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I have concerns about him finishing but he will start.

The Cowboys secondary isn’t great and have some injury concerns – I don’t like Palmer today but if you are stuck, you can start him at least. Good news for Housh and Ocho Cinco though.

The Lost blog

Unfortunately I ain’t talking about the TV show. Blogger or my computer or something just wiped out the post I made and I can tell you – it was the greatest thing ever written.

But here are the quick hits on it:

Warner vs Leinart
I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole. Yes, Matty L looked BAD this weekend. Yes, Warner can throw deep TDs. He also threw 17 INTs last year. Leinart didn’t throw an INT until this weekend and Warner hasn’t been Joe Montana in play so far. Honestly, Warner might be better from a fantasy perspective but he’s also going top make you pay if you get dinged for INTs.

And as HC Whisenhunt took issue with ESPN’s Chris Mortenson’s assumption Warner will be the starter, I’m wary of getting stuck with the wrong guy post-draft.

Chad Johnson
I love Chad – I mean as a journalist how could you not?’ ‘I need surgery, but I won’t get it because I really don’t need it?’ It’s not an exact quote but darn close. What’s not to love about Ocho Cinco?

Well, the fact that the shoulder could pop out again is a concern. That happens and if things tear too hard – well, bye for the season. The more you dislocate the easier it is to do and the more damage you do. If he can make it through the season he’s going to have tremendous value – I snagged him as a 3rd WR in a 12 team experts league – round 4. The key is – and this is critical – you have to cover your rear and make sure the WRs behind him are stable.

So don’t worry abouttaking him after you have at least your stud WR – if he drops like he has and you cover yourself, you can reap the benefits when he plays and protect yourself in case he can’t.

I think Johnson wants to play, probably can play but is likely to get hit hard and could miss games here and there. So no #1 WR spot for him, but plenty of value anyway.

Preseason = Injury-palooza
Merriman, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Taylor, Chad Johnson – the list goes on. Every year we hear about the injuries, every year someone critical goes down and every season a Fantasy Team gets nailed.

Now, this is reason #1 why you wait as long as you can for drafting a redraft league – just too much goes on. If you grabbed the Chargers or Giants D early, you may have a real issue. Merriman’s impact on that D is huge. Umenyiora’s injury has the Giants scrambling, moving players around and are calling Strahan. But of course, they draft to be deep – rotating lineman and linebackers in and out throughout the game. So it might only make them stumble.

Will we see a decrease in the amount of games? I can’t say – there’s a lot of cash wrapped up in the preseason.

We’ll have an early post tomorrow (shooting for 6:30 amPST/9am EST) and will be back on track all week so you’re ready to go Week 1.

Tuesday Stampede

I will be posting my top 20 College Football rankings this afternoon either all at once or in halves – depends on how long the list is with commentary.

Onto the NFL -

Arizona Cardinals
Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt says that Matt Leinart has improved his audibling and red zone work and will not be coming out of games at that spot on the field. While I still think Leinart is a shaky choice for a Fantasy QB until he shows me he can be consistent, it’s good to hear he won’t get ‘middle relievered’ during an important Fantasy sequence on the field and it does lessen my concerns a bit.

Oakland Raiders
From ‘The Sky is Falling’ column – rookie RB Darren McFadden fumbled 3 times in Monday’s practice. While I don’t think think the sky really IS falling (first fumbles of the preseason) you will now recall that one of the issues some people (including me) had with him pre-draft was his 15 fumbles his last year at Arkansas. This was a concern and will continue to be until he proves otherwise, but as these are his first fumbles in camp, I won’t worry much, he shouldn’t be going so early in drafts that a fumble problem will leave you hanging too badly.

Cincinatti Bengals
Rookie Keith Rivers seems undaunted by missing a teeny bit of camp – he led the Bengals with 7 unassisted tackles Monday night and didn’t even start. He will probably be an intriguing late round/waiver pickup in IDP leagues, asssuming people chalked him up to ‘rookie’ and he went undrafted in the first place. He certainly seems to have stepped right up for the Bengals which they really needed to have happen. Tight End Ben Utecht seems to really be getting those promised looks in the offensive scheme. He had a good Monday night and the staff is putting ’special plays’ together for him. I might be starting to believe it…..

