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The Thundering Blurb Show – 12/30

Last night was- as always- a great deal of fun. As the Fantasy Football year winds down, things don’t slow down for me. I’m getting ready to do some draft stuff and I’ll be on the interweb radio pretty much every Wednesday all year long.

snowIt’s snowing here in New York, which makes the decision to NOT do Times Square for New Years Eve seem very wise.

I love the white stuff though, so despite the fact it requires scraping and shoveling I’m happy to see today’s snow.

I’m sure I will be jaded at some point.

Last night’s show included some lineup questions from TheBoyz, the crazy bastard in a Week 17 championship (and which revealed that some of my show notes and matchups were wrong – D’OH!), some continued Colts benching outrage as well as pre-outrage for what might be benched Bengal starters.

Oh and lawsuits by Indy councilmen. Those get talked about too.

I also talked a little about Tim Tebow and whether he should play in the Senior Bowl and the Texas Tech Mike Leach firing. As $GMoney$ said in the chat, there is something more to this story. Something isn’t adding up though I can’t say exactly what.

Also: If Craig James wasn’t Adam James’ dad, would this be such a big story?

That’s it for now – feel free to leave comments here and as always thanks for reading and listening.

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NFL Stands For ‘Nutty Fan Litigation’

Colts fans are really, really angry.

Angrier than a toddler with croup. Angrier than the Incredible Hulk.

So angry they allegedly harassed Colts President Bill Polian off the air ten minutes early on his own radio show . 

Remind me never to anger Indiana. I wouldn’t like them when they were angry.
When they are angry (or wronged), they sue. Or more accurately, members of the Indianapolis City council—who, like Congress , seem to have nothing more pressing to occupy their time—are looking to sue for them .
I’m not totally sure who is doing what but for what it’s worth, I think it’s both understandable yet also ridiculous to sue over this.
On the one hand, nobody can argue the Colts tried their hardest to win the game with the Jets.

Maybe popping Peyton Manning back into the game late might have made the fans feel better. But you just don’t pull him midway through the game and then lose while still keeping your competitive credibility intact.

On the other hand, your ticket entitles you to many thingsbut one of those things isn’t a win or even an effort to achieve a win.

It may be implied, but it isn’t a promise written in stoneor on the ticket. Regardless, all I can say is, glad I’m not the judge.

Besides, if anyone in Indy should be suing, it should be back-up quarterback Curtis Painter. Talk about the ‘no-win scenario’.

Welcome to the NFL, Rook.

In thinking about the Colts and their fans, I realized there are probably many groups of disgruntled people out there who could be feeling a tad frisky.

So I reached out to Twitter as well as some fellow podcasters and writers to see what might force themor their friends and fansto drive to the local lawyer.

As always, the results were not disappointing.

Some were silly, some were serious, but all were interesting and entertaining.


I would sue the Rams/Lions/Chiefs/Bills for a crappy season

This was about the most common tweet or e-mail I got. In one case, an e-mailer wrote in very specific detail how he had been wronged by the Rams, not just this season, but for several in a row. Bad drafts, poor coaching, bad free agent signings. It was all there.

I got less lawsuit requests for the Lions involving former GM/train wreck Matt Millen than I expected, though he was involved in one angry email we’ll get to in a minute.

If fans of the Colts would like some perspective, maybe I can put you in touch with the fans of some teams who, in some cases, didn’t win 14 in two seasons, much less one. 


Football blogger @JeremyNPike tweeted a funny, but true one.

“The Bills for reckless endangerment and gross negligence of any QB who lines up under center and disappearance of T.O.”

I’m not blaming the Bills for the disappearance of one Terrell Owens, in part because he is so very good at hiding on his own. I think the reckless endangerment charge might stick thoughat least if you ask Trent Edwards.


Fellow scribe  @A_E_M threw out several, the first one being the nugget below.

“…the fact that they have AARP players (B Favre) but dont give AARP discounts.”

