes it real hard to believe they can right the ship this year. It’s a huge loss and they will need to scramble to get back on track.

edited to add – So the Bengals are now bringing in ex-Jet Laveraneus Coles. Jeez, I like Coles, but a bit of a step down, no? Good for Coles though – he might make the money he was looking for now. If it happens, Palmer also has a reliable WR but Coles is no Housh.

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Adrian Peterson – Game Time Decision Fri, 19 Sep 2008 05:29:00 +0000 admin NFLN is reporting that Adrian Peterson will be the dreaded ‘GAME TIME DECISION’, meaning that even though he practiced he is still feeling the affects of his hamstring injury.

I followed up on some of the beat writer blogs in Minny and yeah it looks like ADP is not so much ‘All Day’ as we’d like to see. I will be downgrading him on the RB rankings (out in about an hour, maybe less). He will be listed as Questionable on today’s Injury Report in all likelyhood.

At least it’s an early game – make sure you check in here and watch the news pre-game to make sure you are ok to start him. Unlike LT, who played hurt and ultimately had to come out, the matchup and ADP’s ability make me confident that if he does play, he will be a good start.

RB and TE rankings a little later. Just wanted to catch you up on Peterson.

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Tarvarais Jackson out – GusFrerotte IN Wed, 17 Sep 2008 18:43:00 +0000 admin In a move that is a surprise but not really, Brad Childress has opted to end the Jackson experiment (for now) and named Frerotte the starter for the foreseeable future or what is better known as ‘until he goes down with an injury’. Frerotte has a strong arm, cannot move worth a damn outside of the pocket and is prone to awful decisions.

All that said, he will allow the Vikes to open the playbook more and it’s a bump up for the receivers (most notably Bernard Berrian, though my mancrush Sidney Rice might take a few weeks to be 100% after straining his PCL). Now if they can hold onto the ball, that would be something.

Frerotte is a start only as a bye week filler and maybe in a 2 QB league. The real question I have is – if he goes down (dare I say WHEN?) and if Jackson continues to struggle in relief – when do we see John David Booty?

And would that be a good thing?

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