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Blurb Tweet on ESPN – Video!

Hey folks – as promised, we’ve got audio/video of the Blurb tweet and Schlereth’s response (and a Golic response in one as well).

And then, I promise, that’s the end of that. I’ll keep the video rolling only in my own house.

One long linked video with both clips  are right below. Once again, tremendous thanks to the awesome Paty for the clips.

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ESPN Name Drops the Thundering Blurb!

So for those of you who follow me on twitter, you probably know I had a twitter question mentioned on NFL Live yesterday. Unfortunately I was not near a TV when it happened and didn’t get a chance to record it later.

Luckily, super-awesome Twitter follower Paty had it and hooked me up with a still and a pair of videos.

So I’ve got video of Mark Schlereth’s response but won’t be able to do anything with it until I get home tonight. Until then, here’s the tweet as it appeared on the show.

Blurb has hit the big time!

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Blurb TV – NFL Fines & ‘Devastating’ Hits

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 10/18

Very brief write-up today. Normally I do these right after the show, not the next morning at work, but the internet is down at the home office, so I could not do so, And at work – well there just isn’t quite enough time for a proper recap.

First things first, you can listen to the episode here - and I apologize for the sound quality. No internet means no skype, which means it was a cell phone show.

Here’s hoping this all gets worked out before the weekend.

Brief recap: We went over some injury notes, talked DET/NYG & NYJ/DEN, touched on some Pass Interference & Collision (head to head and otherwise), the BCS and the Big East.

I didn’t get a chance to talk much about it, in part because not having the internet meant lacking the correct info, but by now you must have heard about Rutgers DT Eric LeGrand who was injured during the Rutgers/Navy game Saturday.

LeGrand is paralyzed from the nexk down, which sort of brings home the whole ‘head to head’ and severe hit discussion going on right now. It’s a terrible situation and Rutgers has set up a website so folk can send get-well wishes to LeGrand.

Of course, my thoughts and prayers go out to Eric and his family.

As always, I thank you for listening.

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BlurbTV – NCAA & Money for Players

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Blurb TV – Cromartie & the NY Jets’ Defensive Scheme

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The Thundering Blurb Show – 10/11

You can't see the UFO parked on Soldier Field, but it's there.

Howdy from the Windy City (which is more foggy then windy this morning).

I’m in Chicago for some non-football business but the NFL and College football keeps keeping on and so do we.

Which was almost more then I can say for the Jets-Vikes who were delayed 45 minutes due to lighting. We were on time – check out the show here. You can also subscibe via itunes and never miss an episode.

A brief synopsis for the morning before I head off for breakfast and some work.

  • I touch on the M*A*S*H unit status of the Packers. It could be worse, but it could be much better. (Fantasy Alert: Andrew Quarless will fill in for Jermichael Finley & Donald Lee. Not a lock cause he can’t block, but could be someone to watch for an emergency fill in)
  • Colt McCoy could be the Browns starter. Dear Lord….
  • Ohio State is far and away the #1 in the AP poll. But in the ‘mock BCS poll’ Boise would be. We’ll know Sunday but come on….
  • Pitt losing to the Irish wasn’t awful but it continues to hurt the Big East on the big stage, but West Virginia snuck back into the Top 25. Also, Tino Sunseri is just not ready for prime time. Of course, neither are the Panthers as a team this year.
  • Alex Smith remains starter in San Fran. But how long? And have the SF fans clamoring for David Carr seen him? If he comes in, assume Troy Smith isn’t far behind.

All that and more NFL news and notes as well as a ton of discussion on the Monday Night game, when it finally got started. Wasn’t pretty, that’s for sure.

Thanks for listening and reading.

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Interview with Kevin McGuire of College Football Examiner

Hey folks – if you listened to the Blurb show last night or follow me on Twitter or the site on Facebook, you know I did a little interview with Kevin McGuire of College Football Examiner on the state of the Big East, TCU rumors and a few overall college football topics as well. 

Check it out here, along with a ton of other great interviews Kevin has done across the College Football Landscape. He’s also a fine writer, and you can catch his stuff over at as well.

Thanks to Kevin for having me on and quarterbacking a great conversation.

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The Thundering Blurb Show – 10/4

Our streak of technical glitch free shows screeched to a halt about 45 minutes in when Skype dumped me not once but twice at the end of the show and I ended up finishing via cell phone.

So we can reset the count to zero but we got through it. You can always subscribe to the show on the Itunes feed as well.

Aside from that, I covered a ton of ground tonight.

First we talk abut what I think is the inevitable implosion of Jay Cutler. He was hammered behind that offensive line and while really he needs to get the ball out quicker, but he’s not getting protection. Are we shocked? I’m not. The oline was poor already and Martz doesn’t protect his QBs. It’s that easy.

The offensive line is also partially responsible for Matt Forte’s woes on the ground but I’m still not a fan. I think he’s an average back who had his career year in his first year.

How much longer before Cutler loses his temper? Odds are….very soon.

I also talk a little about what I was hearing on Denver Sports Radio this morning – are Broncos fans really unhappy with Kyle Orton? What more does Captain Neckbeard have to do for you?

I touch on the Jets (shocker) and how well the team has been playing, but mostly talk about how despite a big game against the Bills, I don’t think Shonn Greene is poised to rip off a ton more like it. It’s not that he runs badly – it’s a combination of play selection which sends him into the defense and not enough carries.

Oh, and Tomlinson is looking very, very good.

After that I segue into some news including Steve Smith’s ankle, LeSean McCoy’s ribs, Ahmad Bradshaw’s ankle, Mike Vick’s ribs…. I sense a theme.

Also Max Hall’s potential starting gig, Pierre Thomas’ injury, Sidney Rice’s rehab woes and Arian Foster’s great attitude post benching.

After the break, we come back to talk some Top 25 College Football rankings and I talk a little bit about TCU and it’s rumored offer (or potential offer) to join the Big East. I get into this a lot more on Kevin McGuire’s podcast ‘The College Football Examiner’ but I talk a little about it here as well.

Somewhere in the above segment I get Skyped and it’s a bit choppy – happens about the time I start talking Pitt-Notre Dame. Might be a sign, I don’t know.

I wrap things up with a tad more NFL news.

Thanks for listening and reading. Next week I will be broadcasting from Chicago. Cross your fingers I don’t get Skyped there too.

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