I have no idea if not being eligible for said discounts is accurate. We already know the league is only just getting on board with looking out for it’s elder statesmen, so it wouldn’t shock me if there were no senior discounts.

On the other hand, does any sport do that?
@fantasyf00tball tweeted one that he called ‘The Shannahan Clause’ and I call the ‘Fantasy Football Owner Lament’.
“I’d sue Kubiak for not settling on a running back.”
Nobody who has ever played fantasy football has ever seen a Denver coach (former or current) allow for predictability in their backfields. The aforementioned Shannahan killed owners for years with his mix-and-match backfields. Kubiak did it this year with his gang in the Texans’ running back group.
Heck, current Broncos coach Josh McDaniels played with our emotions for much of the 2009 season, alternating between veteran Correll Buckhalter and rookie Knowshon Moreno.
A judge might throw this outat this point there is implied risk. On the other hand, these guys need to come with warning labels.
At worst, maybe we can get the Surgeon General to slap some on their fantasy drafts: “Contents may cause headaches, dizziness and early ejection from the fantasy playoffs.”
Here’s one I got three different flavors of, though they all came down to the same sentiment.
I’d like to sue the league for not letting Ochocinco wear Chris Henry’s jersey.

All three e-mailersTito from NY, Ed and STKLM1 from parts unknownall felt very strongly that the league erred in not allowing the man formerly known as Chad Johnson to honor his friend in this simple way.

Ed said he wasn’t a Bengal fan, but thought that given the situation as well as the fact that both players played the same position, the impact should have been negligible and the gesture allowed.

I asked him whether he would have felt the same way in regards to Sean Taylor, who died in 2007 from a gunshot would inflicted during an attempted robbery at his house.

Ed said some things transcend rules and yes, if a teammate had wanted to honor Taylor in that way, then what’s the big deal?

I don’t disagree. It all worked out for everyone involved with the Chris Henry thing, but I never saw the harm in Ochocinco’s request to begin with.


Back on the lighter side, @A_E_M came back with this tweet.

“What I would def sue for is not the NFL but ESPN for their MNF crew, can we get 3 ppl that actually can stay neutral?”

I got a similar e-mail from Dean in Texas who swore that another season of the NFLN crew of Millen and Collinsworth would force him to either drink himself to death or shoot his television.

It’s almost a yearly complaint about one or both of the weeknight game crews.

Neither crew is an incredibly compelling booth on the order of a Madden/Michaels. Few out there are.

Both booths have their downsides. On occasion I’ve heard both Millen and Collinsworth drop a few comments that make me go “what the heck?”

But I have also heard some good analysis. I’m hoping they get better as time goes on and honestly, anything is better than having Bryant Gumbel in the booth, because I’m at least reasonably sure Millen knows the names of the players.

ESPN has yet to put together a booth to unanimous applause, though firing/releasing /letting Tony Kornheiser leave was met with pretty large amounts of joy. I like Ron Jaworski and Mike Tirico quite a bit and Gruden brings a ton to the table, but A_E_M isn’t wrongoccasionally it gets pretty cloying in the booth.

Still, there’s no Gumbel/Kornheiser so, I’m good.

For this last one, I could have gone several ways. There were Chicago fans who want to sue over the Cutler trade (Gaines Adams was worse, folks), people who want to sue Browns Coach Eric Mangini for being Mangini, and many a Raider fan who wants to sue Al Davis for sole custody of the franchiseoften citing some form of dementia.

In reality, it’s no contest though.


Nobody seems to be angrier than the Redskins fanbase.

For those who aren’t up on it, when Washington Redskins ticket holders were hit with hard times and asked out of their ticket agreements, the team did what any sensitive corporation would be obliged to dothey sued their fans .

The common sentiment from the missives I got was something I can’t repeat here (I mean it’s the Internet, but we try to keep it clean) involving owner Dan Snyder and where he can spend his winter break as well as enough activities to keep him very busy.

