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Poinsettia Bowl Breakdown and Rankings News

Hey folks – the breakdown on College Football Insiders went up while I was Christmas shopping and dropping the Blurbmobile off at the service center for a severe case of electrical issues.

Here is the breakdown for the Poinsettia Bowl!

Also you may have noticed that there are no top positional rankings for week 16. That’s because we will be talking about the season rankings on tomorrow’s extended Thundering Blurb News Stampede. Starts at 9am PST/noon EST and goes 60 Minutes!

Stop by, won’t you?

And Happy Holidays to those unable to make it – thanks for making us a part of your Fantasy Footbal lSeason!

Bowl Previews at

Here are a couple of previews I did for the NFLDraftbible and College Football Insiders -

New Mexico Bowl – Colorado State vs Fresno State

Las Vegas Bowl – BYU vs Arizona

All that and much more great content for Bowl games, draft prospects and much more over at!

College Football Insiders – Pac 10 Preview

They posted my Pac 10 preview here over at College Football Insiders – check it out!

Don’t forget to check out my appearance on their Tailgate show on yesterday – you can find it a few posts below this one, under the updated WR rankings.

Several Guest Appearence today!

First, I have a bunch of emails to get to tonight/tomorrow – it’s been a crazy day but I will get to them as soon as I can after trick or treating with the kids.

Next -
Part of the delay in the emails was that I hit the pavement hard today – along with the usual appearance on ESPN 1230, I dropped by a new show on the BlogTalkRadio Fantasy Sports Channel called The Fantasy BrushUp with Greg Brosh and did my Pac-10 Insider thing on the College Football Insider Tailgate as well.

Find links to the genius below!

ESPN 1230 for October 31, 2008

College Football Insiders Tailgate Show

The Fantasy Brush Up

Am near the end of the CFI Tailgate Show and in the middle of the Brush Up. But I say listen to the whole things, as they are always sources of good info.

PAc 10 Review Week 9 & Site Note

Hey folks

Catch my Pac 10 Review on College Football Insider today.

Also I have moved the day I post the top Fantasy Players from Monday to Tuesday – I have more time on Tuesdays to do it right and I would rather include Monday’s performers as well.

Pac 10 Preview for Week 9

Check out my take on this week’s matchups at either the College Football Insider or

Pac 10 Week 6 Preview

Check it out over at here. Should be on College Football Insider as well soon.

Pac 10 Review Week 5

Had this posted over at College Football Insiders yesterday – my review of the Pac 10 action from last weekend. Should have a breakdown of tonight’s game between ##15 Utah and Oregon State on there later today.


Pac 10 Preview at College Football Insider and NFLDraftbible

My thoughts on the relatively light schedule this weekend in the Pac 10. HUGE game for the Sun Devils and Rudy Carpenter against Georgia. HUGE.

Did I say HUGE?

Read the details HERE and HERE.

Thundering Blurb Appearances/Columns/Whatnot

Just finished a spot for College Football Insiders on their College Football Insiders Weekly podcast, talking Pac 10 football of course. Check it out here.

I will be covering the Pac 10 for College Football Insider all season long and it will also be carried on NFLDraftbible.

Check out both sites thoroughly as they are chock full of college-footbally goodness. Check the podcasts out too, as they are a great source of info as well.