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Blurb Appearance on podcast w/ Brian Bassett – both Jets and general NFL talk – August 13th

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  • #1 by Josh Morgan on July 22nd, 2009


    I’m working with Trench Fantasy ( in Seattle, which is going to be opening up leagues next week for a new kind of fantasy football. Trench Fantasy is fantasy football with scoring focused on the most important players in the game, those in the trenches. Players select lineups of team units such as offensive line, defensive line, defensive secondary and receive points based on how they play as a whole.

    Trench Fantasy is going to be opening up for league registration and drafts beginning in the week of 7/27/09. We thought that Trench Fantasy might be a good guest for your show since:
    -Trench Fantasy is a new way for serious football fans to enjoy the game
    - Focus is on celebration of teamwork, not individual achievement

    Eric Koivisto, CEO of Trench Fantasy would love to call in to the Thundering Blurb and talk Fantasy Football for a few minutes. Eric is a great interview. Think this is something we could slot in for some time over the next few weeks?

    Also, I’m following you on Twitter as @trenchfantasy

    Thank you,
    Josh Morgan