To be honest, only one referred to the Redskins’ fan-aimed lawsuits but none of them were particularly pleasant in feeling towards the ownership. They love their Skins, but Snyder…well, that’s another matter.

Taken in total though, most of these e-mails involved wresting control of the team from Snyder and a few might have mentioned burying him Jimmy Hoffa-style under an end zone.

See Colts fans? It could be worse. You feel your franchise quit on you, but at least they aren’t showing up at your door with a subpoena.


 If you have a lawsuit you would dearly love to see delivered to a NFL team or individual, drop it in the comments!

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NFL Late Hits – Week 16

I’m going to try and not make this whole column be about the Colts and Head Coach Jim Caldwell.

It may be hard.

I’ll give this to the Colts’ coach—damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

Well, I guess if you were predisposed to think Peyton Manning—one of the most durable quarterbacks in the game—would end up hurt. Frankly, I wouldn’t think that way.

I can’t put it better than my boy Sigmund Bloom did on Twitter:

You can’t coach afraid of negative outcomes, you focus on the positive outcomes you are pushing towards. Wonder how team feels right now.

Caldwell was preserving Manning, a guy who rarely gets hurt, and may have thrown off the timing of a team who was on a roll. There’s no way he puts the starters in for long this week, is there?

We’re watching momentum disintegrate for the Saints—are we going to see it for the Colts now.

As for the Jets, Mark Sanchez didn’t throw an interception.  Starters may have been sitting, but Sanchez protected the ball. Big deal for him this season considering how he has struggled. Good decisions, solid play-calling, effective ground game.

They still need to win against the Bengals (starters or not) and all those things need to be going if they are going to win.

Interesting side note: The Colts/Jets game inspired this piece of writing on a University of North Carolina website called The 5th Corner where writer AEM uses it as a cautionary tale for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, which is considering a move to a 96 team tournament.

(sidenote-within-a-sidenote: I think expanding to that size is a horrible idea, incredibly unmanageable and frankly giving the College BCS anti-playoff people ammunition they don’t need.) 

See what you did Jim Caldwell?

The Chargers, Cowboys and Patriots seem to be heating up at the right time.  The is standard operating procedure for the Bolts it seems but new ground for Dallas.

Romo has turned the concept he’s a Christmas choke artist on it’s ear the last few weeks. Maybe they aren’t perfect and maybe they won’t make it far into the playoffs, but they seem to be ready for the playoffs at a time when some teams—like the aforementioned Colts and Saints as well as the Vikings—are stumbling.

In the last few years both the Giants and Cardinals have shown us where momentum can take you. One of the fringe teams will heat up and cause some havoc in the playoffs.

Finally, I’ve danced around it enough this month: it’s retarded that Titans running back Chris Johnson isn’t getting more buzz for MVP. Beyond that, it’s criminal. I’m not saying he should be a lock to win it, but not enough writers are even taking note of him beyond ‘wow he’s pretty good’.

Maybe it’s a moot point, given that his team has struggled even when he’s doing well. That his impact on any game is negligible.

This fallacy—or what I consider one—pretty much makes it impossible for almost any position not named ‘Quarterback’, a problem which is already part of the Heisman lack of defensive players.

No one player wins a game every time out (just ask John Elway) but the MVP needs to be a game changer. Chris Johnson is a constant threat to break a long touchdown—a defense cannot afford to ignore him or he will burn them.

Maybe he hasn’t won a lot of games for the Titans. But at any moment, he could.

That should count for something in my opinion.

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The San Francisco 49ers Christmas Wish List

I have posted new article—slideshow actually—over at today. As usual it’s about the San Francisco 49ers and while it has the same insight I always try to bring to the table, I tried to keep it fun as well.

Click the link for some Christmas wishes from the Bay Area Red and Gold!

A brief thanks again for Michael Lombardi over at the National Football Post for linking the last B/R article in one of his columns. I’m a big fan of his work, so it was great to see the link on his site.

