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Interesting Dustin Keller stat

So, now this is not turning into a Jets blog, despite my interview with Eric Boland of New York Newsday on the Blurb last night and now this story.

This morning, Eric posted this story on his blog at regarding rookie TE Dustin Keller. Here’s the link but the gist of it is that Keller is having a ridiculous rookie season, only trailing Shockey for production by the recent era of guys at the position.

Yes, better than Gates, Witten and Gonzalez. In fact, according to the article (given to Eric by a reader with even more time on his hands than I have) it lookes like only four tight ends in the history of the position have had better first seasons.

Shockey – 74 receptions, 894 yards, 2 tds
Keith Jackson – 81 receptions, 869 yards, 6 tds
Mike Ditka – 50 receptions, 1076 yards, 12 tds
John Mackey – 35 receptions, 726 yards, 7 tds

I haven’t fact checked these but damn. I’m not ready to crown him or anything, but he has played very, very well. Certainly worth what they paid to move up and grab him. On a side note, how often do we forget what Ditka did on the field? I forget he played sometimes, as if he sprang from the earth wearing a sweater vest and yelling. But that’s some damned good numbers for Iron Mike and we forget about that at times.

Should have a fairly good end stretch here as well, as Favre definitely loves his rookie target.

Check out the article – the guy who hooked Boland up with it did a good job.

Tuesday Morning Stampede

Yesterday, Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy and estranged quarterback Brett Favre met for something on the order of 9 hours or so, longer than expected and wrapping their discussion at about 12:30am EST. Not much is known for sure about the meeting but we know they talked about what a QB controversy and battle might do to team chemistry. We still don’t know what is going on here and there is supposed to be a press conference at some point today.

As the World Turns, These Are The Days of our Lives……

Washington Redskins
Yesterday Malcolm Kelly got his knee scoped and today it looks like fellow rookie Devin Thomas is going to miss all the practices this week and the second preseason game. Not a good start for the rookies here. Now word on if Fred Davis has woken up in time for camp or gotten a new alarm clock.

New York Jets
The rookies in this camp are faring much better, as Dustin Keller has been showcasing his talents all camp long and now Vernon Gholston is doing the same. While the Newark Star-Ledger is saying he has had a quiet camp so far, both the blogs at and have mentioned Gholston being in the backfield many tiems in the day since he has signed his contract. Both players could have an impact – though Gholston’s learning curve and the return of Chris Baker at tight end may limit the upside of both this season.

St Louis Rams
Steven Jackson continues to hold out but I think he shows to camp soon. Not because he will get what he wants or cave, but because if he misses one more day of camp, he loses a year towards being an unrestricted free agant, according St Louis Post-Dispatch . He may be willing to lose that if he thinks he can sign an extension but at this point both sides seem pretty far apart.

Baltimore Ravens
Wednesday’s episode of The Thundering Blurb Fantasy Football Show will talk about Training Camp battles, but I’ll touch on this one here as well. Rookie Joe Flacco is struggling in camp, overthrowing short passes or throwing them too hard. Touch Passes are important for the Ravens scheme so that’s not good for his starting bid. Flacco has doubters and certainly has holes in his game. He was going to take a year to develop at least. Troy Smith has the edge in camp right now and looks like the starter.

More later.