San Diego Chargers
Antonio Gates is running but also in a lot of pain, and apparently very frustrated with his lack of progress. He says he will not play early if it damages the season long term, which is good for your overall season, but bad if you want to draft him. If you get Gates, you may be in the position of being forced to take a back-up TE early to cover for him if he’s out a few weeks. If you go early on a tight end, my advice is to think of Jason Witten or even Tony Gonzalez. Better yet, get one of the later tier guys and keep an eye on the waiver for value. Amongst the TEs I like later are Jeremy Shockey, Vernon Davis on the earlier side, Owen Daniels, LJ Smith, Ben Utecht on the later side.

Baltimore Ravens
More great news for McGahee owners – the knee he just had scoped? It’s the one he has had multiple surgeries on, the one he wrecked in the Fiesta Bowl 5 years ago. He showed up to camp out of shape so rehab is an iffy proposition. Ray Rice continues up the boards as McGahee drops.

That’s all for now – questions and comments can go to as well as the comment section below.

College rankings coming later this afternoon (my afternoon, not the East Coast’s).

Afternoon Camp news

We’ll get right into it this afternoon -

New York Jets
As expected, the Jets cut Chad Pennington. As much as he wasn’t the long term answer there, he had been trying to cope with the questioning for a long time and seemed to handle it with class. Miami is a destination being tossed around – Parcells drafted Pennington after all and wouldn’t it be interesting if the QB who changed teams and went on to punk his old team in this whole mess ended up being The Chad?

Or they could get stomped by Favre and the Jets too.

Cincinnati Bengals
Rudi Johnson, who started camp like a house of fire, is now going to miss Monday’s preseason opener due to a sore hammy. Ordinarily I would write that off as veteran privileged expect for 2 things – 1) He took all season last year for a hamstring recovery and 2) he’s starting to miss a lot of Training Camp work. Chalk it up to more question marks for the back who used to be a solid and consistent top 10 pick every Fantasy season. I still think he will have a big season, but I am beginning to be concerned.

Detroit Lions
Kevin Smith is slated to get around 10 carries in the Lions game against the Giants. This will be a tough test for the 3rd rounder and we’ll get a real sense of what he can and can’t do – and whether he will blaze past Tatum Bell – very quickly over the next few weeks. Even if he doesn’t win the job outright, we all know Bell’s propensity for choking in the RB 1 spot. So Smith will get his chance by mid-season. Bank on it.

Miami Dolphins
Ronnie Brown may not play in Saturday’s preseason opener as he is still healing from his ACL injury. He is practicing twice a day, so more than likely they just want to be careful, more than he’s not ready. He’ll be back in it soon, as HC Tony Sparano says ‘it’s mostly mental’. With ACL injuries for any player – but especially running backs – trusting that limb again to support your weight can be tough. Brown should be good to go by Week 1 and is great as a RB2 with the upside of a #1. Remember, this cat was on fire the beginning of last year until his injury. We know he could play at a high level before – now he just needs to prove he still can. High upside on the guy whose ADP is the end of the third.

More later – and don’t forget to drop on by the Drive Block tonight – 7pm PST/10pm EST.

See ya then!

Favre and the rest of the guys….

Is there any other news?

Favre and his agent Bus Cooke met with Pack President Mark Murphy met today – Cooke and Murphy for 9 hours.

Amazing. Murphy didn’t look pleased leaving. Brett did – though he only logged two hours. Cooke looked a little smug, but who knows? what were they talking about? Trades? Retirement? Whether Heath Ledger should get an Oscar nod?

I don’t know. Friday will be very interesting indeed. I would love to know – for real – what Favre wants. I am not 100% sure he’s only after a release. But I’d be curious to know what is really in his head.

Carolina Panthers
DeAngelo Williams has been running with the first team so far – HC John Fox doesn’t give starting gigs away without earning it. I still think Jonathan Stewart will get most of the carries, but you shouldn;t be looking at him as anything beyond a 3rd RB with tremendous upside. But anything sooner and you are facing some real risk – as with all rookie RBs.

Cincinatti Bengals
Rudi Johnson is looking very strong in camp – he may end up being a value at the end of the 2nd rounds (and farther back) where he is going now. But don’t read too much into the hype yet – he has to hold up over the season and that offensive line still has some large question marks.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Rashard Mendenhall and Willie Parker are still looking like they will split carries. And here’s the thing – they seem very happy with that. Parker was ok during the time he split with Bettis – productive overall. You can count on good yardage for him and an uptick of touchdowns, but anything would be better than last year. Mendenhall will probably do all right and vulture some TDs but like Stewart, he won’t be reliable enough to warrant more than a #3 spot on your team. But I think he will grow to be a tremendous compliment to Parker as years progress.

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