NFL Late Hits – Week 15

Wow. Is there any better way to describe yesterday?

ny_upper_westside_snow_storm_10_riverside_park_167[1]I’m not just talking about the Winter Wonderland the family and I woke to Sunday morning — our first in our new digs in Queens.

No, I’m talking about a day of NFL football that just kept getting better and better as the hours passed.

Heck, add in Dallas’ upset of New Orleans to the Jets and Dolphin meltdowns, the Steeler last minute victory, the Bronco implosion, the Browns/Chiefs shootout, an emotional Bengals loss and a Vikings swoon….

Any single game would be worth an entire column. As a whole, it’s one of the best weekends of football I’ve seen this season.

As I hate to leave anything out but don’t want to vomit 4,000 words at you, here are some brief thoughts on some of the action.

Jets—Falcons: People can yell at Sanchez all they want, but why have a32273256[1] wildly inexperienced rookie with even less cold-weather games under his belt throwing into the wind? I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – some of the failure the last two years lands on OC Brian Schottenheimer.

You have the top run offense in the league and run 27 times? WITH A LEAD? That’s suspect and it’s been the case all season. They run a lot but seem to get away from it rather than get it into a  rhythm. Schotty loves to throw and he’s picking bad times to do it with Sanchez.

Point to Jay Feely and Kellen Clemens as well here. Clemens for his botched placement and Feely for two bad kicks.

32272794[1]I believe there is karma— you get what you put out into the world. Last week when Chris Henry died, Feely just couldn’t keep his mouth shut for a day, tweeting how Henry’s death happened in part because of  his poor choices.

True? Maybe. But did you need to say it the day he died? Couldn’t give it a day out of respect for the dead?

A part of me wondered if there wasn’t a little karmic retribution in his missing two ’shouldn’t miss’ field goals.

Kudos to the Falcons by the way. They didn’t give up.

Bengals—Chargers: Speaking of the Bengals and Henry, what an emotionalhenry[1] game. Chad Ochocinco decided against wearing Henry’s number — and that’s a whole other column — but had an inspired day nonetheless. Carson Palmer had arguably his best day of the year.

They couldn’t quite hold on though. Say what you will about the Chargers and how they started the season, but they know how to play in December.

That — after all they have been through with the death of Henry on top of the sudden death of Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer’s wife — the Bengals found a way to come back and almost win, speaks volumes about the team’s mental toughness.

 They didn’t win — but they showed me a lot about overcoming adversity yesterday.

By the way, Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson were incredible yesterday. Jackson has been quiet of late but he’s still there and games like yesterday’s should remind defenses not to sleep on him.

Browns-Chiefs: If I had asked you which game this weekend would have been a shootout, most of you wouldn’t have pointed to this game.

Nor would anyone have picked Jerome Harrison as a guy destined to run for539w[1] 286 yards and a trio of touchdowns, overshadowing a very nice game by Jamaal Charles.

I guess after nearly 300 yards, 154 yards is a little pedestrian.

It’s too bad that people in Kansas City missed the game, since it was blacked out.



Vikings—Panthers: A lot is made of Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys’peppers_favre[1] consistent swoons in December. Yet Brett Favre has probably been forced to eat snow more than his fair share this time of year as well.

You can write off last season if you’d like since Favre was playing with a hurt shoulder. Still, he has a history of struggling at Christmas-time and this month he has thrown interceptions in three straight games.

Aside from that, I know Adrian Peterson was struggling and the Vikings were down in the fourth quarter but twelve runs? TWELVE RUNS.

Last year the Jets abandoned the power run offense they built the team for, opting instead to have Favre throw it early and often. Looks like Childress is wearing the same blinders.

There is no reason why Peterson —and Chester Taylor for that matter — shouldn’t have run the ball far more the first three quarters.

