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First the link – check the show out here at BTR or on Itunes (and subcribe won’t you?)

Second – I promised a big announcement and so here it is. In one week I will be launching a new website called Big East Gridiron whose aim will be to give you full coverage and analysis of all eight teams in the Big East ranks.

Big thanks to Jim Day (aka Fantasy Taz) who tweaked my logo/header from very good to awesome. You see the results above.

The site will contain a lot of analysis of all the teams, some video and audio links (including to the Blurb show) and I’m hoping to do a weekly roundup of college football news from around the web.

I’m very excited and look forward to sharing everything with you next Monday. Spread the word to anyone you know who loves College Football and especially the Big East.

After that Earth Shattering Pronouncement, we move on to the the business at hand.

Last week I read an article by Evan Silva at about how QB “Guru” Tom Martinez blames the Raiders for JaMarcus Russell’s struggles. Of course he backpedals to say Russell needs to improve his work ethic as well but all in all on a better team – say the Jets – he might flourish.

You can imagine my issues with this. (Side note – this is Silva reporting on an article from the NYTimes, not Silva’s opinion.)

You can also imagine I go a little long on it. Sure, Martinez makes some good points about it but let’s be honest – Russell’s biggest problem (pun intended) is Russell. Even his teammates say so.

It isn’t brain surgery kids. And oh bye the way – someone tell Martinez that a run first team with a guy picked at #5 in the 2009 draft is not a perfect situation for Russell.

Just sayin’.

After that I talk about Phil Steele’s College Football Preview Magazine, one of my favorite pieces of reading material every year. We talk about how the Top 25 and how Rutgers isn’t in it, though Pitt is.

We’ll use it a lot more as a touchstone and common point of reference throughout the summer. (PS – I love Phil’s work but the website is a little painful to look at – don’t let it dissuade you. You’ll be missing out if you do.

Finally we touch on the Listener’s Segment, this week’s topic provided by frequent chat denizen GMoney.

G asks :

Was wondering what your thoughts are on why this off this off season it seems so many football players and front office personnel are getting into legal trouble.

Every day it seems someone is in the police blotter. I don’t understand why these guys want to jeopardize their careers. Love to hear what you think tonight on your podcast.

It’s funny but as I talked about it and thought about it, I started thinking maybe there isn’t really THAT much more being reported. I feel as though I was thinking the same thing last year and as soon as the season started, we forgot.

Regardless though, I touch on a few reasons – everything from a lack of follow-up help for incoming rookies (who are still young men and prone to silly decisions) to ever present media out of sensationalist stories.

There’s no single easy answer I think – more like there are many factors which make the news seem bigger, though there are certainly some serious issues.

Also, Goodell better be ready for some repercussions if Lions president Tim Lewand skates easier than players have.

That about does it – as always thanks for reading and listening.

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The Thundering Blurb Show – 6/14 Tue, 15 Jun 2010 03:15:54 +0000 admin A big hello to new folks following, reading or stalking the show. We saw a bit of an uptick in listeners and I hope you all stick around for the duration – we’re going to have a lot to talk about before both the NFL and CFB seasons begin and we’re just a little while away from a big Blurb announcement.

So STAY TUNED! *cue ominous music*

As for this week, I welcomed InTheBleachers.Net’s own Michael Felder to catch up on some of the huge NCAA CFB news raining down upon us.

I had expected to do a lot of speculation over where Texas might end up, but they hosed me (along with the Pac Whatever and probably the other teams in the Big 12) by about facing again and deciding they would remain in the Big 12.

It’s a last second miracle and the rest of the teams who had been ready to bail on the Big 12 are staying too. Before we call Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe a genius though, let’s see what he sold out the rest of the teams for to keep Texas. We know Texas gets it’s freedom to start it’s own network as well as gain revenue from any Big 12 deal. The Big 12 gets money and a little more prestige.

As Michael and I mention, Texas also has a clear shot at a Bowl Bid and perhaps National Title contention with a week Big 12 field just about any year.

Texas is now Notre Dame, but in a conference with some solid revenue.

What does Oklahoma do? What does Nebraska mean to the Big Ten? Might there be more changes coming?

Michael and I also jump into the Pac-10 (11? 12), talk about Colorado and potentially Utah joining up and what that might mean. At the top of the show we also talk some USC Sanctions and what that will mean for the school.

We also talk about the SEC and Big Ten a bit and segue into some ACC/Big East talk. Can either conference breathe a sigh of relief? Neither of us think so.

I want to thank Michael for coming by and urge you to check out (and it’s awesome IPhone app) for some great college football podcasts and articles.

And of course, thank you for coming by and listening in.

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Blurb TV – Ep 10 – College Superconferences Tue, 11 May 2010 11:59:34 +0000 admin

Check out all the great college football stuff over at In The Bleachers…

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Big East Football Talk w/In The Fri, 30 Apr 2010 15:03:42 +0000 admin Last night I had the distinct pleasure of chatting college football with Michael Felder of I don’t get as much time to talk college football – especially Big East football – nearly as much as I like and Michael was kind enough to let me run my mouth for close to an hour.

You can check it out here on the ITB site.

We talk a lot of Big East football, chiefly about the problems facing the Conference with the Big Ten sniffing around Rutgers and potentially one or two other schools. What they can do to avoid it – and what they can do to survive it – are both topics we air out a good long while.

Check out the podcast and stick around for the great content they have about everything CFB.

Thanks to Michael for having me on – I look forward to returning the favor as we approach CFB season and returning again to talk more college ball in general.

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