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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 2/24

Click for the  2/24 Blurb here.

Had Scott Wright of on last night – as expected, he crushed it.

Before Scott came on at the halfway point, I hit a few more talking points.

First, I relate my encounter with yet another Tebow fan who just can’t get their head around his hero’s shortcomings.

In an article I wrote on Monday about Tebow’s attempt to alter the mechanics of his throwing motion—one in which I even went so far as to praise the attempt and while not sure it will work, once again find myself not wanting to bet against him.

Which I guess means it’s time for an irrational post from a homer, right? Some dude decided he should call me out by asking ‘Andrew, whom are you Qb coach for?’

First, bonus points for using ‘whom’ correctly. It’s a lost art. But really? THAT’S what you’re coming at me with?

This is really the state of the internet and I forget it at times. If you don’t agree with someone, don’t debate them with logic – attact their credibility with straw man arguments or character attacks.

Forwhat it’s worth, I watch a lot of game film. I carefully break down what I see, form an opinion and then challenge that opinion by reading as many others as I can.

And I QB coach my kid. If that’s not enough for you, you’re reading the wrong article or listening to the wrong show.

I segue to some hockey talk (USA!USA!USA!) and NBC, then talk about the BleacherReport Featured Columnists Mock Draft, where I was up for San Francisco’s pick at 13.

I get the chatroom into a little debate about which way to go and we don’t settle on one person, though I am moved towards the direction I eventually went in.

After the break (at about 30 minutes if you want to fast forward) Scott comes on and we range all over the place. We talk about his site and how he approaches the analysis, touch on various parts of the Combine process, hit the running backs, quarterbacks (including Tebow and his mechanics) and some sleepers to watch this week.

Scott crushes it and brings a ton of great info.

I wrap it up with a few thoughts on Tebow (not his acolytes or detractors) and what the future may hold for him.

Mind you, I’m no QB coach, so take that for what it’s worth. :-)

Thanks for reading, listening and supporting.

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Special Guest on The Thundering Blurb podcast tonight!

Hey folks,

As I mentioned on the Thundering Blurb News Stampede this morning, I was able to get ahold of Eric Boland, Jets beat writer for Newsday and I said I would let you know when it was a go, and it’s a go!

Very excited to have Eric on – I enjoy his Jets takes daily and have heard some excellent interviews with him in the past when he was on The Audible with Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom. Great guy, great writer and fantastic insight.

Check it out daily at

So make sure you check out The Thundering Blurb Fantasy Football Show on tonight, at 9pm eastern/6PM pacific and we’ll get some great Jets takes as you prep for the fantasy playoffs.

We will also cover the Chargers/Raiders game, news and notes as well as your questions on the phone and in the chat room.

See you there!

Thundering Blurb & Fantasy Sports Channel on ITunes Radio!

Hey folks – just reiterating what was on the Stampede today – but BTR’s Fantasy Sports Channel (and of course The Thundering Blurb Fantasy Show) is now part of iTunes Radio. If you have the iTunes application, you can find their radio programming under “LIBRARY” in the top left corner. Click on that and look for “Sports Radio”. BTR Fantasy Sports feed is like second.

So yet another way to listen to us all yammer!