By the way, as if the game weren’t enough – Steve Smith’s post-game interview is gold. Props to Football Outsiders for transcribing some real comedy. I don’t even know if Smith knows what he’s saying.

I know I didn’t even touch on the amazing Cowboy upset of the Saints, the surprise battle between the Cardinals and Lions or the fact that Chris Johnson and Vince Young are going nuts right now for the Titans.

What did I miss that you think should have made the column? Pop off in the comments and we’ll talk.

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Thundering Blurb Football Show 12/17

Great show again last night and I was joined once again by Matt Waldman of and the Rookie Scouting Portfolio.

Among the subjects we touched on were:

  • Chris Henry (this was before the news this morning that he had died, but it didn’t look good then)
  • Heisman Awards – We chat a little about Ingram but settle on Suh and the seeming inability of many old school voters to understand Suh’s position and many of the ‘non-sexy’ positions. I posit the idea that with the web coming of age, maybe we’ll start seeing more diversity in the award. Admitedly it won’t happen any time soon, but I hope.
  • The Colts potentially sitting their players this week. I think it’s insane. Matt does not and makes a good argument for his point.
  • After we bid Matt tonight, I continue my thoughts on the Colts/Jags game then answer a few chatroom questions.

Thanks again to Matt for coming on and thanks to you all for listening – I need to get a ITunes link up in here for you to subscribe with, but until I can manage that bit of technology, drop by the Itunes store and subscribe – you won’t miss a show all year round.

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49ers-Cardinals: San Francisco Closes on Arizona, Crabtree Has Coming Out Party

This morning I posted an article over as my alternate reality gig as a featured 49ers columnist.

Here’s a taste, hit the link at the bottom to jump for the rest -

With Monday’s victory over the division leading Arizona Cardinals, the San Francisco 49ers did more than keep their playoff hopes alive. They also swept the season series against the Cardinals, a tie-breaker which could prove critical if the 49ers can gain some more ground over the coming weeks.

It is unlikely—though not impossible—for a Wild Card team to emerge from59149754 the NFC West. So if San Francisco is to get into the postseason, they will need to catch the Cardinals and win the Division.

That’s trouble for tomorrow, though. For today, there is plenty to be happy about in last night’s win—and plenty to still work on.

Michael Crabtree Has Arrived

It is unbelievably hard not to play “what if” with the rookie wide receiver from Texas Tech. In just eight games, Crabtree has amassed 37 catches and 473 yards.

‘What if’ he had made it to camp? In a somewhat cloudy Offensive Rookie of the Year group, it’s not hard to imagine he’d be somewhere at the front of the pack—if not outright leading it.

Crabtree has been playing very, very well. Last night he did what has become commonplace for him since he started playing—he just did it in front of a Monday Night Football audience.

Many players—and not just rookies—have wilted under the bright lights of Monday Night. Not Crabtree…….

Head to B/R for the rest of the awesomeness including takes on Frank Gore, Alex Smith and Dashon Goldson….

NFL Late Hits – Week 14

Due to overwhelming amounts of chaos, illness and Holiday dysfunction, we missed last week.

I know you’re all very angry but I think we can work through this together by blaming Al Davis. It seems to work pretty well for outgoing coaches so, why not?

We’ve got a couple of topics here for this edition of Late Hits so let’s get to it.

Tackling: Lost Art or Ignored Skill-set?

Watching the Giants and Eagles play last night was painful.

Not just for the officiating which was admittedly atrocious – that’s been an on going problem not just attached to this game.giantsIggles

Not for the drops by New York receivers, though they were frequent and contributed to a season-shattering loss for the Giants.

No, the single most painful thing was the horrific tackling efforts made by the players on both teams.

When did tackling become a lost art form? When did players just decide that running into someone and hoping they will fall over is more effective than wrapping a player up?

It’s been suggested to me that I do an in-depth article or series on this subject and I may. For now though I’ll keep it to just a few thoughts.

