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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 8/23

Hi – REALLY brief show post today as I was planning to do this tonight, but instead BTR has ITunes issues so in case someone comes looking for the show – well they can find it here.

Stuff I covered -

Lots of CHAT questions – if you want fantasy answers or just want a show topic heard, you should head to or and hop in the chat. Be heard!

We talk some Nick Mangold/Jets contract talk and about how – sometimes – doing thing the right way (ie, showing up to camp) can work.

Turns out Tom Brady hates the Jets. Which is pretty much as it should be. Remember Jets fans – nobody hates the Bills. There’s a reason for that right now. (sorry Billsfan)

In other NFL news we talk about Bradford starting the next Rams preseason game, Anthony Dixon is still imperfect, Montario Hardesty is still not someone I want on a fantasy team and a few other odds and ends.

Then we get into the potential move of Michigan vs Ohio State, including splitting into seperate divisions and it’s affect on Big Ten football as well as football in general.

An excellent article by Dan Wetzel is the impetus for this concern on my part – it’s not the end of the world and you all know I’m a huge advocate of the super conferences but you HAVE to be careful monkeying with a 100 year old tradition just in the hopes that MAYBE POSSIBLY that game gets repeated in a title game.

We also spin it into some general College football talk and naturally some Big East Chatter.

As always, thanks for checking in – and hopefully Blogtalkradio will have the ITunes issues worked out soon(ish).

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Thundering Blurb & Fantasy Sports Channel on ITunes Radio!

Hey folks – just reiterating what was on the Stampede today – but BTR’s Fantasy Sports Channel (and of course The Thundering Blurb Fantasy Show) is now part of iTunes Radio. If you have the iTunes application, you can find their radio programming under “LIBRARY” in the top left corner. Click on that and look for “Sports Radio”. BTR Fantasy Sports feed is like second.

So yet another way to listen to us all yammer!

Podcast up!

A few technical difficulties – but some good Oline discussion if I do say so myself.

Check it out on BlogtalkRadio – or just check out the show on the right.

Also, subscribe to ITunes and tune in next week with 100% less technical glitches!

One more post tomorrow morning then it’s off to Vegas!