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So while I said I wouldn’t be doing this numerically, I’d be hard pressed to start anywhere than with this guy.

Adrian Peterson
What’s not to like about Peterson? Good runner, great offensive line, decent WRs. All he needs is a few more TDs. Peterson has few minuses and now it looks like Brett Favre will be throwing the ball, in which case suddenly he gets someone who can keep the defenses from stacking against the run. Even Taylor isn’t too much of a threat for AP.

Safe and dependable, you know Peterson will finish in the top 5 every year. He has had some fumble issues he needs to work on and on occasion Childress has almost appeared to underuse him – but honestly these are minor details. Even a few carries to rookie receiver Percy Harvin won’t hurt Peterson all that much. Aside from injury – and you can’t predict that with real confidence – Peterson is the bottom line, safest running back in your fantasy draft.

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Adrian Peterson Practicing Fri, 19 Sep 2008 05:29:00 +0000 admin According to St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting that Adrian Peterson and his hamstring was stretching and performing individual drills though no word on whether he was doing any 11 on 11 drills. Assume he will be probable for the weekend and this seems a good sign he will start this weekend.

We’ll keep you posted and see if there are any after effects from practice – swelling, pain, ecetera. But this is a good thing right now.

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Adrian Peterson – Game Time Decision Fri, 19 Sep 2008 05:29:00 +0000 admin NFLN is reporting that Adrian Peterson will be the dreaded ‘GAME TIME DECISION’, meaning that even though he practiced he is still feeling the affects of his hamstring injury.

I followed up on some of the beat writer blogs in Minny and yeah it looks like ADP is not so much ‘All Day’ as we’d like to see. I will be downgrading him on the RB rankings (out in about an hour, maybe less). He will be listed as Questionable on today’s Injury Report in all likelyhood.

At least it’s an early game – make sure you check in here and watch the news pre-game to make sure you are ok to start him. Unlike LT, who played hurt and ultimately had to come out, the matchup and ADP’s ability make me confident that if he does play, he will be a good start.

RB and TE rankings a little later. Just wanted to catch you up on Peterson.

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Brief News and Vacation notes Mon, 14 Jul 2008 18:02:00 +0000 admin Hey folks,

I am heading to Alaska today and will in part be interwebs free off and on throughout the week. So for now, I might direct you to any of the fine sights on the right of this post for your listening/news/football fix pleasure.

I am working on putting this thing on an RSS feed soon so you’ll know every time I post – you can subscribe with the button to the right, but it’s not the same thing, as far as I can tell.

Will be back next Monday – and back here by Tuesday Morning. With an announcement if certain folks *coughLammycough* don’t beat me to it.

Here’s the quick hits -

Chris Henry May Be Reinstated
Former Bengal and consistent law-breaker Chris Henry had some assault charges dropped today – and as such the NFL will re-examine his suspension. Will someone give him a shot in Training Camp? Probably. Figure the list could start with the WR challenged Titans and go until you hit the bad decision plagued Raiders. Will he contribute? That’s the big question. He has the ability – but it comes with a huge amount of baggage.

WR Engram Still Hoping for Contract
Bobby Engram has been threatening a hold out all off-season and the Seahawks are calling his bluff. Engram was huge last year, but is old enough to where the Hawks don’t want to renegotiate. My take is, engram WILL NOT HOLD OUT – and will end up being the solid center of the offense again, potentially topping 70-80 catches again. People always overlook him – I’ll be drafting him often.

And finally from the This is what the NFC Norris Wanted to hear – NOT file -
Adrian Peterson Has Learned Pass Protection
According to the
Minneapolis Star-Tribune ADP has improved his pass protecting and you have to assume that means more 3rd downs for All-Day. Chester Taylor will still get lots of carries, but this cuts his value down, assuming it pans out.

I’m sure that makes Detroit, Chicago and Green Bay ecstatic.

As a Peteron owner in one dynasty, it sure makes me giddy.

OK folks – maybe I’ll see you this week – maybe I will get stomped by a moose. Of course in five trips to family up north I have yet to see one, so I think they may be a media trick.

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