This reminds me a lot of how I felt about basketball halfway into Michael Jordan’s career. Every Sportcenter highlight of Jordan seemed to be him making one spectacular dunk after another.

Now, anyone who has ever watched more than five minutes of Jordan – or basketball in general – knows there is more to both Jordan and the game than a dunk.

Yet for years, most of the Jordan plays ESPN seemed to show were dunks.

Know what I noticed? Years later a generation of players seemed more intent on getting Sportcenter-worthy dunks than working on fundamentals.

Didn’t destroy the game or anything, but I remember thinking it changed the game for a while.

Flash-forward to the last few seasons of NFL football during which we’ve had in-depth segments on ESPN such as ‘JACKED UP’.

During that time – and you can’t tell me there isn’t a correlation here – players stopped tackling and started looking to clobber opponents.

Sure, sometimes the ball carrier gets blown up and the play ends. Sometimes a fumble occurs.

Often – dare I say more often than not – the ball carrier shifts, the ‘big hit’ glances off him and the player continues to run down the field.

Last night was a debacle when it came to tackling. So many times players just bounced off of the ball carrier instead of trying to wrap the guy up and if not pull him to the ground, at least slow him down for another defensive player to catch up.

Am I saying this is all the fault of sports highlight shows? No, of course not. Coaches from Pop Warner to the NFL are supposed to teaching and reinforcing proper tackling technique.

Yet consider that many of these players have grown up in the age of Sportcenter and it’s ilk. They’ve learned that from a defensive standpoint it’s the spectacular big hits which gain you air time as much as anything else.

For the guys in the trenches and the fellas in the secondary who might not be quite as able to generate a dynamic interception, it’s a way to stand out.

I think there is a connection here. Maybe my reader was right – maybe this is worthy of a longer article.

Post-game shows are already talking about shifting the focus away from the giant killer hits, in part because they are becoming more cognizant of the damage caused by the blows, especially in regards to concussions.

It will be interesting to see how things change in this increasingly cautious climate.

Until then I merely propose this to anyone who reads this and plays football at any level -WRAP THEM UP.

Chris Johnson, Heading Towards Elite?

At some point, Chris Johnson shifted from very good running back to phenomenal running back.

It’s been happening for weeks. Doesn’t matter if Kerry Collins or Vince Young is behind center (though Young seemed to improve things even more), Johnson aka ‘Coach’s Dream’ just puts up numbers.

There are backs who are very good backs behind a solid offensive line. Guys who, with blocking, can break some long runs and look fantastic. Or who, with a scary pass game, find themselves not facing eight men in a box on every play.

Some backs don’t need that. Well, perhaps ‘don’t need it’ is too strong. More like they can overcome not having it.

LaDainian Tomlinson did in his earlier Charger days. Barry Sanders did it pretty much his whole career with the Lions.

Chris-Johnson[1]Now, it’s still early to call him ‘Hall of Fame’, and the Titans offensive line can play better than either of the above did but the Titans Johnson is a guy who transcends his situation which is admittedly better now than it was a few weeks ago.

Still, I don’t think anyone calls the Titans pass game ‘threatening’.

Johnson has tremendous speed but he’s more than just a fast set of legs. He knows when to use that speed and has incredible vision, allowing him to find the holes he needs to bust lose.

On top of that, Johnson is a demon when he cuts. He makes folks just flat out embarrass themselves when they try to reign him in. Sometimes he just blows by them – sometimes he blows through them.

Johnson is on pace to break Marshall Faulk’s record of 2,429 total yards and he is looking like a great bet to top 2,000 yards on the ground.

I think you add Johnson to the MVP debate, though his team has struggled so much this year that the argument for him is hard to make.NFL AFC Divisional Playoff Game

Many voters will point to the fact that while his numbers are great, before Vince Young came back into the picture, the Titans weren’t winning.

So how important could Johnson be?

