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Good news/Bad news situation -

Good News:
Ahmad Bradshaw has been cleared by the league to play for the NY Football Giants and will not face suspension, per Rich Eisen on NFLN Total Access. Does that cloud the RB situation in NY more? No, it’s still as cloudy as ever. But keep in mind that Bradshaw shone brightly during the end of last year – he will get his carries. The ‘Hot Hand’ RBBC theory might hurt every back on the Giants.

Bad News:
Well, Chris Henry isn’t still suspended indefinitely -something he feared. But he is suspended for four games. Someone will sign him and he might be a sneaky late pick in a league.

Brandon Marshall still hasn’t heard. Next to Favre (almost made it through a post without typing his name) one of the most watched players in the off-season, Marshall is a huge cog in the Bronco offense. If he’s gone, it takes a large hit. Keary Colbert and Darrell Jackson are ok receivers, but Marshall is a special talent. Who also has a special talent for bad decisions.

Millions of Fantasy Owners are holding their breaths (and rankings!) in anticipation of his suspension, which I feel will probably hang between 4-6 games, reduced after he protests it.

He might not get suspended at all, but the above is my best guess.

Don’t forget – Drive Block in a few of hours!

Camp News :crickets:

Real, real quiet this morning. So here are a few notes to start the day off. I’m sure it will pick up a little later.

Also, remember to join me for The Thundering Blurb live podcast at 9pmEST/6pmPST – I will be joined by Matt Waldman of FFToday and the excellent 2008 Rookie Scouting Portfolio.

We’ll chat about rookie impact, college players and I’m sure a certain quarterback from Mississippi….

Here are the few worthy notes so far this morning –

New York Giants
Several weeks ago, news broke that second year running back Ahmad Bradshaw was doing a 30-day stint in jail due to a violation of parole stemming from an incident back in college. That itself was enough of a worry, but now (as you would expect) the NFL is investigating whether Bradshaw has violated the League’s Personal Conduct policy. The Giants and Bradshaw are contending it does not (due to the initial incident taking place prior to his entry to the NFL). Given that the Giants are saying they will go with the ‘hot hand’ in games this year, this could be a good news/bad news situation.

Bad news is, Bradshaw – an electrifying runner who looked to be a big factor this year – may find himself hanging with Denver receiver Brandon Marshall on the sidelines for a few games. Good news? Well, it would narrow the competition down to Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward, increasing the value of both.

Honestly I think he won’t get suspended. But we’ll keep a watch on it.

Tennessee Titans
Rookie Chris Johnson continues to impress in camp – most notably today his blitz pick-up ability, which Vince Young is praising. What keeps a rookie RB on the bench most often? Correct – blocking. If Johnson keeps this up, not only will you see him a lot on 3rd downs, not only will you see him get more carries – but those carries might start eating into LenDale White’s numbers. Did I say LenDale White and eat in the same sentence? (that was for Cecil) Now word on Chris Henry at all, which bodes ill for the second year running back.

Also, Brandon Jones is working the slot as #3 receiver in camp. I am dubious how much value that will have for you Fantasy folks, but it might be worth watching. The folks ahead of him (a pair of Justins: Gage and McCariens) are not world beaters. While Jones needs to stay healthy in order to make ground up – and be more consistent – he could move up the ranks and have some value.

That’s all for now kids – more later as things pick up….

Giants Run Game = Fantasy Death?

According to an interview by Michael Eisen with Giants OC Kevin Gilbride over at, if the various Giants running backs stay healthy (and in Bradshaw’s case, out of jail) he’d like to see everyone getting plenty of carries with whomever is being successful that game being the featured back.

In other words, one week Brandon Jacobs might be the bell-cow, next week Ahmad Bradshaw.

Or in Gilbride’s words -

Then depending on how certain defenses are playing us, which guy’s playing better that day, in other words, kind of who has the hot hand, who is playing the best, that is the guy that we would certainly feature that day.

So while from a Giants fan perspective, this might be good (keeping guys fresh and off the injured list are always a plus for defending Super Bowl champs), a Fantasy owner has to ask himself just how much this could drop Brandon Jacobs in their rankings.

As any owner of a Denver Broncos running back can tell you, week to week uncertainty at the running back position can be murder for a Fantasy Team.

This will bear a great deal of watching I think – the Giants have a solid roster of running backs and as Gilbride says, they compliment each other very well. It is entirely possible that if this does transition into a full Running Back by Committee, you may still get solid numbers out of whomever comprises it. But only if the committee stays relatively consistent.

If one week Jacobs is hot, then you start him the next and Ward gets smoking – well, you can see where that’s nothing but messy.

Right now, Footballguys has Jacobs ranked 31st overall for offensive players, 19th RB off the board (average staff ranking for a redraft non-PPR league). Antsports is a site that has tons of mock drafts – and if you rank serious mocks, they have Jacobs the 18th RB coming off the board on average in High Performance, flex/TE leagues. In both cases you are looking at Jacobs going before players like Ernest Graham, Willie Parker, Thomas Jones and then a host of rookies.

By the looks of it, Jacobs is also going in about the late 3rd round which is probably about right especially the backs around him like Graham and Parker who might have their share of questions as well.

However you might want to look another way if you’re feeliong gunshy. In the Mock Draft Forums over at Footballguys, I drafted Jacobs in a Pre-Draft Survivor League waaaaay back in March in the 3rd round (16 team, no trades, no waivers, Best Ball – or total points elimination – format). He backs up Marion Barber III and has Julius Jones, Ladell Betts and rookie Chris Johnson behind him. I feel ok with that still. But as with the ADP and Rankings I quote above, Thomas Jones is still sitting around at the time and given the questions Jacobs is now facing and the revamped Jets offensive line – he might have been (and still be) the better way to go.

Jones is a topic for another column, but for now, watch this situation closely. While Jacobs was not going to be your #1 FF back and will still giveyou some good points in a RBBC, if it becomes a situation where we never know who will get the majority of the carries in any week, it could be best to just stay away.

Food for thought.

Feel free to throw questions and comments to as well in the comments section.