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Derrick Ward a Buc

So you may have caught that Derrick Ward has found a home in Tampa Bay where he and the team agreed to terms on a four-year, $17 million contract with $6 million guaranteed.

So what does this mean? Well, Ernest Graham is going to see less carries this season and Caddy might completely get cut. Even if he isn’t, he’s about to become odd man out anyway and thios cements his lack of value even in redraft.

Caddy has had a long road back and some horrific luck – I wish him well but if you are a fantasy footballer, he’s not worth keeping.

From a pure football standpoint, this should work out well. Ward can run in a zone-block scheme which is what Tampa will run. He has been productive in split carries and could carry more of the load. The oline for the Bucs is young but very good. If they can do the zone-block thing well, he’s apt to see a ton of work. Graham will get carries but they never completely bought into his bid to become a full time bell cow.

Now the biggest question will be, who is throwing the ball? and depending upon who, how much 8 man in a box will Ward see?

How effective he is – especially if he wants to repeat that excellent YPC average – may depend upon how honest the QB can keep the defense.

Afternoon News Blips

Some quick takes on some new stories…

Ben Roethlisberger injured his shoulder on Sunday on a Mario Williams sack, though he stayed in the game and only had one incompletion out of 14 passes attempted. Given his overall stats, 137 yards and 2 TDs and the fact he didn’t have to throw much,you have to wonder if it would have affected him more if he had needed to toss the rock more. Expect him to play Sunday, expect him to put decent stats against a Browns team that got torched by Dallas and who was manhandled by the Dallas Oline. I think Big Ben and Fast Willie will be good plays this weekend.

The after affect of Vince Young’s injury is that Kerry Collins is in and the Titans are bringing in other guys as backup. Joey Harrington and Quinn Gray are both coming in today. Gray is intriguing in the event of Kerry Collins melting down but neither guy is worth rostering at this point.

I reported earlier that Darren McFadden left the 4th quarter early with an undisclosed shoulder injury. According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, McFadden had a shoulder stinger. He’ll be looked at again today but it shouldn’t affect his play on Sunday.

What will? That awful offensive play calling. That might do it.

One thing overlooked in the Brady-Vince Young-Oakland Meltdown-Aaron Rodgers-Favre news blasts was the pretty nice game Ernes Graham had in the Bucs loss to the Saints on Sunday. 91 yards on the ground plus 1 catches for another 27. Not bad for a guy Fantasy owners only had on their lists as a #3 back in many cases. What could be better? Let’s ask HC Gruden (or ask the St. Petersburg Times to ask him):

“We have to give it to him more,” he said, adding that Graham ran “extremely well.”

Warrick Dunn had 9 carries overall, many in the second half so an increase in work for Graham could mean anything from garbage touches to burning the clock out. Whatever it means, if Gruden does follow through, Graham could start to becoem a nice little value going forward.

That’s all for now – I’ll be back with more news, notes and strategy later.

The Ernest Graham Hour

I think a few more notes about Graham in the next few days and he WILL deserve his own show here at the Blurb.

According to, not only is Graham’s overall money lower than expected, but there is absolutely no guaranteed money or Guara as I believe Jeff Ellis of NFL Rants and Raves calls it.

Further, Graham is only making 1.5 million this year (just being a relative term for you and me – and still better than the 605k the former undrafted free agent was scheduled to make this year.

He gets a million dollar bonus if he makes the roster, which he really should. With Caddy still rehabbing and Dunn old, well, Graham is still the main man.

Sure makes you wonder more about those Kevin Jones to Tampa rumors I talked about yesterday though, huh? Maybe they aren’t all that sold on Graham.

Small payout, no guarenteed money……..

Think about it. I will and I’ll keep you posted.

PS – finished up Greg Kellogg’s show for FFReport – will post a link of 2 hours of goodness for you all tomorrow.

Follow up on ‘If a Kevin Jones Works out….’

So Sunday I wrote about Kevin Jones working out with several teams and wondering which of those teams might sign him.

Adam Shefter of NFLN has added a monkey to the wrench, if you will. According to his report, Kevin Jones is eying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a landing point.

On the one hand I wonder at the wording – he’s eying the Bucs but are they eying him?

But on the serious side of things, you have to assume, as Shefter does, that it makes some sense for the Bucs. Sure, they just signed Ernest Graham to a 3 year, 10.5 million dollar deal. But as we pointed out Sunday, Graham has all of one year as a starter and that’s not much of a track record. Jones plays well, he just has been misused (my opinion)and had some bad injuries (fact).

If he does sign there? I assume the Bucs let him heal for a bunch of games, then ease him in.

For you Fantasy Football players, it really screws with the Bucs RB fantasy value until it shakes it self out.

Of course, as I pointed out – Shefter says Jones is eying the Bucs. But not if the Bucs are really eying Jones.

I’ll keep you posted…..