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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 9/27

Tonight’s show welcomed Melissa Jacobs of to the program at the halfway mark.

While you’re listening to me babble to start the program, be sure to check the site out and follow her on twitter as well.

Before Melissa comes by, I cover my thoughts on the dismal state of the Big East. It’s been a rough September for the conference and ended the same way – marquee matchups for West Virginia, Cincinnati and Rutgers all could have won some prestige for the conference. At least West Virginia and Cincy both held their own.

Pitt fell apart against the Miami Hurricanes. It was brutal and it will be reflected in my Big East rankings debuting this week over at

We go over some news and notes and segue into Melissa’s appearence.

Amongst other things we hit:

We hit up a few more topics and then wrap the show up with what Melissa has planned, which includes player interviews and more articles.

Thanks to my guest for coming by and to you for stopping by.

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Around the NFL – Vick/Kolb, Vincent Jackson, Braylon Edwards

Hey folks, been a while since I last did a plain old, normal blog post but felt like with so much going on around the league the last day or so, I should pontificate.

To Vick or not to Vick?

Well, Andy Reid made his bed and he’ll lie in it – messy as it is. I’m not saying it’s a bad decision, if he thinks he will win more games with Vick than Kolb. Remember, Kolb looked pretty brutal in the preseason as well as that one half of concussion-free football in Week 1.

Vick looks better than he ever did – we’ll see if he fares as well against a defense preparing for him.

But can Reid go back to Kolb if Vick flops? I’m not saying I want him to flop, I think a success story for Vick could be something special. But if he does flop – what will the locker room think? What does it think now?

And I wouldn’t have batted an eye if we were in Week 5. Or even Week 3, if Kolb had choked for two weeks straight? But now?

If you were in ‘win-now’ mode either you keep McNabb or start Vick from the get-go.

Michael David Smith (writer on put it best when he said:

Lesson NFL players will take from Kolb-Vick switch: “If I get a concussion, no way I leave the game and let my backup take my job”

You have to wonder if guys who normally wanted to get back in there will hide a bad hit even more.

Rumor has it that the Cleveland Browns called the Eagles about Kolb and were turned away.


The AJ Smith/Vincent Jackson staring contest is now officially ridiculous. By the time you read this maybe a trade has happened but you know what?

I wouldn’t be a damn bit shocked if it hasn’t.

The Rams have reportedly dropped out, The Vikings allegedly have a deal in place with VJack, but won’t toss a 3rd round pick in with a 2nd they already offered.

What’s Smith doing? Does he think Jackson will get with the program if he shoves being a Charger down his throat? When does this become less about ego and more about getting something for a player who will not happily play on your team again?

Smith never blinks but I think this time he’s over his head. I could be wrong.

Sidenote: Is a team willing to put two picks on a guy one bad decision away from a year long suspension?

Speaking of bad decisions….

Braylon Edwards is a dumbass

Sorry, he is. Especially when there are programs designed to pick a player up and get him home safe AND I”ve heard some of those programs have a second guy show up to drive your car home.

But Bomani Jones put it perfectly on The Morning Jones today.

What was your plan Braylon? You knew you were getting tipsy tonight so…. you drove? Did you think ahead to 5am and what shape you might be in? (Let’s not point out that practice after a 5am return home….. yeah not pleasant I imagine)

At what point were you thinking at all?

I mean, you just had one of your better games as a Jet in a huge win on a team you want a big contract from…. and you Plaxico yourself?

The next good decision Edwards makes could very well be his first.

On the flip side, I’m wondering what exactly is the source of the ’suspend him’ crowd in the media.

Listen, I think drunk driving is pretty stupid and we can all thank whatever God you worship nobody was hurt here and we didn’t have another Donte Stallworth incident.

I’m not sure that it’s instantaneously suspension-worthy. Other players have had a DUI (or DWI if you’re in another part of the country) and I never heard a call for their heads.

Why this reaction and why Braylon? (is it the Beard? It is rather intimidating.)

I don’t have an answer for that, maybe you do. If so, leave it in the comments. But honestly more than Edwards making a dumb choice (yet again), the media reaction in NYC has been almost as harsh as the traffic.

