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New Footballguys, The Audible: Drive Block is done and up

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Favre talk (although Cec and Sig would rather not), and a ton of news from around the league. We talk Atlanta running backs, Houston running backs, Cecil as Max Headroom and MORE!

FAVREWATCH 2008 Continues

Getting ready for the Drive Block (@7 minutes off) but wanted to hit this -

From the Green Bay Press-Gazette: The Packers are in ’serious negotiations’ with the Jets for a trade. Win Win – Bus Cooke has spoken with Gang Green so Favre might be ok with the trade.

We’ll talk about this on The Block, but I think this could be the reason Favre didn’t fly to Green Bay today. He might have known he needed to go East.

Stay tuned – more later. But I think the Jets would benefit, Clemens would get 2 more years (maybe?) to learn from a Pro Bowler (as would 3rd string Ainge, BTW) and ultimately the Jets would get a good QB who could make a huge difference NOW – which with the money they spent, is what they want. Win now.

And as I said, Favre wins too – he gets a chance to start which is what he wanted.


we’ll see.

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Suspension news

Good news/Bad news situation -

Good News:
Ahmad Bradshaw has been cleared by the league to play for the NY Football Giants and will not face suspension, per Rich Eisen on NFLN Total Access. Does that cloud the RB situation in NY more? No, it’s still as cloudy as ever. But keep in mind that Bradshaw shone brightly during the end of last year – he will get his carries. The ‘Hot Hand’ RBBC theory might hurt every back on the Giants.

Bad News:
Well, Chris Henry isn’t still suspended indefinitely -something he feared. But he is suspended for four games. Someone will sign him and he might be a sneaky late pick in a league.

Brandon Marshall still hasn’t heard. Next to Favre (almost made it through a post without typing his name) one of the most watched players in the off-season, Marshall is a huge cog in the Bronco offense. If he’s gone, it takes a large hit. Keary Colbert and Darrell Jackson are ok receivers, but Marshall is a special talent. Who also has a special talent for bad decisions.

Millions of Fantasy Owners are holding their breaths (and rankings!) in anticipation of his suspension, which I feel will probably hang between 4-6 games, reduced after he protests it.

He might not get suspended at all, but the above is my best guess.

Don’t forget – Drive Block in a few of hours!

Camp Stampede – Midday report

Howdy folks!

Thanks for all the great feedback I am getting on the Thundering Blurb show! We’ll be there every week until season’s end – and possibly beyond!

Let’s get to the news –

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
It appears that Jeff Garcia’s injury does NOT appear serious. Still, it got the mind racing – and maybe will kick something forward if they start to worry about Garcia’s durability. The snag I didn’t touch on earlier? Maybe favre doesn’t want to play there. That’s always a problem as the bucs are aware*coughJakePlummercough*.

Green Bay Packers
Favre has chartered a plane to Green Bay. I expect he will be at the practice facility tomorrow. I expect NFL Total Access to have nothing but conjecture about it. I expect to enjoy it all…. In Non-Favre news (yes the Packers have that) and lost in the Favre debacle is the hold-out of Ryan Grant. Well, Grant may want to get into camp as reports are that his back-up – second year man Brandon Jackson – is doing very, very well in camp. So well, in fact, that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is saying they will probably split carries when Grant ends his hold-out. Now I don’t know about THAT but RB pairing has become more common so it’s not impossible. But the real message here might be that the Packers might find themselves having leverage in this situation, unlike the Favre one. If Jackson is doing well, Grant – while not replaceable – certainly can find himself in less of a sure position and more likely to settle for less, or even status quo, in terms of his contract money.

Houston Texans
I love the Texans and I can’t tell you why. They intrigue me. And they signed a guy who has also caught my attention in the past – former Denver RB Mike Bell. The Denver-to-Houston pipeline set up by Mike Kubiak continues. With Chris Brown already banged up, Ahman Green not looking phenomenal in camp and the rest of the running backs not locking the job up, Bell could have a shot at a starting job. Or at worst, lock up the short yardage back role.

