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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 7/18

First things first – here’s the link for the show!

Sorry this is a bit late, work has been busy, which I should get tattooed on my head this summer. It’s been a crazy one.

So again, a short recap. Subjects we touch on:

  • Colorado Springs Gazette kills their Denver coverage – friend of the show Frank Schwab will be covering the Air Force. I admit here I don’t know all the facts and figures but really? Air Force is a bigger/cheaper draw than the BRONCOS?
  • Chris Johnson’s contract – they did what I figured they would and got it done. Good for CJ, good for the Titans – good for the fans. And you can now draft CJ with no worries.
  • We also cover some chat questions and the recent articles on Rutgers (offense and defense) and Louisville’s offense.

As always, enjoy the interaction of the chat (maybe not Pastor Pat the troll) and want to thank you all for allowing me to chat football at you all year long.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 7/12

Morning folks – brief recap of the episode today as it looks like I’m in store for another round of chaos at the day job.
First of course, I am happy to announce the official launch of – my site dedicated to all things Big East football. Listening to the show, you’ll note that five minutes before air, the site imploded.
It’s back up and running now though, and there is a piece on the Rutgers offensive unit posted already.
Expect a companion piece on the defense later this week, followed by more of the same on the other seven teams.
As the summer goes on, I’ll be adding a regular video feature, news links and analysis of the same.
I’m excited and very happy I was able to de-Plaxico the site last night post-show.
Beyond, we touch on quite a few things including:
- Lebron James and the fact that he needs to slap whoever suggested ‘The Decision’ to him. Nothing good came out of that except for the Heat.
- World Cup – I learned from my barber the final was going to be fixed. Beyond that, had both the elements I love about futbol (exciting near goals, energetic crowd) and hate (too many ticky tacky yellow cards, copious amounts of flopping). I wanted the Netherlands to win because nobody else seemed to but Spain played a fine game and honestly Netherlands side just wore down, much like the US against Ghana.
We then move from futbol to football and cover a wide range of news including the Bears running back situation, rumors of Randy Moss to the same Bears and then we talk about some interesting Big East games to look forward to this fall.
Lots of stuff to do and as always, thanks to the guys in the chat, thanks to you for listening and downloading and letting me be a part of your offseason experiance.

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 7/5

Jammed packed show last night and a lot of ground covered – the 1 hour format is getting a bit crowded.

First the link – check the show out here at BTR or on Itunes (and subcribe won’t you?)

Second – I promised a big announcement and so here it is. In one week I will be launching a new website called Big East Gridiron whose aim will be to give you full coverage and analysis of all eight teams in the Big East ranks.

Big thanks to Jim Day (aka Fantasy Taz) who tweaked my logo/header from very good to awesome. You see the results above.

The site will contain a lot of analysis of all the teams, some video and audio links (including to the Blurb show) and I’m hoping to do a weekly roundup of college football news from around the web.

I’m very excited and look forward to sharing everything with you next Monday. Spread the word to anyone you know who loves College Football and especially the Big East.

After that Earth Shattering Pronouncement, we move on to the the business at hand.

Last week I read an article by Evan Silva at about how QB “Guru” Tom Martinez blames the Raiders for JaMarcus Russell’s struggles. Of course he backpedals to say Russell needs to improve his work ethic as well but all in all on a better team – say the Jets – he might flourish.

You can imagine my issues with this. (Side note – this is Silva reporting on an article from the NYTimes, not Silva’s opinion.)

You can also imagine I go a little long on it. Sure, Martinez makes some good points about it but let’s be honest – Russell’s biggest problem (pun intended) is Russell. Even his teammates say so.

It isn’t brain surgery kids. And oh bye the way – someone tell Martinez that a run first team with a guy picked at #5 in the 2009 draft is not a perfect situation for Russell.

Just sayin’.

After that I talk about Phil Steele’s College Football Preview Magazine, one of my favorite pieces of reading material every year. We talk about how the Top 25 and how Rutgers isn’t in it, though Pitt is.

We’ll use it a lot more as a touchstone and common point of reference throughout the summer. (PS – I love Phil’s work but the website is a little painful to look at – don’t let it dissuade you. You’ll be missing out if you do.

Finally we touch on the Listener’s Segment, this week’s topic provided by frequent chat denizen GMoney.

G asks :

Was wondering what your thoughts are on why this off this off season it seems so many football players and front office personnel are getting into legal trouble.

Every day it seems someone is in the police blotter. I don’t understand why these guys want to jeopardize their careers. Love to hear what you think tonight on your podcast.

It’s funny but as I talked about it and thought about it, I started thinking maybe there isn’t really THAT much more being reported. I feel as though I was thinking the same thing last year and as soon as the season started, we forgot.

Regardless though, I touch on a few reasons – everything from a lack of follow-up help for incoming rookies (who are still young men and prone to silly decisions) to ever present media out of sensationalist stories.

There’s no single easy answer I think – more like there are many factors which make the news seem bigger, though there are certainly some serious issues.

Also, Goodell better be ready for some repercussions if Lions president Tim Lewand skates easier than players have.

That about does it – as always thanks for reading and listening.

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