And if you’ve listened to the show at all since I moved here, you know how bad I think that is.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 9/20

Another Monday night in the books and another Thundering Blurb Football Show as well.

I started the show on a sad note, reporting that Denver Broncos Kenny McKinley had been found dead in his home on Monday. Of course, thoughts and prayers are with his family and the Broncos organization, which has seen it’s share of sadness and loss of life.

From there I move onto happier topics or at least less serious ones as I tour around the Big East games from the past weekend. It isn’t a pretty picture, save for Syracuse and West Virginia.

The Big East is really struggling and has several tough and vital games coming this week, including West Virginia at the home of the LSU Tigers.

About 15 minutes in, Jim Day aka Fantasy Taz joins me and we take a phone call.

Afterwards, we talk about the craziness at the quarterback position over the past weekend and what it means for various teams. We hit upon Jimmy Clausen, Max Hall/Derek Anderson, Mike Vick vs Kevin Kolb, Gradkowski vs Campbell, Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Edwards and…. Garrard vs….um…. whomever isn’t hurt?

We also talk a little about Overreaction Monday and what Jim thinks peopel are going overboard on already from Sunday. We talk about Jamaal Charles and whether he accidentally ran over Todd Haley’s dog or if he just isn’t a good enough coach to recognize talent.

I warned you about Charles but wow, even I am shocked how bad it is.

On the flipside, Jim and I both love us some Jahvid Best.

Finally, as the clock runs out on the show, we talk about what might have caused Tom Brady’s un-Brady-like second half against the Jets and Brett Favre’s awful first two games.

Always a pleasure to chat with Jim, who you can follow on The Twitter, and catch on his own shows, including the Talking Trash with Taz lead-in to Cecil and Sig on The Audible Thursday nights.

Thanks to Jim for coming by and thanks to you for listening.

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Brian Bassett of Breaks Down the Jets/Pats

Was wandering around the internet, reading up on the upcoming football action when I headed over to The Jets Blog as I often do – being a fan of good content and of things Jets.

Lo and behold, editor Brian Basset had embedded a video of him breaking down the Jets upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

Should I have written ‘dreaded’ or ‘hated’? Can you be a Jets fan minus rhetoric?

Here it is – sadly Bri is only on the phone. But luckily the host dressed up for the occasion!

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 9/13

I’m currently licking my wounds as my beloved Jets found a way to get a ton of turnovers – but also a ton of penalties. I’ve talked before about how I was worried the distractions, new faces and high expectations might scuttle the season.

Yeah yeah, its week 1. Still, they – like several other teams – need to take a hard look in the mirror this week.

While the Jets were stumbling, the Blurb show was not and along with a nice group in the chat, we covered a great many topics including:

  • Stafford’s shoulder and the effect on the Lions offense
  • Ryan Grant’s ankle and Brandon Jackson’s prospects
  • The Eagles injuries to Kolb & Bradley as well as the handling of Bradley’s injury in game
  • Also my thoughts throughout a few segments on Matt Moore, the Panthers, and the Giants WR corps

We also touch on several College Football and Big East topics including:

  • Terrelle Pryor, Denard Robinson and Heisman hype
  • The Gators offense
  • Villanova potentially joining the Big East

As well as some various injury news.

Thanks as always for coming by and listening. You can also subscribe via ITunes.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 9/6

Hey folks- another Monday is in the books and so is another Thundering Blurb Football Show.

Last night I was joined with the editor in chief, the defacto Jet-in-charge, as it were – Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog a place where if you have a mind, Jets news literally overflows.

Bassett and I discuss many things Jets, covering the following topics:

  • Darrelle Revis’ contract, why it took so long and fan fallout
  • Calvin Pace and what impact it has for the team
  • Whether Mark Sanchez can take his game to the next level
  • The Wide Receiver corps
  • If Shonn Greene will last a season, if LT has gas in the tank and the Chauncy Washington/Joe McKnight debate

And more! I also talk a little about Houshmandzedah, Mark Clayton, Sam Bradford and more of the NFL Cuts and moves before Brian comes on.

Here’s the link again. You can also find it on ITunes and subscribe so you don’t have to wander here on a Tuesday and read my synopsis to get the link – though I am grateful you do!

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