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Just returned from lovely Oxnard, California and Dallas Cowboy Training Camp. It was a short practice, as the ‘boys needed to both get into makeup for another edition of Hard Knocks and then head to San Diego for their Saturday night tilt with the Chargers.

And while one of those things is certainly true, the other probably is as well if you’ve seen HBO’s series yet.

In all seriousness though, the team looked loose and ready. Adam Jones (the man formerly known as Pacman) is still lining up against TO whenever he can, even when it’s a no contact drill. I think – and it’s early – but I think he finally gets what it takes to succeed in the league.

Anyway, I will be trying to get out at least once more in the last two practices next week, so we’ll see if there are any nuggets to pass along.

On to the news -
Philadelphia Eagles
Big news out of Philly and comforting too, for those of you who are already Westbrook owners. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News , the Eagles have signed Westbrook not so much to an extension as it is a reworking of his current contract with more money and years. Here’s what they say about the details, none of which is concerned:

Neither France nor the Eagles would disclose the terms of the deal, but a source close to the situation said there is $13 million in new money. The source said that $13 million in the first two seasons is guaranteed and that Westbrook will make $21 million over the next three seasons. The source said that there are escalators based on playoff appearances and individual performance that could increase Westbrook’s salary to $24 million.

All that means really is Westy is happy – and a happy Westy is a productive fantasy Westy, if he also remains a helthy Westy.

Great news for the Eagles though and while we may not see much of him tonight against Pittsburgh, you will see Lorenzo Booker and see if the hype I and Cecil have been building around his involvement start to pan out.

San Francisco 49rs
According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat , Alex Smith is running out of time and ‘may be too intelligent for his own good and isn’t exactly a fast learner.’ I have no idea how you can be too smart BUT not a quick learner, but point has been made. Smith has not run away with this job. Matt Barrows over at the 49rs blog at the Sac Bee says not too read too much into O’Sullivan’s start though as HC Mike Nolan has said it’s just a case of having not seen O’Sullivan play in a game before, whereas he knows what Smith and Hill do durign a game.

Not a ringing endorsement though. I still say the wide receivers will be ok plays, but the QB spot is way to risky for me in Fantasy leagues.

Tampa Bay Bucaneers
Well, here’s some insult to injury. Apparently a deal the Packers rejected from the Bucs involved Chris Simms. Is it me, or is Simms jst snakebit? Somebody fly him to Dallas, quick.

Denver Broncos
With Brandon Marshall on the pine for 2-3 weeks, Eddie Royal will line up opposite Darrell Jackson for the first few games. Whereas the depth chart made it look like Jackson was slipping behind the rookie yesterday, he has merely moved into Marshall’s posotion for the time being. They should both shift backwards when Marshall comes back, but if Jackson stumbles out of the gate and Royal continues to impress, the rookie could pull a Dwayne Bowe and end up as the #2.

New York Jets
It’s not all roses with the Jets, according to an article in Newsday. Here’s what they say:

One player said the locker room is hardly unanimous about the move to get Favre, telling Newsday that a significant portion of the team was not in favor of giving up on Chad Pennington. The players loyal to Pennington were upset to see the team simply toss him overboard after he’d given so much to the team during his time with the Jets.

It is, of course, more about Pennington than Favre and I think they will warm to it. But as has been pointed out by others, Laveraneus Coles was a big Chad guy and allegedly left the hotel in Cleveland when he heard the news. Yes, he came back, but let’s face it – he wasn’t happy.

Is this a warning sign for Fantasy Owners? I’m not sure – Coles is a professional and isn’t stupid. Favre can do things Chad couldn’t. But I understand the loyalty – I just doubt it will blind him to what Favre can bring to the table.

Hopefully he can react like Kellen Clemens who, when asked how he felt to go from QB battle to instant back-up, had this to say:

“What can I say? Now I’m backing up a future Hall of Famer,” Clemens said. “I’ll be able to further my education.”

Smart kid, that Clemens.

More later, maybe some thoughts on the Pitt/Philly game.

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Morning News, then on to Cowboy Camp! Fri, 08 Aug 2008 14:47:00 +0000 admin First, great 2 hour Drive Block last night – we cover everything from news to Auctions to IDP leagues. Check it out at BlogTalkRadio or on ITunes.

Between this and the Blurb, tons of great info each week.

Secondly, the next update here will be late – heading to Cowboys camp in Oxnard today. But I will catch up when I return.

On to the news -
New Orleans Saints
As we covered on the Drive Block last night, Saints second year wide receiver Robert Meachem had a great game. He needs to have a big year or else the Saints will go get another WR in the draft next year to start opposite Colston. 4 catches for 129 yards and a TD is a pretty strong showing. he has ability – he just needs to prove he has the drive and can stay healthy. Last night was a very good start.

New York Jets
In all the Favre and Pennington hubbub one thing that has been overlooked is the strong camp being had by receivers Chansi Stuckey and David Clowney. Stuckey caught 3 passes for 44 yards while Clowney blew up with 4 for 163 and 2 TDs. YOu could say he ‘clowned’ the Browns… eh? eh? Is this thing on?

Seriously, it’s worth tracking who is hot going into the season -while Coles and Cotchery will get most of the love, if gunslinger Favre decides one of his other receivers is his favorite, the #3 in NY could end up having some good value as a #4 or byw week filler. Right now, Clowney is the guy over Stuckey and Brad Smith.

Brett Ratliff had a great game as well, going 14/20 for 252 with 2 TDs. It may be hard to stick with Favre coming in, Clemens still heir apparent and Ainge playing ok. But worth keeping an eye on if Ainge struggles. Certainly the future of the Jets QB situation remains up in the air.

Denver Broncos
It seems that rookie Eddie Royal has supassed Darrell Jackson on the Broncos depth chart. Now this is early and it could change however with Marshall facing a three game time out, Royal will definitely get three starts, barring injury. All he needs to do is play well and he could keep that job. Jackson isn’t that far removed from good numbers but he’s clearly not doing well enough in camp. Keary Colbert hasn’t the track record to lead me to believe he will challenge. Stokely will hang in the slot.

Royal could have godo value and will be available in the latter half of most drafts.

Kansas City Chiefs/Chicago Bears
Chiefs receiver Will Franklin had a pair of catches for 31 yards, but looked rough in his first preseason outing. As I have said, all he has to do it beat out Devard Darling, which should be possible. He has to DO it though. It’s debateable how valuable anyone not named ‘Bowe’ or ‘Gonzo’ will be in this offense. But take a late flier on him if he can be more consistent.

With the Bears, Orton and Grossman looked ok, but were outplayed numbers-wise by Caleb Hanie, a rookie from Colorado State. I wouldn’t read much into it yet but suppose – just suppose – Hanie started doing really well? Do you think Grossman or Orton has done so well that they are untouchable? Nope, me either. It’s unlikely that he wins. But it’s also that Grossman or Orton is going to be consistent enough to be a starter for your fantasy team. Grossman has more upside, btu his valleys are deeper and he’ll cost you as much as he’ll help you. Orton is only there to manage a game and he won’t put up numbers worth starting. And we’re probably several weeks away from knowing who will be unlikelythe guy in Chicago – which only matters so much as it affects Mat Forte, who had 7 carries for 35 yards and looked decent doing it.

That’s it for now – back tonight with more and some insights from Dallas Cowboys Camp!

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