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Don’t overvalue Mewelde Moore

Something Mr. Bloom and I disagreed on last night was the relative value of Mewelde Moore this week.

I felt – and still do – that Moore will be splitting carries this week and in a pretty tough matchup behind an inconsistent Oline, that spells flex spot and maybe not even that. Just saw this on Rotoworld though and it only makes me feel more confident Moore is a marginal play and that’s all this week:

Steelers RB Gary Russell, slated to be the top backup to Mewelde Moore, could receive significant work Sunday.
Said offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, “I wouldn’t mind giving it to him 20 times a game. I’ve been waiting a couple years to see what he can really do.” Keep in mind that doesn’t guarantee Russell 20 carries this week, but he should be the goal-line back. Najeh Davenport will play only in an emergency.

Now I don’t expect Russell to get 20 carries – but they are going to give him the rock a bunch. As another blurb on Rotoworld says, Tomlin is ready to go RBBC this week and you’ll probably see Moore more in passing downs than running downs.

Not saying he couldn’t bust a long one, but I wouldn’t count on production this week from him.

Just saying is all….

Rankings coming very soon.

Willie Parker out Week 4 vs Baltimore

In what has become a theme this season – players being out after having not looked injured on the Sunday before – the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that Willie Parker will miss the matchup Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens.

Rookie Rashard Mendenhall will get the start – but before you murder people in front of you on the waiver wire list keep in mind a) is a bad matchup and b) he couldn’t hold onto the ball in the preseason. Mendy will be a borderline #2 Rb or flex – startable if you have players off one of the 6(!) teams on bye this week, but don’t go nuts and plug him in your #1 slot.

Mewelde Moore will probably see an uptick in carries as well. His value is even less, but someone to watch as well. Carey Davis and Gary Russell are guys to watch too.

We have no idea how long Parker will be out but when he comes back things could be very different depending on Mendy. But I think at worst it will be a split. Parker looked good before the mysterious injury – he will come back and play well from here on out if the injury isn’t too serious.