I say this: if it was LenDale White and the now departed Chris Henry in the backfield, I don’t know that they are having the success they’ve had the latter half of this season.

Screens, Clips and Chop Blocks

Carolina Panthers were apparently saying Pats wideout Randy Moss was dogging it during the game yesterday. To respond to this I will refer to Pats coach Bill Belichick who said that for a team who lost again, they sure do have a lot to say.

Moss doesn’t seem to be happy and getting sent home for tardiness would be the sort of thing to exacerbate that so it wouldn’t shock me.

I just don’t know the Panthers need to be talking about it. They have bigger fish to fry.

The AFC playoff race is a big fat mess. Isn’t December awesome?

Maybe December isn’t awesome for the Cowboys though. Romo and his minions once again slip and slide through the month and while they can still see the playoffs, that picture is only visible via the Hubble scope.

What is the problem with the Cowboys? At least some of it is play-calling and yesterday they fell in part because they lost DeMarcus Ware.

But what does it say about a team that year after year folds late? In baseball, you’d start looking at the top of an organizations coaching/GM staff (and the team would be called the New York Mets).

I think you might need to here as well. Garrett, Phillips – it might be time for a change.

I’ve heard some muttering about Bucs coach Raheem Morris maybe losing his job. I’ll admit I’m far from his biggest fan or supporter. I’ll also admit that 1-12 is awful.

But the Bucs blew their team up and made some late changes to coaching staff (maybe at Morris’ behest). It takes a while to rebuild.

Give the man a few years here folks.

I’ll end with some Heisman thoughts.

I really wanted Ndamukong Suh to win the Heisman in part because it’s about time we started paying more attention to the defensive side of the ball for this trophy.

r[1]I can’t quibble with Alabama running back Mark Ingram’s selection – he’s a tremendous running back and it’s the Crimson Tides’ first Heisman. I might have yelled myself horse if it was McCoy or Tebow, but at least with McCoy it might have been half hearted.

We know the award is mostly going to go to the sexier offensive positions. Even when Charles Woodson won it, it was on the strength of his kick return abilities as much as (if not in spite of) his defensive capabilities.

I hope voters start giving more thought to the guys in the trenches. I hope they look past the records at the best player rather than the best player on a large university team which is in the National Championship alot which echoes some remarks I have heard from voters.

Not all of them, but some.

And I hope the Heisman organization finds a way to make the voters wait until at least the Conference Championships are done. I don’t know if it would have mattered, but knowing that votes were cast before Suh’s performance against McCoy rubs me the wrong way.

But maybe that’s just me.

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Thundering Blurb Football Show 12/10

Had a great show last night (usual tech glitches aside).

First, we were visited by Matt Waldman of to go over some news and note. It’s always a good time when we reunite the WildBlurb team and we cover everything from concussions to the prospects of Justin Forsett to some lineup questions.

Always good to have Matt drop by for a chat – you can always check out his stuff at and make sure you keep your eyes peeled come this Spring for his excellent Rookie Scouting Portfolio. 

After that I touched on the CLE/PIT game (basically start Mendenhall and….. Mendenhall) and then welcome Shawn Zobel of to talk some Bowl games.

It’s a great time of the year for sports fans – College Bowl games, Fantasy Football playoffs, NFL races tightening up and then hockey and the NBA are in full swing.

I’d say it even beats the NFL Draft/March Madness in the Spring, in my opinion.

Shawn and I chat about most of the major Bowl matchups – and a few minor ones as well - as well as add a little Heisman and Playoff talk as well.

Always sharp, Shawn had a lot of good insight into the matchups and who you need to keep an eye on. 

If you can’t get enough Zobel (and really, who could?) check out each week for his work. Shawn is another one who complies an indispensible player guide to the NFL draft each year and it is always worth checking out.

After that I touch on the CLE/PIT matchup again and then that’s all she wrote.

Thanks for listening and I’ll probably start doing more of these mini-recaps from here on out for at least the longer Wednseday show.

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