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Running Back Blurb Breakdown: Ladainian Tomlinson

CURVE BALL. Instead of the number three back, I pull out old LT2 who I think is NOT dead yet.

Here’s why:

Ladainian Tomlinson
I always love movies where some guy is counted out – be it in the boxing ring, a classroom, a board room – the comeback story is a favorite.

Maybe that’s why I’m higher on LT than many others. I think Tomlinson has another year – at least – in him and will put up solid numbers this year.

By all reports he’s healthy, so he won’t be starting the season banged up as he did last year. Now staying healthy – that’s the trick and at LT’s age, it might be no mean feat. Also a question is the play of the offensive line, which was borderline criminal last season and left LT, Darren Sproles and Phillip Rivers exposed to mad abuse.

That certainly didn’t help Tomlinson’s numbers.

A lack of a pure blocking fullback hurt as well. That also remains a question mark though Jacob Hester’s blocking improved as last season wore on.

Still I believe LT has at least one last hurrah in him and in fact will benefit in getting spelled for some carries by Sproles. He’s on the mat, bruised and battered by the pundits and I think the story ends with him getting up one last time and sending those pundits to the mat.

Chargers leave no doubt against the Jets

The Chargers looked like the team we expected them to be last night. With the exception of a pick-six early, Rivers looks like he is taking a big step forward. The defense played better than it has in the past two weeks – Antonio Cromartie especially looked good. And while LT looked ok but not great, his 2 TDs saved his fantasy value. I still stand by the call to bench him as risky. If Sproles had stayed in o nthe first TD or Jackson had been able to make two more steps we’d be feeling differently about LT’s performance. But if you had him in, you’re happy. Sproles put up ok points. Cotchery had a huge night PPR wise, otherwise ok. And Brett Favre is who we thought he was – a gunslinger who can get you the huge play but also turn over the ball a whole lot. Was glad to see the Jets air it out more though dissappointed to see the receivers and Favre are not remotely one the same page at times.

As I said just after the trade, this team was not a ‘Brett Favre’ away. It’ an 8-8 team and they will get there. But nights like last night are not surprising.

Tomlinson Update

ESPN has reported that – according to Norv Turner – LT cannot make hard cuts effectively.

So – if it wasn’t clear earlier – Sproles is the play. If you have a choice between LT and any of the following:
V Jackson
C Chambers
Thomas Jones

- you may want to bench him. Jacob Hester and Leon Washington would be a little more dicey to bench him for.

Bench LT – what is the world coming to?

Tomlinson Update – Not Much

NFLN is reporting that LT’s injury is ‘the same injury he had in 2003′ but much worse. The feeling in Culver City (NFLN’s offices) seems to be he needs a few weeks off to get up to 100%.

Now, it’s early yet BUT if this is the case, the Chargers may use Sproles more heavily in the game. Assuming his hammy doesn’t act up.

LT continues to be a shaky bet for tonight, while Sproles is slightly more sure. It’s hard to bench LT but you may be better off doing so if you need to come from behind, especially if you need to come from behind ina big way. In all likelyhood, Tomlinson will not be a good play tonight which is no different than I have preached since last week.

Will keep you posted.