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No Suprise Here – Warner signs with Cards

Sorry for some of the late updates today – short day for the kid and busy day for the other half.

So yeah, this comes as no surprise as Arizona and Warner agreed to terms on a two-year, $23 million contract. The deal includes a $15 million signing bonus which might seem a risk and fumble history, but coming off a year where he played so well and they came so close – what else were they going to do?

An excellent trio of wide receivers await Warner – and even if they cannot come to some happy end for Boldin, I think Breaston can easily step up and Early Doucet has potential as a #3.

But really, as much as I was intrigued by the San Fran flirtation, it was merely a shopping trip to gauge market value.

Aside from the WR Core, that offensive line made huge strides the last portion of the year. I am done saying they played over their heads. They finally jelled in a way which should make all the difference in a divsion which is – despite signings like Houshmanzedah – is no NFC East.

The Cards did what they had two nd should be fine over the next couple of years. The big question here is – what about Matt Leinart? Is he trade bait now, as is rumored or is he just a very highly paid back-up. Now, it’s been said he’s worked very hard the last year and a half but it didn’t show last preaseason and might not matter in this preseason. Is anyone going to trade with that contract and his big question marks?

They may just keep him sitting a while longer and hope that they can extend him cheaply enough to cover themselves when Warner is done. And really, that’s the biggest reason to trade him. Can they get him cheaply enough at the end of the contract to warrant keeping him aroudn when he is at best unproven, but in some circles might be called a bust?

Aside from Boldin, this could be the biggest question mark the Cards now fae the rest of the off-season.

But they have now solidified the pass game again. If they can add a running back to tandem with Hightower (who I think we’ve seen the ceiling on and it doesn’t involve 30 carry-bell cow status) the offense should fire off on all cylinders.

If the defense plays hard – it’s within this team’s capabilities to reach the playoffs again and we all know it’s just a short slip from their to a repeat in the big game.

But, um…. let’s get through the off-season first.


Finally, the tough as nails Cards WR is in – should be good to go. I usually avoid players coming off injuries but Boldin is the exception to the rule.

Wednesday News and Notes

2 days to kick off and things are getting livelier – here’s the breakdown for the morning – and don’t forget The Thundering Blurb Daily News Stampede hits at noon EST/9am PST and tonight is the usual Thundering Blurb Fantasy Football Show at 9pm EST/6pm PST. Both on and ITunes!

Let’s roll -

New England Patriots
You don’t know how accurate this rumor is, since Belichick treats injuries like State Secrets but WEEI radio in Boston says that have heard an MRI taken on Tom Brady’s foot revealed that there is a crack in it. Of course there is very little chance of confirming this BUT I know a couple of places I trust that are working hard to dig up facts on this and I’ll keep you posted here and on both podcasts. There was a rumor last week Brady was on crutches which was denied, so take this with a grain of salt. Also consider that he could play with a small crack or fracture in his foot and likely will – still this could affect his mobility and effectiveness.

Don’t hit the streets in a panic, but it’s something to keep an eye on. I will keep you posted if I can dig anything up.

Arizona Cardinals
After all the noise about Anquan Boldin’s dissatisfaction with his less than Larry Fitzgerald-like contract, the Cards WR has done what I said he would – he’s been the professional he always is and is focused on the game and playing his best. Boldin was in a recent issue of the Arizona Republic and sounds ready to go.

“My teammates work too hard, and I know I’m a big part of the process with this program. If I held out or did anything like that, I’d be letting them down.”

If you had any reservations about owning him in a Fantasy league – put them to rest. With Warner behind center, Fitz may get more looks, but both WRs will shine this season.

Seattle Seahawks
There have been some reports that Deion Branch could be back for the opener. Seems like those were a little premature – according to the Seattle Times , he isn’t quite ready and is getting into football shape. You have to consider that Branch hasn’t played a down in some time and even when he returns, he will have to spend some time getting his rhythm back. While Hass needs his WRs to step up, Branch is a guy who will be nothing more than bench depth – at best – for the next several weeks, minimum.

Denver Broncos
Not that this should come as a shock to anyone as this is the birthplace of RBBC, but HC Mike Shannahan is planning on rotating Selvin Young and Andre Hall at running back this season. Denver Bronco beat writer Mike Klis is saying that after about 6 weeks or so, they’ll probably throw rookie Ryan Torain in the mix. That might not quite happen unless Torain is a phenomenal rookie who can step into an offence minus Training Camp and about half a season and just play – but it tells you things are the same in Denver as they always are. Hall will get a chance to shine in short yardage and spot work and Young will work everything between the 20’s. Shanny has already told us he doesn’t think Young will hold up for a whole season, so you knew there would be a split. I like Hall and I think he will do well – but as always, the Denver RB sitch is a difficult one to sniff out. Figure Young as your better bet, but watch Hall. And Torain might be a nice play late in the season, once he has some games under his belt.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Finally, Fred Taylor was reportedly arrested over the weekend for disorderly conduct. The AP report posted on ESPN is interesting and has Taylor egging bystanders on to do…. well I don’t know. But he kept on being loud and vocal while they were searching his car and he got himself arrested. This continues the rule that no good can come a) outside a Miami nightclub and b) after midnight. Taylor could face some sort of suspension – probably minor – depending on the full report and what he does next. The NFL will have somethijgn to say soon, though likely not before week 1 is in the books. Make sure you have alternatives going forward.

Thats all for now – the News Blurb is just a few hours away!