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Am back from Alaska and ready to rock. Many things have happened JUST YESTERDAY and I will be posting on them later.

For now a notice -
Normally, Sigmund, Cecil and I will be hosting The Drive Block on Thursdays – but this week, we’re shifting to tonight – 7pm PST/10 EST. Scheduling is crazy, so hence the shift.

We’ll be back on Thursdays NEXT WEEK, but today, tune in tonight for the latest show, with Guest Doug Drinen,’s own human database.

The call in number is (347) 826-7620 – you can also chat live.

Back with more later.

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Get ready to get hit by THE DRIVE BLOCK Fri, 18 Jul 2008 01:49:00 +0000 admin Hey guys

Still up in Alaska, but wanted to let you guys know that Cecil Lammey, Sigmund Bloom and I have been sitting on a little announcement and here it is:

We have put together a live show called The Drive Block – it’s an offshoot of Footballguys’ show the Audible and we’ll be doing it every Thursday from here on out. And the best part? It’s live – that means you follow the link and you can chat with us or even call in and get on the air. And if you miss it, you can download it and listen at your leisure.

There are plenty of bugs to work out, but that’s what preseason is for, right?

Follow the link to the Drive Block!

There will be plenty more announcements for me like this one – this is only the first.

Also, the feed is posted to the right of the column – in theory you should be able to use that to listen as well.

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