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2010 Draft Blurb Appearences

So I did a bunch of radio work this past weekend and didn’t have time to post it (and at times, didn’t have time to get a link to it) until now.

When you get a chance, check out the following bits of audio:

Friday Night I appeared on Brian Carriveau’s Cheesehead Nation show on We talked about the first few rounds of Packer picks, which I actually like quite a bit. (about 10 minutes at the front  but the ep goes much longer)

I’m at the top but stick around for the whole show as they break down some of the picks more in depth later on. It’s good stuff, and Railbird Central is a great place to go for Packer stuff.

Saturday I joined my good friend Matt Levine of The Final Score of WSTC/WNLK in Connecticut to talk some Jets and Giants as well as some general NFL Draft stuff as well. I uploaded it here so you can hear what I had to say from Radio City. (about 20 minutes long)

On Sunday I got to hoof it to the home of Sirius Satellite Radio and join Cecil Lammey of 104.3 The Fan in Denver and as well as Russ Lande, analyst for’s NFL Draft Warroom and head of GMJr for three hours of 2010 NFL Draft recap.

As Cecil’s show (every Sunday on the Fan) is on in Denver, we covered a lot of Broncos (and Tim Tebow) but also hit on the Draft in general and the AFC West as a whole.

You can also get a behind the scenes look at the three of us on this episode of Blurb TV. In fact you can get a look at ALL of my experience at the 2010 NFL Draft here at Thundering Blurb or over at my channel on Viddler as well.

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Special Thanks to Rick and Cecil

So we’re looking on target for the regular return of myself on the weekly Thundering Blurb show as the home office is almost set up.

But I want to take a moment to thank to good friends who covered for me the last two weeks.

Rick Serritella of took over the slot with the Draftbible’s All Access football show – if you missed it or if you haven’t checked it out before, take a listen. And check out the site,, for all the latest and greatest on the NFL Draft news front. The folks over there run a great site and I look forward to doing lots with them this year.

And of course the verbose and energetic Cecil Lammey – he of the Audible, the Drive Block and – who took over the Blurb last night. As he said on the show, we’ve known each other for a bunch of years now, going back to the defunct FFAdvisor and then days before he launched the Audible over at FBGs. Like with Rick and the, if you haven’t seen/heard Cec’s work over at Footballguys, check it out. Also make sure you head over to the site and keep your eyes peeled for another great season of DraftguysTV. Again, I look forward to doing tons with Cecil and the Draftguys all year long.

I’m heading back to bury internet cables, but starting next week, we’ll be ramping the site back up and getting back on track, linking you up to all the latest and greatest takes on NFL and Draft news with my take on each and every one, as well as articles and thoughts written by myself.

Thanks for hanging in there the last few weeks during the move – and thanks again to Cecil and Rick for keeping things going!

The Thundering Blurb Fantasy Podcast

Hey folks – the newest edition of the Blurb Fantasy podcast – some audio issues (sorry!) but some good guests in Cecil Lammey (The Audible and Footballguys) and Greg Kellogg (Fantasy Sports Group) who I dragged on the air for a segment or two.

Some talk about Denver Training and what I feel is the sweet spot of the draft, the 5,6,7 spot in a 12 team league.

Listen in and please subscribe to the ITunes feed at the right of this post!


I’m back! (and show notice for tonight)

Hey folks -

Am back from Alaska and ready to rock. Many things have happened JUST YESTERDAY and I will be posting on them later.

For now a notice -
Normally, Sigmund, Cecil and I will be hosting The Drive Block on Thursdays – but this week, we’re shifting to tonight – 7pm PST/10 EST. Scheduling is crazy, so hence the shift.

We’ll be back on Thursdays NEXT WEEK, but today, tune in tonight for the latest show, with Guest Doug Drinen,’s own human database.

The call in number is (347) 826-7620 – you can also chat live.

Back with more later.

Audible News and Notes for 7/11

In This Episode: Cecil Lammey, Marc Faletti, and Andrew Garda break down the top stories from around the NFL. Topics include: Brett Favre tells the Packers that he wants to play again, Matt Jones’ legal trouble, could now be the time to get rid of Carson Palmer in dynasty leagues, can Chris Simms save his career with a move to Dallas, who wins the SF QB competition, plus more!

Click the link – YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

As Promised:The Lorenzo Booker interview

Here it is – hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Booker is a pretty awesome cat and I think he’ll really blow up in Philly.

Audible News & Notes for 7/3

Cecil, with the quick turnaround AGAIN – here’s the news and notes show we rolled out earlier today – me without A/C btw – hope THAT changes soon.

News and Notes for 7/3

In This Episode: Cecil Lammey and Andrew Garda break down the top stories from around the NFL. Topics include: is Brett Favre coming back and will it be for the Packers, Marshawn Lynch could be more involved in the Bills passing game, Aqib Talib v Cory Boyd at the rookie symposium, Ronald Curry as a sleeper WR, plus more!

Happy 4th – stay safe and if you drink, don’t drive!

And don’t blow your little finger off, please.

Two quick ’show notes’

1) I will be appearing on a show hosted by my friend Greg Kellogg of the Fantasy Sports Group on Tuesday. I’ll be on for at least a segment, who knows, maybe more and we’ll be talking Fantasy Football wide receiver. The show goes from 8pm ET to 9:30PM EST and is fully interactive. Hosted by a site called, you can listen to it live, chat with other listeners or I believe, call in and ask questions. Listen to the whole thing, as I’m not 100% sure when I will be on or for how long, but even when I’m not on, it’s good stuff. Also check the FFReport site out when you get a chance.

2) I have – many times – been a guest on the podcast, ‘The Audible’ hosted by Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom, as well as many staff. Sigmund is off in India retracing Ricky Williams’ journey to self-discovery, and Cec has asked me to step in from time to time to help carry the load. So keep an eye on the feed at FBGs and Itunes, and I’ll also keep you posted here as those shows happen.

I think that’s it – now I can sleep.

ps – Am on my wife’s computer to post tonight. It runs vista windows, hence the small font and weird look to the last post. I am not a fan of Vista.

Welcome to the Thundering Blurb

Hey there folks -

If you’ve somehow ended up here either you know me, know someone who does OR have keen google search skills.

My name is Andrew Garda and I am a freelance writer and sports journalist covering both Pro and College football. I have been writing Fantasy Football content as well for close to 7 years.

The Blurb is my hub for everything – as I work for many sites, I like to make sure people know where my stuff is at at all times. There will be posts. There will be audio links. There will be video links. All my appearances, articles and general stuff will be linked HERE.

That’ll include interviews with both Pro and College players, appearances on podcasts and general news commentary.

And there will be plenty of up to date original content as well.

Football 24/7 to infringe upon a NFL copyright.

Hopefully along with my great insight (eye roll) you’ll find some great links to sites I am working for and their content as well. Win-win for everyone kids.

I’ll be back soon with some discussion of recent events (though it’s sloooow until Training Camps start) but until then, check out this interview with Pittsburgh Steelers rookie LB Bruce Davis and this news and notes show I co-hosted with Mr. Cecil Lammey of Denver Broncos radio and fame.

And always, ALWAYS feel free to shoot us some questions and comments not just in the comments field but at thunderingblurb(at) I’ll answer them both in email and blog form.

There’s a lot of great stuff coming – come back, won’t you?