New York Jets
As of this morning, we finally have a positive Kellen Clemens report where he actually out-performed Pennington and threw no INTs. That’s big for his backers, as Clemens has thrown some ugly picks the first practices. A lot of the picks it seems (reading Erik Boland’s excellent blog at and Rich Cimini’s good work at the Daily News) have come in the 2minute drill practices and that’s not good. But Clemens looked good today. All along, people have said it’s not that Pennington looked better bu that Clemens looked worse. Looks like Clemens finally played to his potential. Can he keep it up?

Apparently the hit of the day according to both bloggers was during a non-contact drill (isn’t it always?). Safety Kerry Rhodes absolutely decimated WR Chansi Stuckey as Stuckey went across the middle. Just laid him on his tail. During a practice where Mangini was angry because many people were lagging, Rhodes sent the message that he was here to play and everyone had better keep up.

Cimini said it and I’ll echo it – the Jets need more guys liek that if they want to top their pathetic win total for last season.

That’s all for now – more later — and don’t forget – The Drive Block goes live at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST! Catch me, Cecil and Sigmund Bloom as we give you the latest on the events of the day!

Jeff Garcia Hurt

Just saw this item at

Looks like self-proclaimed ‘I am the starting quarterback’ Jeff Garcia is pranged up.

We don’t know how serious – if at all – it is right now but if he’s even kinda hurt…..

How bad would the Bucs want Favre?

I think Gruden would do everything he could to get the soon-to-be-ex-Packer. Something will happen and it looks liek the Pack is talking or considering talking to the Bears or Vikings. If the Bucs made a strong offer, the Packers would probably try to move him there to avoid the nightmare of a trade within the division…

I’ll report back on more as I hear it…..

Morning Favrewatch 2008 report

Hey folks -

We stand upon the edge of the the Favre/Green Bay/Training Camp Hurricane and the news out of Green Bay just gets weirder.

Now I have been largely on the Pack’s side – I think frankly both sides have behaved poorly but I really felt that the way Favre has handled it has been worse. And that may still hold true, really. I still feel like he has been acting like a prima dona.

All that said, if this report by the Green Bay Press Gazette is true, then they may be more insane than I gave them credit for.

I get they don’t want Favre back. But they also held a lot – maybe not all but MOST – of the cards in this thing, especially from a PR standpoint. But to send Mark Murphy to buy Favre off? You’re that desperate? Jeez guys.

Go and talk him into working a trade to a team both of you can be happy with. Go and talk to him about being #2 quarterback in camp (which allegedly they did). Explain to him why he is crazy to think you’ll release him to play for a Division rival (something he darn well knows, but just doesn’t care about). get that list of teams he wants to go to. Show him yours. Compromise. Buy him lunch and repair that dent I saw in his pickup.

But bribe him? Wow. No wonder Murphy looked so flustered. The moment he said it he knew 1) they had him and 2) Favre or Cooke would leak it to the press.

Assuming this is true, well – game, set and match to Favre. You just blinked Packers.

Friday should be fun. Heck, TODAY could be a real riot.

We’ll keep you posted.

Thundering Blurb Podcast

To your right you will find a link (a pair, actually) – the top one is the first episode of the Official Thundering Blurb podcast – we had a surprise guest in Cecil Lammey with some breaking John Lynch news, a great guest in Matt Waldman of FFToday and the 2008 Rookie Scouting Portfolio and a secret guest in – and I may misspell this – Jinku who ended up chatting with us beyond the limits of the show.

So if you download the show or listen to the link on the right, you will find BONUS NOSTREAMING CONTENT – cause that’s what I am about!

Enjoy – ITunes link and I am setting a generic rss feed as well, both to be posted when I get approval.

Favre and the rest of the guys….

Is there any other news?

