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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 5/26

Brief write up today since I’m pressed for time.

Jumping right in - here is the link.

Great to be back in the saddle again last night and thanks for everyone who came out and everyone else who downloads regularly.

Next week will be the last Wednesday night show. I should know where the show is moving to and announcing that next Wednesday.

Among other things last night we covered:

-NY/NJ Super Bowl
-Ted Ginn Jr
-Why Steroids are more a disaster in MLB than in the NFL

And a little general chatroom chat plus some other discussion.

Sorry for the brief recap – just a little behind the eight ball this morning.

But as always – thanks for making me a part of your football season, on and offseason.

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Blurb TV Ep 11 – PSLs & the Average Fan

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 5/12

If there’s supposed to be a ‘dead time’ for NFL news, somebody forgot to tell the NFL about it.

So we had a lot to talk about on last night’s Blurb Show – you can catch it here or subscribe to the ITunes feed here or in the ITunes store.

First things first, I’ll be taking next week off – I’m not sure if there will be a guest host or a filler show yet but I’ll keep you posted. The week off will allow me to figure out where the Blurb show will reside (the whole non-fantasy show on a fantasy site thing) as well as jump-start a project I am very excited about.

Also a little heads up – one of the things i am doing for Footballguys is the Wednesday edition of the Daily Fantasy Buzz on – Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom handle the other four days. You can catch all our episodes here all off season. Great stuff, every day on top of the Audible and everything else we do.

On the show-

We start out with a discussion of the Brian Cushing nonsense, touching on some of the details but mostly centering on the ridiculousness of the re-vote. Here’s a question I bring up: if Cushing has been stripped of the award and suspended, why the hell can he win the award again? It makes the whole process a lot of chest-beating but no real substance.

After that, we touch on the fact that with Cushing and a New York Super Bowl bid taking up airwave time, a ‘rumor’ that ‘leaked’ involved Brett Favre and his ankle.

Is it me or does it seem that every time a week goes by without his name coming up, there’s a sudden reason for his name to come up?

We then delve into the NY Super Bowl bid and the pluses and minuses for a cold-weather, open stadium Super Bowl. (You can still give me your thoughts at thunderingblurb (A) I also throw out some other interesting ideas about moving Super Bowls (and the NFL Draft) and awarding bids.

After the break, we come back to talk a little Tom Brady. Is it fair of him to call players out when he’s stopped coming to off-season workouts? How much rope does his Super Bowl rings buy him?

I then launch into a discussion of SuperConferences, something I touched on this week on Blurb TV.

I go a little deeper here, and also call out Notre Dame. This is a school which has been surviving on rep more than production. At what point does it become hard for them to ask for the type of money they get from TV? Isn’t it smarter to join a conference now when they are still in a relative position of strength?

I’m totally with the Big East football coaches who are calling for them to either join all the way (including football) or get out. Does anyone care about Notre Dame basketball? Baseball? Why does the Big East let them do this?

In or out kids, make up your mind.

I wrap it up with some news and notes from the NFL, touching on Brian Westbrook’s recent journeys to Washington and Denver, Caddy Williams signing his tender, Mark Sanchez’s rehab from knee surgery and whether or not we buy that Michael Turner will see less than 300 carries.

Don’t forget to check out the Lexycasts and BlurbTV.

As always thanks for listening and reading – keep it up. It’s going to be a big year.

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Blurb TV – Ep 10 – College Superconferences

Check out all the great college football stuff over at In The Bleachers…

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The Thundering Blurb Football Show – 5/5

So much to talk about we went over. Like, way over.

You start with the link here.

Before I get into the overall show, I wanted to reiterate an announcement I make near the beginning.

As of today, I am joining the staff and all my fantasy content will now be over there. I’m very excited about the move and having worked with some of the guys over there before, know the transition will be an easy one.

What does this mean for Well, a few things.

First, the site is not going away. The fantasy content will, but this site has always been about more than that. In fact last year, the fantasy content got so big, college football season slipped by largely unremarked upon. 

So this really allows the site to get back to the basic mandate: takes on all things football. Which means more college this coming season (which will dovetail nicely into another announcement down the pike a bit).

The audio show will still continue – I may need to take a week or so off as I shift things around and my assumption is it will come off the Fantasy Sports Channel, though remain on Blogtalkradio in general.

But it won’t be a fantasy show, strictly speaking, and since that’s the case it might not fit there anymore.

Both the audio show and Blurb TV will still exist and be a way for me to get my opinion out there to you.

It’ll be a bit of a transition but at the end, it’s going to open things up around here.

So I’m excited and hope you will be too. You can, of course, always pelt me with questions via twitter by following @thunderingblurb, whether they be fantasy related or not.

There will be a few more announcements coming in the next few months so stay tuned – we aren’t going anywhere.

Again, I can’t  express how excited I am to make the move. Footballguys has a great staff and puts out a ton of great content. I’m looking forward to adding to it.

Back to the show – Greg Kellog and Walkie call in and we spend the rest of the show (which runs a solid hour and a half) talking rookie running backs and their potential impact. Spiller, Dwyer, Matthews, Gerhart all get covered as do Hardesty, Best, McKnight and Starks.

Some good insight from my guests so definitely stick around for the whole thing.

That’ll do it for the recap – make sure to subscribe via ITunes so you get the eps as soon as their done. And I’ll keep you up to date with any change in timing for the Blurb Football show as I know it either through Twitter, Facebook or right here on

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Blurb TV – Ep 9 – Busts

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My Q&A at NewYorkJets.DK

Just before the NFL Draft, I answered a few questions for Mark Bundgaard over at As promised, I went back for more post Draft.

Follow the link for more NY Jets Q&A, including my thoughts on the Draft itself, standing pat and grabbing Kyle Wilson and the overall moves the team made over the Draft weekend.

Thanks as always to Mark for tossing me some questions my way.

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