Favre and his agent Bus Cooke met with Pack President Mark Murphy met today – Cooke and Murphy for 9 hours.

Amazing. Murphy didn’t look pleased leaving. Brett did – though he only logged two hours. Cooke looked a little smug, but who knows? what were they talking about? Trades? Retirement? Whether Heath Ledger should get an Oscar nod?

I don’t know. Friday will be very interesting indeed. I would love to know – for real – what Favre wants. I am not 100% sure he’s only after a release. But I’d be curious to know what is really in his head.

Carolina Panthers
DeAngelo Williams has been running with the first team so far – HC John Fox doesn’t give starting gigs away without earning it. I still think Jonathan Stewart will get most of the carries, but you shouldn;t be looking at him as anything beyond a 3rd RB with tremendous upside. But anything sooner and you are facing some real risk – as with all rookie RBs.

Cincinatti Bengals
Rudi Johnson is looking very strong in camp – he may end up being a value at the end of the 2nd rounds (and farther back) where he is going now. But don’t read too much into the hype yet – he has to hold up over the season and that offensive line still has some large question marks.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Rashard Mendenhall and Willie Parker are still looking like they will split carries. And here’s the thing – they seem very happy with that. Parker was ok during the time he split with Bettis – productive overall. You can count on good yardage for him and an uptick of touchdowns, but anything would be better than last year. Mendenhall will probably do all right and vulture some TDs but like Stewart, he won’t be reliable enough to warrant more than a #3 spot on your team. But I think he will grow to be a tremendous compliment to Parker as years progress.

That’s all for now – remember – in less than an hour and a half – The Thundering Blurb podcast goes LIVE at! 9pmEST/6pmPST!

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Best Favre exchange EVER

Rich Eisen vs Adam Shefter on NFLN yesterday — watch Jamie Dukes sweat!

Check it out!

Camp News :crickets:

Real, real quiet this morning. So here are a few notes to start the day off. I’m sure it will pick up a little later.

Also, remember to join me for The Thundering Blurb live podcast at 9pmEST/6pmPST – I will be joined by Matt Waldman of FFToday and the excellent 2008 Rookie Scouting Portfolio.

We’ll chat about rookie impact, college players and I’m sure a certain quarterback from Mississippi….

Here are the few worthy notes so far this morning –

New York Giants
Several weeks ago, news broke that second year running back Ahmad Bradshaw was doing a 30-day stint in jail due to a violation of parole stemming from an incident back in college. That itself was enough of a worry, but now (as you would expect) the NFL is investigating whether Bradshaw has violated the League’s Personal Conduct policy. The Giants and Bradshaw are contending it does not (due to the initial incident taking place prior to his entry to the NFL). Given that the Giants are saying they will go with the ‘hot hand’ in games this year, this could be a good news/bad news situation.

Bad news is, Bradshaw – an electrifying runner who looked to be a big factor this year – may find himself hanging with Denver receiver Brandon Marshall on the sidelines for a few games. Good news? Well, it would narrow the competition down to Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward, increasing the value of both.

Honestly I think he won’t get suspended. But we’ll keep a watch on it.

Tennessee Titans
Rookie Chris Johnson continues to impress in camp – most notably today his blitz pick-up ability, which Vince Young is praising. What keeps a rookie RB on the bench most often? Correct – blocking. If Johnson keeps this up, not only will you see him a lot on 3rd downs, not only will you see him get more carries – but those carries might start eating into LenDale White’s numbers. Did I say LenDale White and eat in the same sentence? (that was for Cecil) Now word on Chris Henry at all, which bodes ill for the second year running back.

Also, Brandon Jones is working the slot as #3 receiver in camp. I am dubious how much value that will have for you Fantasy folks, but it might be worth watching. The folks ahead of him (a pair of Justins: Gage and McCariens) are not world beaters. While Jones needs to stay healthy in order to make ground up – and be more consistent – he could move up the ranks and have some value.

That’s all for now kids – more later as things pick up….